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How to Choose the Best Silk Fabric – A Buyer’s Guide

Choosing silk for upholstery is tricky, and following a complete buying guide can help you save, both time and money. So here we are with a brief checklist to buy the best silk fabric for sofa. Read more

How to Choose the Best Silk Fabric – A Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing the best silk fabric is not an easy task. You need to be an expert, but that will take time. So to make this venture an easy treat for you, here is a brief guide on how to buy the best silk fabric for upholstery.  

Before we start, let me explain this very obvious fact.

“A wise buyer will be the one who does need an analysis.”

What is best for you? It all depends on you. Each silk fabric has its unique attribute, flavor, requisite, and demand therefore, an expert buyer pays for the quality he needs.

One type of silk upholstery fabric for the sofa is not enough for all purposes. If so, then this debate will go to waste. So it is totally up to you. Your selection of silk upholstery fabric for the sofa surely depends upon your phase of life, business needs, home appearance needs, attachment, and cultural interests.

Now it’s time to make a decision. I recommend you ensure all of the above-mentioned silk upholstery fabric for the sofa to add value to your life.

Here are a few tips that will help you find the best upholstery fabric, be it silk, or cotton. Every buyer must follow this checklist to grab the finest upholstery fabric.

Are you Buying Silk Fabric for Looks or Durability?

The first thing every buyer should ask themselves is whether they are looking for appearance or quality.

If there is a furniture piece that requires a lot of care, maybe because it is pretty worn out, then you must prefer quality. Durable silk fabric will be the best in that very case.

On the contrary, if you are searching for material to renovate and spruce up your space; then it would be the look. You will find textures, faux, or printed silk fabric more suitable.

By durability, we would mean such a fabric that is tightly woven. For example, the silk jersey fabric is very tough. Similarly, the Taffeta fabric is also good for such an option.

Next, if someone wishes to have it for the appearance then he may go for the jacquard silk fabric for upholstery. As it comes with a lot of intricate designs. Whatever you want, make it very clear.

It would be better to discuss it with an interior designer too. Sometimes, people are unable to understand which color or texture will look great, or do they really need to decorate that particular space.

To sum it up, the point is to identify the reason for buying or changing the upholstery. Once you are sure; then it will be easier to look for the types of silk fabric for upholstery.


Luxury upholstery brands are the ones to look for when it comes to reliability. There are several companies offering warranty, customer care, and a thorough analysis of each silk fabric for upholstery.

The ideal way to point out the reliable company selling the silk fabric would be as follows.

  • The company, which would offer after-sales services is an ideal choice.
  • Any company giving a warranty is actually caring for you. You must not prefer any local brand that does not offer any type of buying security.
  • Word of mouth is a great tool. You need to contact all your friends or acquaintances. Post on your social media accounts.
  • Another way would be following some interior stylists or furniture experts on social media platforms.
  • Contact the sellers, and tell them what you need.
  • Do not buy from an unaware seller. A reliable seller would know every detail about each silk fabric type.
  • The ideal way would be to visit the store, buying online will be a risk.

Plan a Budget for Silk Fabric

A wise person will never think of a big project like upholstery without budget planning. Regardless of how good or great an upholstery fabric is, you must always rely on your affordability.

Determining how much money you would spend is really simple. To end up with a wise decision, take in all your family or staff members, who are responsible for the space. A single session will be enough to gauge the depth of your pocket.

Then, if you want an expensive upholstery to go for pure silk, for a minimal budget, mixed or faux silk might do best.

You can have a budget range, and then mark down all the possible furniture upholstery fabrics that would come in that range.

Pure or Mixed?

Thanks to the ever-changing techniques for fabric making; today we have two types of silk fabric.

It can be pure or artificial.

Both are great in their own way. For instance, if you need linen fabric upholstery, but with a touch of silk, then the ideal way would be to get the silk linen fabric for upholstery.

On the other hand, when looking for office furniture, it would be better to choose taffeta or other rough materials for upholstery.

Colors and Designs

Fortunately, the silk fabric for upholstery comes in several designs. Therefore, the buyers might get confused when selecting one.

There are solid fabrics, white pure silk, textured silk, and striped silk fabric.

How do you find the best option for upholstery?

Well, to be honest, there is no exact rule. It can be your room’s color or design that will decide the design, or simply your choices.

It would be great to have a look around your room, and at the decor items, you have. This will give an idea about what designs will look better.

Probability of Use

One would not use the office furniture as much as he uses the home furniture. So it clearly shows that delicate and expensive upholstery would be perfect for minimally used furniture items.

As for me, I cannot tell which sofa would be less used in your space. It is up to the user. You must think for a second and then decide on the upholstery fabric type.

If it is for a kid, then obviously you must go for the tough and durable material. On the contrary, when purchasing it for a drawing room that is only visited twice a week, then you might go for the delicate silk fabric, like jacquard silk.

Final Words

Silk fabric is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious fabrics for upholstery. But, finding a suitable upholstery fabric and that too in silk is very tough. If you plan to buy silk for upholstery, then it is extremely important to go through all the information shared in this article.

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