5 Best Upholstery Cleaners to Buy in 2020 – Buyers Guide

When you start searching for the Best Upholstery Cleaner for your home you certainly look for some basic and advanced features which are unique to it.

The features could be stain removal, upholstery conditioning, sensitive fabric cleaning and foaming action etc. It is obvious that a single product may not have all these features. Then you need to opt for multiple products for each purpose. Here you can read about five of the well-rated products which might be useful for your upholstery cleaning purposes.

Before that, I would like to suggest you read some Facts about Upholstery.

Upholstery Cleaner Comparison

Upholstery CleanerPriceOrder
Scotchgard Fabric Upholstery Cleaner$11.79 Get from Amazon
Northern Labs Formula 1 Dry Upholstery Cleaner$14.75 Get from Amazon
Sonax (289300-755) Leather Foam$14.99 Get from Amazon
Hoover 2X PetPlus Concentrated$18.99 Get from Amazon
Rust-Oleum 278146$14.99 Get from Amazon

List of Best Upholstery Cleaner

1. Scotchgard Fabric & Upholstery Cleaner with Scotch Gard Protector

Best Upholstery Cleaner Scotchgard
Scotchgard – Best Upholstery Cleaner in 2018
    • General features: – This product is recommended for cleaning upholstery fabrics and furniture. You can use it for cleaning specific spots or large areas with equal efficiency. This is a spray which can be used on a variety of surfaces like leather, plastic, foam, rubber, and cushion. It’s one of the best upholstery cleaners.


  • Special features: – According to the manufacturers, it forms a protective layer which guards the cleaned surfaces against dirt, soil, and dust for a long time after cleaning.

2. Northern Labs Formula 1 Dry Clean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

Best Upholstery Cleaner formula
Formula – Best Upholstery Cleaner
    • General features: – This product is recommended for carpet and another upholstery cleaning. The foam-based spray cleaner can clean stains from tobacco, food and oily substances. You need to spray the concentrate onto the stain affected zones and let the liquid soak the surface for some time. Then you can use a scrub to remove the stains. Tobacco stains can be hard to remove, especially on wood and metal surfaces when the heat has literally fused the stains into the material. In such cases, you may need to use the liquid concentration several times before you can see visible effects of stain removal. It’s one of the best upholstery cleaners especially for carpet cleaning


  • Special features: – This product is said to be best for all types of carpets with its natural CARNAUBA wax ingredient formula known for deep cleaning and odor removal. This ingredient is known for its effectiveness to seep into the upholstery fabric and eliminate the dirt and other toxic elements. If you are using it on upholstery fabrics like linen, cotton, silk or other clothes you need to wash them to get maximum effects. On fabrics like leather covers, seat fabrics, and other non-removable elements you can use the brushes to scrub and deep clean. Once the liquid is applied and cleaned, you need to wait for at least 150 to 20 minutes for the fabric to absorb the ingredients of the liquid cleaner before scrubbing. It is better to use the steam blower on the scrubbed areas to remove the stains immediately and permanently.

3.  Sonax (289300-755) Leather Foam

Best Upholstery Cleaner Sonax
Sonax – Best Upholstery Cleaner in 2018
    • General features: – This product is recommended for leather upholstery cleaning. According to manufacturers it can remove stains and soil marks and condition the leather upholstery. Once cleaned it can restore the softness of the leather back to its original condition. This is used as preventive care measure for aging leather upholstery. Normally leather upholstery gets more sheen and brightness as it ages when maintained properly. This is one of the reasons for using this specific product on leather upholstery.


  • Special features: -With its foaming action this product is said to be the Best Upholstery Cleaner for eliminating slipping from the leather surfaces and restoring the freshness. Normally foam removes most of the dirt and other contaminants from the surface area. If you wish to make these effects go deeper, you need to use the proper brushes for scrubbing. It’s one of the best upholstery cleaners for leather upholstery.

4. Hoover 2X PetPlus Concentrated

Best Upholstery Cleaner
Hoover – Best Upholstery Cleaner in 2018
    • General features: -This product is recommended for cleaning carpet and other home upholstery. The ingredients are formulated to remove stains and marks from oil, grease, soil and other hard types of elements. According to the manufacturers, the ingredients are free from chemicals and contain natural elements which have more powerful impacts on the cleaning surfaces, but without causing any negative effects.


  • Special features: – With its strong formulation of ingredients this product is said to be good for use in carpets with high foot traffic. The biodegradable ingredients can refresh the carpets and protect them for long life. It’s one of the best upholstery cleaners.

5. Rust-Oleum 278146 (Outdoor Fabric Spray, Clear)

Rust Best Upholstery Cleaner
Rust – Best Upholstery Cleaner in 2017
    • General features: – This product is recommended for eliminating water damages from upholstery. This spray-type Best Upholstery Cleaner can be used on metal surfaces effectively to keep them rust proof for a long time. It’s the best upholstery cleaner for cleaning water.


  • Special features: – This product is said to be powerful enough to repel any kind of moisture and water deposition on the surfaces which are treated with this Best Upholstery Cleaner.

You can analyze the parameters and select the Best Upholstery Cleaner from them based on your personal preference.

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