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Bissell Little Green 1400B Review: Is It Value for Money?

In this review, I will be explaining you the unique insights and an in-depth performance analysis of the Bissell Little Green 1400B. Read more

Bissell Little Green 1400B Review: Is It Value for Money?

You are already familiar with Bissell’s products. What you need to learn is whether are these clear and really worth the money.

Bissell 1400B is one of the selling cleaners Bissell owns.

Therefore in my extensive research for 4 months. After careful evaluation of the tests on Bissell Little Green, I will be sharing my honest opinion on this cleaner.

The information being provided to you is not just standard. This review holds unique facts regarding this cleaner.

If you really are looking for a small portable cleaner that can clean then 1400B’s isn’t a bad choice! 

Little green machine pet removes dirt and stains as well as other tiny messes from a variety of surfaces, Bissell pet little green upholstery and carpet cleaner uses sturdy suction power, it simple to remove muddy paw prints from carpets and stairways, and it also works efficiently on car interiors.

Bissell multi-purpose portable carpet cleaner
Credits: Amazon

Bissell Little Green Multi-Purpose 1400B

  • It’s a lightweight and portable cleaner.
  • Works well on carpets and pet stains.
  • One of the best Bissell products.
  • Budget-friendly.

How is it Different from its Competitors?

I will include competitors of 1400B in this comparison, highlighting each one’s drawbacks and advantages will help you achieve a much better sight of the two upholstery cleaner brands.

If you give us a moment, we’ll show you what Bissell’s 1400B covers as well.

Regarding its alternative models, below is what we receive:

  1. Hoover Spot Cleaner FH11300PC  
  2. Bissell Spot Clean Pro 3624

The Pro offers a little bit more suction for faster drying and comes with two different types of brushes. In our tests, it cleaned somewhat better than the Little Green, but the difference was very insignificant (one with nylon bristles, one with rubber nubs). Additionally, compared to the Little Green’s tanks, its clean-water tank is a little simpler to fill, and its dirty-water tank is simpler to empty and clean.

Hoover Spot Cleaner is less expensive than 1400B but the rest of the features are the same. Although in my testing results I can say that Bissell’s 1400B is slightly more potent than Hoover FH1300PC

Bissell 1400b vs 1400m

If Bissell’s had one signature product it is this portable cleaner 1400B. When it comes to Bissell little green 1400b vs. 1400m to beating the market here are a few pointers 1400B is better in many aspects:

  • It is cheaper than its competitors.
  • It is better at cleaning small messes.
  • It comes with a Stain + Oxy Formula.


Power3 Amps.
Specific Uses For ProductUpholstery & Carpet.
Weight2 pounds.
Tank Capacity48 oz.
What’s in the Box3″ Tough Stain Tool, and an 8 oz. trial-size Febreze Freshness formula.


Unboxing of Bissell Little Green 1400b.

At this point, I will let you know the unique design and style the product holds. Just hang on a minute more and you will learn the expert view of little green. 

This is a cute little machine. It has a 180-degree round angle. It comes with a handheld grip on the top. Both sides are covered with transparent tanks.

Bissell’s little green how-to use is simple. One side of the tank holds the solution to water and the other side holds the dirty water. The hose wraps around the machine. Its attachment set is at the back which can come off easily. The nozzle holds bristles to scrub your stain. Below the bristles, there is a spray nozzle and its trigger.
It comes with a stain remover solution. The cap of the solution bottle has a measurement level. Which can fill up to two ounces.


Bissell 1400b upholstery cleaner review
A close view of Bissell 1400b.

It is not just the features that matter. Since technology has advanced new features have made the products compact and powerful, along with this the design had the chance to give the cleaners a sleek look. This is the case with 1400B as well.

Simple and elegant matter. Bissell did an amazing job on keep the design plain and simple. The exterior is light green in color. The machine is oval in share with a baseline. Unlike other squared-shaped cleaners, 1400B is round. The left side holds the dirty water tank while the other takes in the clean water.

The hose can be wrapped around below the machine, at the back side you get to keep the 15-foot-long cord. And there is also a handle that holds the attachment. It has a simple power switch ON/OFF in front of the machine.


Bissell little green 1400b attachments

You might be thinking why this machine only comes with two attachments. One of them is the standard scrub and suction brush while the other attachment is the self-cleaning hose. So basically to use on your upholstery carpets, chairs, auto interior, etc. You only get one brush.

Upon my research, I found two major reasons for this.

One is that Bissell’s made this cleaner as a budget range upholstery cleaner. Making it less expensive and more powerful. Which is acceptable.

The second reason which is more appealing is that this is a spot cleaner. And if you are looking for a good spot cleaner you only need better power and performance. You don’t need so many attachments for it. This standard brush has a pressurized solution trigger along with a sturdy brush and suction power it does all the job for you whether it’s a chair, couch, or carpet. It gets the job done. 

Functions and Features

Tough Stains

Stains are typically easy to remove with strong-duty cleaning. This little green machine can remove a water stain from upholstery or the sort of fabric that the item of clothing is manufactured from.

Unexpectedly, it’s not always simple to remove a stain since the natural minerals and chemicals added to municipal water purification systems might leave residue in the fibers that contribute to the stains.

Some fibers just don’t respond well to moisture, leaving them somewhat discolored and appearing water-stained even in the case of highly pure water.

Scented Strong Formula

Retail cleaning supplies frequently include potentially harmful ingredients. Because manufacturers are permitted to label these compounds as private business information, it is challenging to identify them.

Bissell Pro formula is made for portable carpet cleaners. It contains no heavy metals, phosphates, or dye. It is safe to use around kids and pets when used as directed.

It works wonders for beverage and food stains, kitchen grease, and more. It gives a quick and effective spot cleaning on carpets, area rugs, and upholstery.

By using OXY’s strength to remove difficult stains formulated with a fresh scent. You can get a fresh couch.

Deep Clean

The possibilities are endless when it comes to deep-cleaning and sanitizing carpets, rugs, automobile interiors, floors, couch cushions, dog beds, and mattresses. This machine is very portable and light, and the cord is long enough to eliminate the hassle of using extension cords.

When you have pets that you let on the furniture, Bissell multi-purpose portable carpet and upholstery cleaner 1400b green removes dirt and pet hair while also getting rid of unwanted odors.

With Bissell, 1400B things definitely look cleaner. Your carpet will be free of stains, and car seats will finally appear brand new! The directions are simple. Make sure to only use warm water and it works great! If you leave water in it and it becomes cold, it loses some of its effectiveness.

Cleaning the Machine

Achievement and Performance

The machine vacuums out all the hair that had been settling and hiding deep inside the carpet in addition to cleaning it. This machine manages it like an expert, never slowing down, getting stuck, or clogging up.

Cleaning the equipment and tanks was quite simple, and they give me a tool for washing out the hose.

Performance (Test Results)

I compiled the results of the product’s testing so you could see what you were looking for in a spot cleaner. So let’s see the results.

Bissell little green 1400b test results
Testing of 1440b, Before & After picture.

Also the cleaner I observed, vacuumed up just as much liquid residue from the carpet. To remove any moisture that it may have left behind, all it required was one paper towel.

Despite this, I found that wet rug problems were frequently raised in my expert reviews for portable carpet cleaners. You can reduce this by not over-spraying stains with the cleaning solution. 

UpholsteryFits Ratings

Suction Power4.5 / 5
Deep Spot Clean4.9 / 5
Pets4.6 / 5
Dry Time3.7 / 5


A quick read that’s worth your time. A powerful cleaner will be able to deep clean your furniture and remove even the toughest stains, making it worth the investment in the long run.

  • Self-Cleaning Hydro-Rinse Attachment
  • 3-Inch Heavy-Duty Stain Remover
  • Sample-Size Solution

Self-Cleaning Hydro-Rinse Attachment – Contrary to popular perception, Bissell multi-surface cleaner instructions are simple. You can easily rinse off the hose on your machine after each usage. This removes all the dirt and bad odor from the machine so next, you can start fresh.

3-Inch Heavy-Duty Stain Remover– Bissell multi-surface cleaning removes really tough stains from carpet, upholstery, and automobile interiors by scrubbing and vacuuming. This cleaner isn’t just for upholstery but for all the important furniture you need to clean.

Sample-Size Solution-Use Febreze to spot-and-stain. Bissell little green machine solution consists of a vibrant and incredibly reviving spring aroma that will essentially permeate your house as you clean it. No worse odor, now you can get a fresh look.


A few of the customers have complained about the leaking issues but they are minor. It will start dripping from the base bottom soon after assembly.

You need to make sure that everything is assembled correctly. Wiped it down and powered it on.

Can only be used for small spots, the machine is a powerful cleaner but only for a few stops. You can’t really use it for the whole carpet. Due to its small size, it comes with less reliability.

What Do Experts Say?

In order to be sure you get unbiased information here I will let you know what the customer reviews and top experts know about 1400B. It also covers the niche of the different users for your ease.

Based on real testing, I have the test results listed below.

What are Pet Owners saying about this?

Do Car cleaner experts find it worth it?

Talking to the experts I got the results on how well 1400B works on the auto interiors.

If you are starting out detailing your car, definitely it is a good little tool. It will take you a few more passes and you need to consider the water tank capacity but it does the job well. There is a drawback since the dirt on the car carpets is way deeper than average home stains, you will need more cleaning chemicals to use on the carpet before you scrub it off with Bissell’s 1400B

Stay in Mom and Dad’s Reviews

Upon reviewing with a stay-in-home dad I compiled the results and here are the following. The machine works great as a spot cleaner. Cleansing tea is really the machine that does a great job of cleaning tea spills. While the kids made a mess on the carpet with Hershey syrup, it took more solution and scrubbing rounds but it really did the job.

You can see the dirty water going inside. It does have a really good suction power. You just need to spray the stain with the solution and then scrub.

Stay in Mom and Dads did recommend the cleaner as it is budget-friendly. Whether you have kids or pets spot cleaner should always be at your place at all times.

How to Use Bissell Little Green 1400B?

Bissell little green 1400b manual
Bissell Little Green 1400b Manual.

Here are the easy guidelines while using this Spot Cleaner.

  1. First, you need to take out the right water tank by opening the lid.
  2. Add two ounces of solution and water.
  3. The measurement of the water intake is written on the tank.
    Place the tank back.
  4. Turn on the vacuum and the heat button on it.
  5. Place it on top of the carpet pull the trigger and scrub.
  6. Once you are done remove the dirty tank and empty it.
  7. You are done.

Who is it Suitable for?

Best price Bissell carpet cleaner is perfect for families who have recently adopted pets. Small puppies and kittens tend to leave a mess. Bissell 1400b Portable cleaner removes the stains in minutes without leaving a bad odor. It is also suitable for couples who need to clean small stains and spots.

FAQs about Bissell 1400b

Can you clean a silk couch with this without harming the fabric?

This cleaner is used for all upholstery, silk, and other material furniture. It gets the job done.

Do you require the formula, or will water and a stain remover like Clear do?

Formula is always recommended, but if the stain is really difficult to remove, sprinkle it on and let it sit. In addition to using spot cleaning on tough stains, if you only use resolve, you won’t get the full advantage.

Can we plug this into a 220-volt outlet?

It is wired for a 120v outlet, to be precise. You will need an adapter to change the voltage in order to accomplish this.

What differentiates the Bissell little green 1400B model from the 1400M model?

The models 1400B and 1400M of Bissell Little Green are identical mechanically. The color palette is the only thing that differs. The darker green is used for the 1400M. They are identical, according to Bissell customer service.

To Be Honest!

Bissell multi-purpose portable carpet and upholstery cleaner 1400b green is the best of the best you can get your hands on in the market.

Once you’ve eliminated any traces of detergent or bleach by giving the area several good rinses with cold water, you’re done with no accumulation of mildew or foul odor.

Zero pet hair will be discovered at the conclusion, and the machine will be ready to use once more. You will be stunned and that is not something we say often.

Final Words

The road to Bissell’s 1400B has come to an end now that you are fully aware of it. I’ll let you know what’s on your mind as well.

Finally, our analysis demonstrates that with this you can get a really well-built and effective spot cleaner, by one of the leaders in the industry for a very reasonable price tag. The upgrades to its next models are useful but not necessary for a spot cleaner in my opinion.  

Should you buy Bissell 1400B?

The machine is a spot cleaner, since this cleaner is Bissell’s budget version it is lightweight. It has a fair 4-foot seemingly sturdy hose.  The suction power on this machine is 39 inches. It does perform well, and it does take more rounds at the carpet but it will get the job done. 

The compact design helped use on the car upholstery but you will be needing an extension outlet. 

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