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The Ultimate Bissell BGSS1481 Review: Is it Worth Buying?

In this review I will carry out an unbiased performance test and give you up-close look at Bissell Little Green Commercial Pro BGSS1481. Read more

The Ultimate Bissell BGSS1481 Review: Is it Worth Buying?

Do you want an upgrade to the most popular Bissell cleaner? Is it worth it?

After tons of research and testing, I will be sharing my extensive analysis in short and descriptive form. By the end, you will have honest facts about BGSS1481. 

The goal of Bissell Green Commercial is to provide the best tools for expert deep cleaning. Yes, it is portable, lightweight, and has a long cord that makes it reachable. This small device performs nicely. The question remains is if it is worth the money. Let’s find out!

Bissell spot cleaner pet cleans off dirt and stains from upholstery. It has strong suction, and you can see the stains and grime lifting.

hoover powerdash go pet portable
Credits: Amazon

Bissell Little Green Pro Commercial BGSS1481

  • Powerful spot cleaner.
  • It works well on furniture, rugs, and stairs.
  • It is a noncommercial upholstery cleaner.

Comparison with Previous Models and Competitors?

I’ll include BGSS1481’s rivals in this comparison, highlighting each one’s benefits and drawbacks to giving you a better understanding of the two upholstery cleaner manufacturers.

We’ll demonstrate the additional areas that Bissell’s BGSS1481 covers if you give us a moment.

Regarding its alternative models, below is what we get,

  1. Bissell Little Green Pro 3194

When it comes to the 3194 comparisons both of the machines have the same functions and features from the 20 ft. cord length, 5.7 amps power rating, and ¾ gallon to price range. Both of the upholstery cleaners are equal. The price tag of BGSS1481 is less as compared to 3194.

Little 1400B comes in a much cheaper price range and has less weight as compared to BGSS1481. But there isn’t much of a difference. Overall Little Green 1400B beats BGSS1481. 

Spot cleaner machine is different from its predecessors due to the following reasons,

  • It is bigger in size than its similar models.
  • It has an electric cord.
  • Comes with an oxy stain removal formula.

Specifications of BGSS1481

Dimensions17.75 x 12.5 x 16 inches
Weight16.3 Pounds
Tank Capacity3/4 gallon
Voltage120 volts
What’s in the BoxStain + Oxy Machine Formula, 32 oz., 32 FL Oz


bissell green pro bgss1481 unboxing

So, I will let you know what the design and style of the product hold. Just hang on and you will get an expert view of this cleaner. 

It has a modern design. It comes with a metallic green front and a dark black body. The cord has a metallic gray design with red-colored bristles.

It also comes with big stain-removing tools. On the top comes a handle for easy maneuverability. Carpet spot cleaner also comes with a transparent tank and a handle to pull it out.

On the left side of the machine is a rotating pipe for suction and on the right side, there is a cord holder. Behind the top grip handle comes your water tank. Which can be filled easily.


bissell little green pro commercial bgss1481

When you talk about the exterior it is unique. It is round shaped with transparent tanks, the power cord is wrapped on one side and the hose is wrapped on the other. With its appealing metallic grey color. The machine looks brutal. There is only one power button on the right side which makes it easy and simple to operate.

Features and Functions

Both features and functionality are key in upholstery cleaners. The reason is that they support you in minimizing your risks of skin issues and sinus infections. Because a vacuum cleaner’s quality and performance may secure the cleanliness and well-being of your apartment, children, and pets,

Here’s why: When cleaning the house, dust and filth will definitely get everywhere and will be difficult to get rid of. Can this cleaner clean close angles in the room? Considering that it should be able to clean a variety of surfaces.

Tangle-Free Brush Roll

For instant cleanup, the Bissell BGSS1481 offers greater cleanup in portable and versatile equipment. Take benefit of fast release extension wand which is consistently in motion and designed to tackle those complicated pets screw up all around the house

It removes deep-down dirt and stains, it is convenient cleaning for hard-to-reach areas such as stairs, area rugs, upholstery, and auto interiors. Superior suction power and the largest capacity portable cleaner make it one of the top-notch cleaners of all time.

Power and Maneuverability

bissell BGSS1481 upholstery cleaner

With the help of the BGSS1481 Pro 0.75 gallon, you may benefit from remarkable cleaning power and maneuverability.

This spot cleaner amazon has a 5.7 amp power rating, strong suction, a long hose, and a 6″ stair tool to help you thoroughly clean difficult-to-reach areas like stairs, upholstery, and even car interiors.

Additionally, fewer trips to the sink for refills are required because of the large solution tank capacity!
Deeply embedded filth and stains are easily removed by little green pro BGSS1481. Because of the cleaner’s lightweight construction, handy handle, and 20-foot power cord, you can take it to almost any place you need to clean.

When dirty water needs to be replaced, the solution tank is simple to remove. The spot cleaner can help you say goodbye to those challenging stains in places that a regular vacuum can’t reach

Long Cord

The machine comes with a stair tool, 6′ hose, and 3/4 gal. Tank capacity and a carry handle. It dissolves deep-seated filth and stains and cleans carpets, upholstery, cars, and stairs. Little Green Pro Commercial Spot Cleaner 5.7 amps, 20′ cable is for your ease.


After a deep dive, I came up with the results of how well this product performs. This is done so you could know the practical standpoint where this cleaner falls in our best-reviewed cleaner charts.

When it comes to cleaning the stairs yes this product is very helpful. Moreover, according to experts the stairs are compact and cornered therefore cleaning stairs is not every spot cleaner’s job. Therefore the wide brush helped clean stairs in fewer passes as compared to standard spot cleaner brushes.

Apart from these two scenarios. BGSS1481 isn’t effective anywhere. Not only it was not that great but it did suck at its job cleaning couches and carpets. 

UpholsteryFits Ratings

Suction Power3.5 / 5
Deep Spot Clean2.9 / 5
For Pets3.6 / 5
Dry Time3.1 / 5


The strength of the machine is just as important as its price. A good cleaner will be able to effectively remove dirt, stains, and odors, leaving your furniture looking and feeling fresh. So, don’t skimp on power when making your purchase.

  • Multiple Accessories
  • High-Capacity Tank
  • Industrial-Grade Spot Remover

Multiple Accessories– With the help of floor tools stock on board you can clean any place whether it is hard-to-reach areas, stairs, vacuum floors, upholstery, etc. Its lengthy hose, 20-foot power cable, and 6-inch upholstery tool make it ideal for cleaning places.

Having a huge tank capacity enables you to clean for a long between journeys. Little Green Pro BGSS1481 is excellent for cleaning a variety of surfaces. This also includes recreational vehicles. It is a strong, heavy-duty spot-cleaning device with a one-year manufacturer’s commercial warranty.

High-Capacity Tank – Large tank capacity, 20′ power chord that extends everywhere has the ability to do an entire cleaning task without having to refill the water tank.

To remove and lift dirt and stains, the small green pro commercial spot cleaner uses vacuum suction, brushing motion, and cleaning solution.

Industrial-Grade Spot Remover – from Bissell, this is strong and portable. It reaches tight spots that conventional extractors and shampooers are unable to access


The carpet and couch seats remain drenched in water. The cleaner leaves furniture wet.

It would not be expected for a machine with the strongest suction to leave the sofa and loveseat extremely damp for extended periods of time.

If you are thinking to use the Bissell portable carpet cleaner for a larger area, then you will need to refill the tank multiple times. This cleaner is for commercial use but multiple refilling holds a drawback.

The placement of the hose is extremely difficult to roll up. This causes cracks in multiple uses. The position of the hose needs to be set.

Bissell spot clean professional portable carpet and upholstery cleaner comes with a low-quality hose that splits by the handle. Makes the machine with a very short lifespan.

What Do Experts Say?

Based on extensive testing, I have the test results listed below.

What do Pet Owners have to say about this?

I had a review with pet owners, when it comes to cleaning small messes and accidents by pets, the machine does a good job at it. As it takes to remove the dirt and mess off the carpet. This was only the case if the mess was fresh.

For pet owners, this product is not that effective as it lacks more attachments which pet owners require to clean their pet’s mess.  

Experts in Auto Cleaners consider it deserving!

Talking to the experts I got the results on how well Little Green Pro Commercial works on the auto interior.

Well, the results are not as expected not only it left the upholstery wet and damp but did not clean the stain entirely. There isn’t much to say about this. Again even, in this case, it lacks smaller attachments.

The machine isn’t exactly made for auto cleaning but it does the job by adding on a few good chemicals and passes. If you consider it a commercial grade in the auto interior it would not be right as in the auto interior cleaning industry there are many better and best upholstery cleaners that are able to deep clean the seats.

House Parents’ Opinion

Upon reviewing with stay-in-home dads and moms I realized the only good place this machine can work is the stairs. It did a fine job cleaning the stairs. Since they are the hardest to clean. It takes effort to go back and forth over them with smaller attachments. But not with Bissell’s little green pro commercial. With its wide-range brush, it took just a few passes and the stairs were good to go.

Being listed as a commercial-grade spot cleaner the poor suction alone is a major disadvantage.

The machine is good but not up to the mark of its name. As Bissell claims, it is commercial grade its average upholstery cleaners like Bissell Spot Clean, Deep Clean, Little Green Spot, Stain, and Multipurpose are better in results than this cleaner alone.

performance test of bissell BGSS1481
BGSS1481 Test Results.

As you can see, If you try to deep clean the couch it will clean the stains but the amount of formula and water it takes damages the upholstery and it takes forever to dry.

How to Use Little Green Pro BGSS1481

  1. Remove spot cleaner Bissell’s back water tank.
  2. Take off the cap and put two ounces of solution and pour water till the level of the tank reaches.
  3. Reclose the cap.
    Plug the cord and attach the deep stain tool.
  4. Press the trigger and release the water.
  5. Then scrub the deep clean on the stain a few times and you are done.
  6. Once you are done pull up the handle of the main tank and remove it.
  7. Take off the lid and dispose of the dirty water.
  8. You are done.

FAQs about Bissell BGSS1481

Can Green Commercial Vacuum be used as a steam cleaner?

No, it is not recommended. The instructions are to use warm to hot water in the canister.

What is the difference between this Pro Clean and Bissell 3624?

The 3624 is a little expensive but it also offers a two year warranty. The BGSS1481 is supposedly “commercial” rated, the cost is less and it offers one year warranty.

At what voltage does the cleaner work?

Bissell Little Green Pro works on 120 Volts for the higher voltage you need to add an adopter in between.

Does Bissell BGSS1481 have more than one brush?

Bissell BGSS1481 comes with only 1 brush.


With Bissell customer services and an effective portable spot cleaner, to get rid of dirt and stains, the Little Green Pro combines strong vacuum suction, brushing motion, and cleaning solution.

For people with allergies or asthma, the indoor air quality might be polluted by bacteria and allergens in the carpet, making it harder for them to breathe. This may result in respiratory issues as well as other health issues for you and your family members who are more sensitive.

Bottom Line

It works not perfect but it is not that bad either. The wide brush helps remove bigger stains easier but the wide brush scatters the suction power as well which makes machines weaker in performance and power. Therefore we would recommend keeping look for more cleaners than Bissell’s BGSS1481.

I know your mind must be going through if it wasn’t recommended why did you write about this product? Well, the answer to that is this little beast isn’t that bad after all. It has its usage depending on the consumer. If you are looking for a wide brush spot cleaner that is mostly used for stains then this will beat the rest of the average spot cleaners. 

Is BGSS1481 Worth Buying?

Talking about a spot cleaner I would definitely say that is a must to buy. You should always have one for sudden accidents. But as far as commercial spot cleaners are concerned, in my research-based opinion, they are not as useful as standard spot cleaners.

If the price range is equal then you can consider buying a commercial spot cleaner but then why is it said to be commercial if the price tag matches with the average spot cleaner?

Although if you are looking for more power. It does come with slightly more power as compared to Bissell’s 1400B, there are tank capacity variations as well. Therefore in the end it is dependent on your usage.

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