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Is the WeClean C1 Carpet Cleaner Any Good? Review

Is WeClean C1 carpet and upholstery cleaner worth buying? Learn more about it in our extensive, in-depth, and unbiased review of this cleaner. Read more

Is the WeClean C1 Carpet Cleaner Any Good? Review

Are WECLEAN vacuums powerful enough? Will this new brand make a significant change in the upholstery cleaner market?

Since this WeClean C1 carpet and upholstery cleaner is new in the market therefore I got my hands on it in order to give you a detailed unbiased review. There are a lot of things I learned as an expert about WECLEAN. There isn’t much on the websites so If you only have a minute and just want quick and complete know-how of this product, here’s what you need to know.

Background of WeClean

It offers a variety of devices including cordless vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, and electric mops.

It is one of the examples they have set in the market. It has a powerful suction of more than 9000 Pa which makes it easy to absorb and remove stains on your carpets, favorite places, sofas, etc. Whether it’s your pet’s urine or wine stains C1 helps you extract it. As a spot cleaner machine, WECLEAN C1 can do well on carpets.

Here is what more you need to know about it.

weclean c1 portable spot cleaner
Photo Credits: Amazon

WECLEAN C1 Carpet Upholstery Cleaner

  • Ideal for small stains.
  • It works well on sofas, car seats, and upholstery.
  • Budget-friendly.

What’s New?

Additionally, if you give us a minute, you will learn what WeClean C1 covers as well.

When it comes to its previous and alternate models we get two:

  1. Hoover Clean Slate Plus Cleaner FH14050.
  2. Rug Doctor Pet Portable Spot Cleaner.

Both cleaners have proved their worth in their times. Hoover FH14050 has the same price tag, but the hover comes with a hose rinse feature it has a few more attachments up its sleeve as well.

Hoover FH14050 has had a few issues such as the hose leaking and more water spray which has left the carpets wet. While Rug Doctor Pet Cleaner is much heavier in weight as compared to C1 when it comes to a certain price tag. C1 is less expensive as compared to Rug Doctor. 

Weclean is new in the market therefore it can be compared with Bissell’s little green, it is better due to the following reasons. 

  • C1 portable cleaner is more lightweight than the little green.
  • Both of the tanks are more visible and wide than other models.
  • C1 is much more suitable for car upholstery and sofa sets, while little green is for pets.


Dimensions4.42 x 2.36 x 4.11 inches
Weight9.13 pounds
Tank Capacity1.3 Liters
What’s IncludedPouring Shield
Maximum Suction> 9Kpa
Power Cord Length3.2m


weclean c1 carpet upholstery cleaner unboxing
Unboxing of WeClean C1 Cleaner.

At this point, I will let you know the unique design and style the cleaner holds. Just hang on a minute more and you will learn the expert view of the WeClean C1 portable spot cleaner. 

C1 has a professional white look, with a compact and modern structure, It comes with a dual tank capacity. Its dirty tank holds 0.5 liters and its clean tank holds 1.3 liters of water.

The unique slim design helps you store it anywhere you want. Keeping your requirements in mind. It is designed to have an extra-long power cable. Its 50-inch hose helps to reach hard corner places.

C1’s sturdy handle makes it easy to carry around. Its detachable tanks help you remove dirty water with ease.


The product comes with a simple white color design. It is a squared shape with round corners. In the middle, there is a grey carry handle.

While on both sides of the cleaner are the two tanks. The left side holds the clean water tank. And the right holds the dirty water tank.

Below the belt of the C1 cleaner is the long hose warped around the machine. At the bottom, the power cable is wrapped neatly around the holder. Hose and Cable storage are independent.

The power button is situated at the top of the C1 next to the handle. 


The C1 has two additional tools. The handle-held brush is for the deep suction supported by powerful water jets and a T-shaped tool for laminating hard floors and worktops. 

Why Weclean C1 does only comes with two attachments? Well, these attachments are modern in design and compatible with every type of cleaning. Moreover, the hose does the rest of the job 

Features and Functions

Functions and features are essential since when cleaning the house, dust, and dirt will undoubtedly be spread throughout and impossible to remove. Is this product able to reach hidden angles in the room? As it should be able to clean various types of materials. These questions must be answered.  

Functions and features help you reduce the risk of respiratory disorders and skin allergies. Because the quality and effectiveness of using a vacuum cleaner can ensure the cleanliness and health of the home for you and your family. Here are the following;

Space Efficient

The machine can be stored anywhere in your house or car without having to go through messy wires. You can easily wrap its cord around the holder for better assembly. Since the hose is 1.2m (11 feet) and the power cable is 3.3m (50 inches).

This vacuum cleaner’s design allows your storage simple.  The innovative design of this machine also makes it an excellent addition to your home. In accordance with your preferences, you can either use its simple brush or a T-shaped head. 

It is also simple to store. It doesn’t require special effort on your part to store. Once you clean its tanks, you can put them in your cabinet.

More Portable and Quick

You can easily clean many types of carpet which a larger vacuum cannot. C1 can be used anywhere as it is easy to carry due to its lightweight.

Being small doesn’t often come at a disadvantage, smaller in size makes it more powerful and quick to assemble and remove stains which can leave a deep mark if left unattended. It gets the Job done.

What Experts Are Saying

In order to be sure you get the perfect and pinpoint information here we will let you know what the customer reviews and top experts know about this product. This also covers the niche of the different users for your ease.

I got the test outcomes and here are the following, found on real testing.

1. Car Owners

2. Houseparent

It’s not just power that impressed these experts but stay home moms and dads explained how simple and straightforward it was to clean as there is nothing worse than making your life more complicated with tough cleaning machines. C1 was easy on cleaning chairs and upholstery. Although, it is made difficult when it comes to cleaning large carpets. This is a small machine for standard jobs.

3. Pet Owners

Talking to our pet owner I realized a few constraints. You will need to constantly refill the tank as they are smaller in size. It is feasible for cleaning small messes but if you have multiple pets or your pet gets sick and makes a mess. It isn’t the best product you need to clean with, there are many other pet mess cleaners that have water-heated and dry technology, but C1 lacks these features.


weclean c1 cleaner review
Photo Credits: Petisia

If you’re wondering what matters most in a cleaner. Performance, in my opinion, is the key.

Like all of my brand reviews. I carefully examined it to determine the level of performance and power this cleaner possesses.

C1 holds a 400w motor with a ≥ 9Kpa power. But you know that already. The real performance is known when it’s used. And I found out that by using a good cleaner solution C1 performs well.

I had to check its performance by observing how it works on deep stains.

The trouble was that it took its time and since the tank is small, constant refilling is required.

My research shows that this is a great spot cleaner but not a rug or carpet cleaner.

It does work well and is exceptional in auto interior cleaning and small spot cleaning such as wine, food stains, or pet urine. For better results use a low foam solution it will leak if the answer is of high foam 


Why do you need to read this? Don’t overlook the importance of suction power. A cleaner with strong suction will be able to lift dirt and grime from deep within the fibers of your furniture, so hang on and see the pros of this product.

  • Dual Water Reservoirs
  • Wide Piping
  • Stain Eliminator
  • Water Jets
  • Support Services

Dual Water Reservoirs – It rug cleaner comes with separate water tanks to isolate clean and dirty water.

Wide Piping – Its large pipeline helps you extract stains easily and more efficiently, having much space helps the removal of stains better.

Stain Eliminator – When it comes to having stains removed C1 makes sure it gets the job done right. This machine is ideal for spotting stains, and cleaning and refreshing carpets in your home with the deep cleaning performance of this carpet washer. It is a pretty small unit but it works wonders.

Water Jets – High-performance aqua jets penetrate deep into the pile, and heavy-duty bristles remove embedded dirt and provide a deep-down clean.

Support Services – Weclean C1 provides professional customer service to satisfy your queries at any time. You can also email the company and they will get back to you.


The tank’s size isn’t big as expected. Due to its small size, you need to frequently refill the machine several times. This is only required when it is more than on the rug/carpet you are cleaning.

In order to remove bad odor from the machine once you are done with extensive cleaning especially when it comes to pet mess. You need to run plain water through the hose after usage. This process takes a lot of effort.

There have been leaking issues on this machine. The machine leaks from the hose. The constant drips of water create a hassle. Although this issue isn’t highlighted by all customers. A few have faced leakage.

It does not heat the water, you need to put warm/mild water in the tank, and therefore it will have multiple processes upon refilling.

How to Use WeClean C1 Carper Cleaner?

Here are the easy guidelines while using this carpet cleaner.

  1. You just need to fill the tank with clean water, lift the tank and pull away the unit.
  2. Rotate the cap and fill the tank with water, following the appropriate level on the tank.
  3. Fix the cap back on the machine.
  4. Next, you can release the hose from the bracket and unwrap it.
  5. Insert the desired tools for spot cleaning.
  6. Simply unwrap the power cord completely and plug it into a grounded outlet.
  7. Hold the desired tools on the stain and press the trigger to moist the solution then scrub it on the upholstery.
  8. Once you are done take out the dirty water tank and empty it thoroughly, rinse it with water before putting it back and the job is done.

FAQs about WeClean C1 Carpet Cleaner

Does the machine has leaking issues from either tank or the hose?

Yes, sometimes the machine does leak a little from the base of the hose, this is due to using high foam solution the machine is small in size therefore the tank has a reach limit.

Can WECLEAN C1 be used to clean the curtains while they are hanging?

In order to get out the deep stains you will have to remove the hanging curtains. Regardless, It can be used to clean curtains, upholstery, and mattresses.

Can the Hot water be used in the clean tank?

Since the tanks are made from plastic therefore normal or mild temperature water is recommended.

Does this spot cleaner comes with its own cleaning solution?

WeClean spot cleaner is only a machine that comes with no attached cleaning agent, you can buy your favorite liquid cleaning agent on the market.

Bottom Line

If you are tired of calling a professional carpet cleaner even for small spots and stains or you need a small quick machine with advanced features.

You can pay tons of professional cleaners to clean your rugs and carpets. But for a cost of less than one-time cleaner. Get WeClean C1 and stay happy for life. It is cheaper in price tag, so you will save money with it. It can be stored anywhere whether it’s your kitchen cabinet or bathroom.

One of the major factors customers choose this machine is that you can easily disassemble the head of the nozzle for cleaning. This feature isn’t in every cleaner we reviewed. Disassembly helps you clean the gunky and gross material if it gets stuck in the machine.

WeClean is recent in the market but compared to its low prices and efficient machines its stop cleaners are breaking the market. The C1 cleaner machine is recommended for the removal of stains on your couch and rug. It works wonders on upholstery as well.

Final Verdict

C1 is for small-scale stains, it is ideal for users with wine/coffee spills on sofas, car seats, or upholstery. Food stains can be easily removed. It is an ideal machine for a couple. This portable cleaner can be used on anything whether it’s the curtains or your small carpets.  

I’ll also let you in on the questions running through your mind.

Is it Worth the Money?

In terms of if it is truly worth the money.

WECLEAN C1 is a recommended spot cleaner for your small-time jobs at your home and upholstery. It is not really recommended for your senior pets as they tend to create more accidents.

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