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The Best Upholstered Bed Frames With Storage (Top 6 Compared)

Let me tell you about the 6 best upholstered bed frames with storage, their strength, weakness and sturdiness. Their material, finish, warranty details and how affordable can they be for you? let’s get started. Read more

The Best Upholstered Bed Frames With Storage (Top 6 Compared)

If you’re looking to find the best upholstered bed frames with storage available in the market, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I will provide in-depth reviews of the top six upholstered bed frames which will cover all the important characteristics like:

  • Ease of use
  • Comfort
  • Height/weight
  • Features
  • Warranty
  • Common customer complaints

You’ll learn which product is the best overall, sturdiest, best design and finish, best value and size, chosen by experts, and best bed frame.

In the end, you’ll be able to make the best decision about which bed frame with storage is worth your while.

Top Line: Which is the Best Overall?

Why did I choose this? well, you won’t believe it when I tell you the traits this frame has.

Here is why:

It has a soft and comfortable headboard which is suitable for placing things like small lamps, phones, pictures, etc.

  • It comes with accessories like 2 standard plug outlets and 2 USB ports which help in charging phones and when you want to Netflix and chill with your girl on your laptop.
  • It has a 10.6-inch under-bed storage which helps in storing things like suitcases, small baskets, etc., and has curved corners to prevent scratches.
  • The assembly of this bed is easy to operate and it can be assembled in no time.
  • It has a noise-free design (you know what that means), it produces minimal sound and it is sturdy and stable. It has quality and medium-density fiberboard used in it.

Now, let’s finally get into the full list and learn about all the top six upholstered bed frames.

anctor king bed frame

Anctor King Bed Frame

  • Best Overall
  • Comes with massive storage.
  • Strong bed structure.

According to my research on different upholstered bed frames, the Anctor King is considered to be the best king-size upholstered bed frame with storage.

Why do I praise this bed frame? Because my wife loves it and here are the other reasons.

Here is why:

  • The bed frame provides sufficient storage to stuff a variety of pillows, socks, bedsheets, etc. beneath your bed.
  • It provides additional modern features like electric plug outlets and USB ports for charging.
  • The soft headboard provides enough space to place pictures, clocks, etc.
  • The bed frame can be assembled in no time. There is no rocket science to it.

Strong and Sturdy

This bed frame is strong and sturdy because of the heavy-duty metal slats used in its assembly. These metal slats make the bed frame stand strong in different situations like an earthquake or storm both natural or when you bring one at night. It enhances the sturdiness to a whole new level.

Due to the usage of these slats in the bed frame, it does not produce any kind of noise and makes your sleeping experience way more comfortable. Even if you roll over multiple times through the night, you won’t hear a single squeaking sound and you can sleep without any kind of disturbance.

It has a strong metal assembly and it can support a large load of weight i.e., 1200 lbs. You can place any stuff you want on the headboard without any hesitation and due to its sturdiness it will handle it easily without causing any problems.

You will enjoy a safe and secure sleeping experience in all circumstances.

All in the Box

This bed frame comes with a full frame which is made up of iron because it has to support a lot of load without causing any issues. The bed can be assembled in no time and it also has heavy metal slats which alongside the iron frame make it durable and strong.

The headboard and the footboard of this king bed frame can be easily attached with the iron body assembly to make it a whole bed. It provides the features of 4 drawers to accommodate different things of the user.

The USB ports and the 2 electric plug outlets which also come in the box are installed on the headboard for providing convenience to the user.

The unboxing and assembling of the bed doesn’t take much time at all.

Material and Finish

Now, let’s talk about the material and the finishing of this bed frame. As I said earlier, the body of this bed is made up of iron which is assisted with the heavy metal slats to provide that strength and sturdiness to the bed at all times.

The footboard of the bed is made up of faux leather which is combined with the iron body frame and it has curved corners so that it won’t be scratched, unlike not curved bed frames.

The headboard of this bed is made up of medium-density fiberboard which provides the facility for the user to place various objects of his choice.

The entire body frame is of black color which adds to the glamor of this bed and the overall weight of the bed is also less which makes it easy to handle and carry from place to place.

Ease of Use

The comfortability provided by this bed is impressive because of the iron body frame and it can support a large load of weight at a single time.

Along with its comfortable, strong, and sturdy design, it provides important features like the underneath storage space of 11.8 inches. This helps the user to store different things like suitcases, bags, etc. beneath the bed.

Besides this, it doesn’t need a box spring which makes the bed more comfortable and produces no sound at all while moving.

It also provides multiple electric plug outlets and a long USB Cord which allows the user to charge his electrical devices or use any other electric device while being on his bed.

Furthermore, It also has 4 drawers which help the user store different in-need things right along his bed for emergency usage or casual usage.

Warranty and Complaints

Lastly when it comes to the warranty and complaints regarding Anctor King Bed Frame. After buying this bed you can return it within 30 days if you face any kind of problem.

But if this time limit crosses, you won’t be able to return it or change it. This bed is shipped from the USA to other countries depending upon the distance between the both countries and the shipping time varies accordingly.

Upon research, I found complaints regarding this bed frame which are mentioned below:

  • The bed is low to the ground which makes it difficult to put stuff under the bed.
  • The bed’s legs are set out and the user can get his fingers rammed directly into the legs and injure himself.
yaheetech full size upholstered bed frame with storage

Yaheetech Bed Frame

  • High-quality material.
  • Sturdiest bed.

After completing my research to find the sturdiest bed frame in the market currently, I came to a conclusion. Yaheetech bed frame is considered to be the best full-size upholstered bed frame with storage out there and the reasons are below:

  • This bed frame is made up of steel and high-quality wood slats.
  • It provides convenient features like 3 drawers for storage purposes and two USB Outlets.
  • The comfortable design due to the foam used and the leather finish makes this bed remarkable.

Strong and Sturdy

The body of this full-size bed frame is made up of steel material which is designed to support a large load easily. The wooden slats attached to the metal body increase the strength and sturdiness of the bed.

The combination of both metal and wood in the assembly of this bed makes it suitable for almost all types of users and it has a lightweight body that can be carried from one place to another without causing any fatigue or stress to the user.

Overall, this bed is designed to be strong and sturdy.

All in the Box

This bed comes with a full metal body frame and wooden slats to support the assembly of the bed.

Besides this, it comes with a headboard that is made up of PU-Leather and filled with high-quality foam to make it comfortable for the user.

It has 2 USB ports of different ports.

Moreover, It also comes with 3 drawers with rolling wheels and latches which makes it easy to use the drawers.

All of the things combined have a low net weight.

Material and Finish

The entire bed frame is black in color. The headboard of the bed frame is composed of black PU leather and it is filled with high-density foam to make it comfortable for the user.

The leather headboard provides a soft surface to put your head on if the pillows are missing. The frame is composed of a metal body along with wooden slats, both of high quality which makes the bed overall stronger and durable.

The black color over the entire frame and alongside the comfortable headboard gives it a modern as well as a classic look which can be matched with different types of beddings and room colors easily.

Ease of Use

Now, let’s talk about the convenience of this bed frame. This bed frame has a comfortable headboard which provides 2 USB Outlets on both sides.

The USB Outlets provide the option of two different ports i.e., Type-A and Type-C.

You shouldn’t worry about attaching external cords for charging your devices, as you can easily charge through these ports.

The bed frame also comes with three drawers which have a sufficient storage capacity and these drawers have rolling wheels beneath them.

This helps the user in easily pulling out the drawers and it provides long loop bands to hold and pull the drawers out.

The bed frame is equipped with fixtures to prevent the drawers from rolling underneath the bed.

Warranty and Complaints

The warranty is only applicable for 30 days after you’ve bought this bed and you’ve received the receipt of it. You may receive partial or no-payment on return depending upon how you’ve used the bed.

This bed frame is assembled and shipped from the USA to other countries around the globe, but the distance and time factor hold a lot of importance in the shipping of this bed to your desired address.

Although it is considered to be the sturdiest upholstered bed frame, many people have reported some complaints which are given below:

  • The bed frame didn’t come with all of its components and some parts of the bed were missing upon its arrival.
  • The headboard is low which doesn’t fit properly with the bed assembly and causes problems.
  • The missing parts of the bed frame cause problems while setting it up and takes time to fix it.
TTview queen bed frame
Pc: Amazon

TTView Queen Bed Frame

  • Excellent Design.
  • Adjustable headboard.

Now comes the upholstered bed frame which has the best design and finish. Upon concluding my research in finding the best queen-size upholstered bed frame with storage, I finally found this bed frame.

  • The bed assembly is made up of metal and wood to make it strong and sturdy.
  • It has an adjustable headboard which can be adjusted accordingly.
  • It provides 4 under-bed storage drawers. It has fixable drawers which can be fixed to the side.

Strong and Sturdy

The bed frame is entirely made up of solid wooden slats with high-quality metal support to the slats. This makes the entire assembly of the bed frame sturdy, strong, and durable.

It can withstand a huge load of weight of about 800 lbs at a time and it won’t produce any kind of issue. The wood along with the metal supports weighs around 113 lbs which can be carried and is firm and durable in natural conditions.

It won’t produce a sound if you move over the bed at night multiple times and provides a comfortable sleep experience to the user.

As it doesn’t need a box spring in its assembly, it turns out to be sturdy and strong.

All in the Box

Coming to the components included in the box of this bed frame.

First of all, it contains the metal frame on which all the attachments are to be installed.

It also comes with an adjustable headboard. It can be adjusted between 8’’-12’’ inches according to the mattress being used over the bed frame.

The box also contains four storage drawers which are installed underneath the bed which don’t occupy much space and provide plenty of storage space.

The box also includes the wooden slats support for the metal assembly of the bed which makes the bed strong and durable. The button-tufted design footboard can be installed alongside the assembly of the bed.

Material and Finish

The bed frame is made up of black steel and is supported with wooden slats. The wood and the metal both are strong and durable.

The headboard is designed to be soft padded to provide a comfortable experience and it can also be adjusted easily without causing an issue.

The bed drawers are also black in color. To make the design more impressive, a metal and wooden finish is added as well.

Ease of Use

The headboard is made up of soft padding to make it comfortable when you put your head back. The metal frame assisted with wooden slats provides no noise experience to the user.

You can easily move the bed due to its lightweight design which makes it portable.

The process of assembling the bed is easy and doesn’t take much time at all.

The bed drawers are fitted underneath the bed surface so that it doesn’t occupy much space and provide decent storage capacity to the user.

The drawers have rolling wheels for pulling and pushing out fluently.

Warranty and Complaints

The time limit for availing of the warranty in the case of this bed frame is also 30 days.

After the time limit has passed, you won’t be able to use the warranty and if you avail it in time, your situation will be treated accordingly and you’ll receive a refund if possible.

The shipment is done from the USA to the address you’ve chosen. It could be possible that the bed cannot be shipped to your desired country.

Regardless of the product traits, my job is to tell you the honest truth as well. While many loved the bed frame there were a few who complained.

The most common complaints about this bed frame are mentioned below:

  • A few customers complained that the box contained broken parts and the quality of some parts was cheap.
  • There was another issue the bed frame was not according to the specifications and it had problems while setting it up properly.
  • The build quality is not good and due to the faulty parts of this bed frame, it doesn’t last longer.
anctor queen bed fram
Pc: Amazon

Anctor Queen Bed Frame

  • Bang for the buck.
  • The size is perfect.

Next up is the upholstered bed frame which has the best value and size. After concluding my research, I found that the Anctor Queen Bed Frame is the best tufted upholstered bed with storage on the market right now.

This is due to a number of reasons:

  • This bed frame is made up of strong metal.
  • It supports a mattress of size ranging from 8-12’’. It doesn’t come with a box spring.
  • The headboard provides facilities for charging devices and for putting things like alarm clocks, radios, pictures, etc.

Strong and Sturdy

The metal frame of the bed has heavy-duty metal support legs that improve sturdiness and durability. The wood slats are placed in the frame of the bed which provides additional support and handles the excessive weight placed on it.

Due to its strength, it can handle a weight load ranging from 900-1100 lbs. which is a lot. Due to this sturdy and strong design, it doesn’t produce sound while you move over the bed or while moving the bed from place to place.

This is because of the quiet strip between the wooden slats and the metal frame. It provides a comfortable sleeping environment to you with the least discomfort.

All in the Box

The box of this bed frame contains the following components:

  1. Steel bed frame which can be easily assembled.
  2. A multifunctional storage headboard with a geometric wide wingback.
  3. Hardware wooden slats that support the metal frame.
  4. Instruction manual which helps in assembling the bed.
  5. The charging station provides multiple outlets for charging electrical devices.

Material and Finish

The fabric used is soft and skin-friendly, it doesn’t cause any allergy or discomfort to the user.

The beige/rustic maple color stands out when placed in the bedroom and is suitable for a variety of bedrooms. It adheres completely to the surroundings.

The headboard uses a maple polished surface and the wood with the metal frame is the engineered wood.

No finish type is applied to the bed but even without the finish, it looks remarkable with its appearance.

It is designed to be modern according to the current times.

Ease of Use

Talking about the features of this upholstered bed frame, it comes with three storage drawers that have rolling wheels beneath them. They can easily roll in and roll out fluently.

Two drawers are at the side and one large drawer is at the end of the bed to store bulky clothes and other stuff. Both drawers have fixtures around them, so the user doesn’t need to worry about moving them around often.

It provides charging facilities to the user which removes the need to use external power cords.

It also provides two side pockets with the headboard to store things like mobile phones, AC remotes, etc.

Warranty and Complaints

This bed also provides a warranty time period of 30 days.

You can get a full refund if the bed is in its original condition or can be replaced as well.

The shipping base is in the USA, from where it is shipped to various countries according to the orders received. People reported complaints regarding this bed frame which are mentioned below:

  • The instructions for joining the components together were not clear which caused issues.
  • The bed frame took a lot of time to assemble because of its worn-out components.
keyluv leather bed frame
Pc: Amazon

Keyluv Leather Upholstered Bed Frame

  • Excellent warranty.
  • Chosen by other experts.
  • Black color is a game changer.

Chosen by experts is the Keyluv Leather Bed frame. It is considered the best black upholstered storage bed because of the following reasons:

  • It provides an adjustable headboard which is suitable for various types of mattresses.
  • The black color gives it a dense and modern look which is quite appealing.
  • The fabric headboard creates a classic look that is pleasant to the eyes and can be enjoyed for a long period of time.

Strong and Sturdy

This bed frame is made up of wood and steel combined which makes it sturdy and strong.

It weighs around 108 lbs and it can handle a weight load of about 850 lbs.

This bed doesn’t produce sounds or noise while moving it or while you sleep over the bed. A total noiseless environment is provided by this bed frame.

No box spring is needed for its assembly which makes it reliable and durable.

All in the Box

The bed frame and its components come in one package. The box includes a faux leather headboard, wooden slats, and drawers.

After taking all the stuff out of the box, the bed can be assembled together in no time and with ease.

The weight of the components inside the box is light so it can be shifted to any location you want.

Material and Finish

Moreover, the headboard has a button tufted design which is made over black faux leather.

The drawers also have a black leather front. And to make it a whole remarkable package, the wooden finish has been added and the furniture is finished with black.

Ease of Use

The bed frame provides special features like a sturdy design to handle large weight and an adjustable headboard.

The height of the headboard can be adjusted between a measurement of 42.1 inches to 44.1 inches.

It doesn’t require a box spring for its assembly. It comes with four storage drawers that provide enough storage to store fabrics, clothes, blankets, etc.

Warranty and Complaints

This bed frame provides a 2-year free limited warranty which can be availed at any time during the time span, but the warranty won’t hold if the bed has experienced first-hand damage or any damage caused by any natural phenomenon.

The shipment of this bed is also done from the USA to several other countries in which the cargo can travel easily.

Some people have reported some issues regarding this bed which are mentioned below:

  • The height of the bed is low and it requires a box spring to raise it above the surface.
  • The bed cannot support a lot of weight and it keeps on bending which is dangerous and could cause the bed to collapse.
Allewie upholstered bed frame with storage
Pc: Amazon

Alewife Upholstered Bed Frame

  • Editor’s Premium Choice!

Last up is the Alewife Bed Frame out there in the market. It is considered to be the best upholstered bed frame with storage for a number of reasons which are given below:

  • This bed frame provides an adjustable headboard from a range of 37.8’’ to 40.3’’ inches.
  • It has a drawer fixture design which prevents slipping out of drawers.
  • Each drawer has wheels which helps it easily slide in and out of drawers.
  • It features a durable structure that involves a wooden slats system so it doesn’t require a box spring.

Strong and Sturdy

The bed frame features a strong steel frame and wooden slats system. Both of these components combined make the bed overall sturdy and strong.

The wooden slats are supported with metal components which get fixed into the assembly easily. It can hold a maximum weight of about 800 lbs.

It doesn’t produce any kind of squeaks during its movement and provides a durable and noise-free sleeping experience.

All in the box:

The box contains the wooden slats that are fixed in the assembly. The square stitched headboard which can be adjusted, is a hardware pack to completely assemble the bed.

The bed frame also comes in the box on which all the accessories are to be attached.

Besides all this, it also contains the four drawers which slide in and out beneath the bed.

Material and Finish

Both have the same material. The bed frame is made up of iron alongside the wooden slates upon which the mattress is placed.

The color combination is light gray which melts in with the surroundings and it looks decent in different bedrooms.

The drawer’s front is also stitched with the same light gray linen fabric.

Ease of Use

Warranty and Complaints

The warranty on this product can be claimed within 30 days for a full refund if the bed frame is in its original condition. The shipment is placed from the USA and is transported to other countries respectively.

I have explained why this bed frame is the bed, but now comes the disadvantages as well.

In order to be honest with you you can choose your pick while keeping in mind which product holds the best value. Here are a few common complaints and bad reviews I extracted.

Complaints have been received about this product and I’ll tell them below:

  • Some customers complained the packaging of the box was badly done and it took a lot of time to open. Moreover, the assembly wasn’t as easy as expected it took an hour.
  • A few others write that the build quality of the frame is not good and it would be dangerous to use it for a long period of time.

Bottom Line: Which Should You Buy?

There are multiple types of upholstered bed frames available in the market, but the best one for you depends on which characteristics are of utmost importance. The things you need to consider are:

  • Strength and Sturdiness
  • Ease of Use
  • Build Quality
  • Features
  • Size

That’s it, have a nice day!

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