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About Us

Meet Our Team

Aleksy Kazmer

CEO & Founder

Aleksy has more than ten years of experience in digital marketing, and he’s worked with lots of big-name brands. He decided to create UpholsteryFits because, when he bought his first apartment, he realized there weren’t many truthful and unbiased reviews for things you need at home. Andrew enjoys hanging out with his family and friends, making good food, and chilling outside.

hamza editor in chief

Mohammad Hamza


M. Hamza is an editor-in-chief currently living in Islamabad. He has mastered the art of digital marketing, created engaging review content, and led social media campaigns. His charisma and expertise have won over big companies and led to successful lead campaigns.

mariam content writer

Mariam Haroon

Content Writer

Marriam is a lifestyle writer who has been sharing her knowledge about home decor, cleaning, and garden design trends since 2016. Right now, she’s expanding her expertise by doing an MPhil in English.

Asfar Ali writer and technical support

Asfar Ali

Technical Writer

A Computer Engineer by training, a programmer by profession, and a wordsmith by passion. With a solid background in computer engineering, Asfar’s got the tech chops to debug your life and then write a guide about it. When he’s not busy tinkering with code, you’ll find his byline on Medium, where he continues to dazzle readers with his insightful takes. But that’s not all. In short, he’s the triple threat in the world of content—techie, writer, and your ultimate guide to making things happen!

miraj ali social media analyst

Miraj Ali

Social Media Manager

Meet Miraj Ali, a graphic designer who loves to draw and make charts. He has 5 years of experience in social media and design. He’s great at graphics, web illustrations, and presentations. Simple but effective, Miraj knows how to make your brand stand out.

Vitaliy Nosov WordPress Developer

Vitaliy Nosov

WordPress Developer

Vitaliy Nosov is our friendly WordPress expert. He knows all the right moves to make websites run quickly and smoothly. With years of experience, he’s really good at making websites faster. If your website is slow, Vitaliy is the person who can make it speedy and easy to use.

Meesum Raza - Developer

Meesum Raza

WordPress Developer

Meet Meesum Raza, the talented web developer who plays a crucial role in keeping our website running smoothly. With a passion for coding and a keen eye for detail, Meesum ensures that our online presence is not only visually appealing but also highly functional. Whether it’s optimizing the user experience, implementing new features, or troubleshooting technical issues, Meesum’s dedication to the craft of web development is truly commendable.

Saqlain Abbas SEO Analyst

Saqlain Abbas

SEO Analyst

Meet Saqlain Abbas, our SEO expert. He’s been working with search engine optimization since way back in 2012. Saqlain is the one who helps our website get noticed by people when they search online. He makes sure our website appears high up in search results. Thanks to his smart strategies, our website gets more visitors, and we owe a lot of our online success to him!

Do you like to know all about a product before you buy it?

Are you fed up with reviews that only talk about the good stuff and ignore the bad?

If you’re nodding along, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to UpholsteryFits!

We’re here to help you find the best things for your home. Our reviews are careful, well-researched, and smart.

We take our time to get it right. We don’t just repeat what other websites say.

We do our own deep research, talk to the experts, ask manufacturers for more details, and most importantly, try out the products ourselves.

And we don’t just stop there. We keep checking on the products and update our reviews to make sure you always have the latest and best information.

Want to know how we test and review products? Read on.

Hey, I’m Aleksy Kezmer. I started UF and I’m the main guy behind it.

I used to work in telemarketing, and I’ve always wanted to understand why people buy certain things and why some products do better than others.

A few years back, I bought my first house and suddenly, I had to buy a lot of stuff. Cleaners, cleaning supplies, tools, furniture, safety gear, services for the home – I was lost. I didn’t know which brands were good or where to start.

I tried looking online for help, but it wasn’t great.

Customer reviews on shopping websites were short and didn’t tell me much. The long reviews on blogs seemed fake like maybe the writer got paid to say nice things about a product.

I was really annoyed. I just wanted clear, honest information to help me choose between all the options.

That’s why I decided to start something better.

UpholsteryFits is a place where you can find detailed, accurate, and most importantly, honest information about all kinds of household products.

We promise to always give you our true opinion. Our reviews are based on real research and testing. We never let sponsorships, freebies, or anything like that sway what we say.

UF started in 2018. Since then, our team has grown, and we’ve helped over 13 million people around the world find great products and make their homes better.

We’re always working on new reviews and planning to cover more types of products.

If there’s something you want to know about but we haven’t reviewed it yet, tell us! We’d love to hear from you.

UpholsteryFits.com is fixated on making well-researched and practical guides and surveys of the best home furniture and upholstery-related items so you can get to an ideal decision without an excess of stress – or worse, learning and buying the wrong things.

To ensure we get it right for you, UpholsteryFits works intimately with qualified specialists and follows altering and fact-checking protocols before publishing.

Distributed content is occasionally reality-checked and evaluated to guarantee the data is exact, reasonable, and exceptional.

Notwithstanding normally counseling our experts, we additionally depend on the skill of our in-house engineers, analysts, technicians, and item specialists in our company.

2. Our Mission (What we do)      

Our mission is to update you with unbiased reviews on upholstery-related products based on our endless professional team of researchers. UpholsteryFits centers around higher quality, less frequent content. We accomplish difficult work with the goal that you don’t need to. We update existing pages as opposed to publishing new ones

Once in a while, we set up articles that are shorter and have quick pick proposals while our writers are doing more extensive research and testing. We do this so you can get accommodating information as quickly as time permits.

You may see UpholsteryFits is unique concerning different sites. Here are a few points on it:

  • We update our articles after some time. Once in a while, we distribute starter articles and round them out later.
  • We don’t place new stuff each day. We center around quality rather than amount.
  • We have confidence in legit, very well-manufactured items that get you what you need rapidly and effectively, so you don’t need to filter out the garbage.
  • We invest a great deal of energy in creating each post, so we don’t put out new content consistently and spam your newsfeed. This site is for you, and we need to get a notification from you.
  • We have faith in Sane Prepping, a psychological system for how to get updated before you purchase things. Preparing ought to be objective, down to earth, and financially a good investment.
  • We center around more excellent posts as opposed to distributing each day.
  • We believe being self-sufficient and prepared is logical and responsible.
  • We’re pleased to give you reviews on the best items and accept that sharing the obligation makes all of us stronger.

How UpholsteryFits Picks?

We love the things we suggest and trust them in our lives. We select each pick with the utmost consideration, depending on the master assessment, exploration, and testing. At the point when you see The UpholsteryFits Pick, you can confide that it’s an ideal alternative for the vast majority.

Our objective is consistently straightforward: discover and clarify the most fitting answer. We may refresh our picks after some time dependent on new data (like input or reviews) and when items change.

3. How we pick: 


We put lots of hours, money, and care into everything we create for you, our content is produced independently and held to rigorous standards of quality, accuracy, and integrity.

Several hours and a lot of costs go into our work. We purchase or acquire the items we survey, pay journalists for their work, and depend on the assistance of specialists and individuals who have encountered upholstery directly.

In case we’re picking an item, similar to the best upholstery bed, it’s generally narrowed down to limit the entire field to the leading ten or best ten pieces, so before putting our hands on the physical items. Everything is field tried, so we know how it functions, and in certain circumstances. We beat things up, lose them precipices, and attempt whatever the number of practical situations could reasonably be expected.

We attempted to test things with a broad scope of individuals. At the point when we propose, it’s challenging to pick one thing that is the correct thing for everyone and circumstance. Here and there, we’ll make different picks, similar to “the best upholstery firearms” or “the best upholstery staple guns.”

As a rule, we start with doing heaps of examination by looking through articles, contemplates, discussions, reviews, etc. We put the best sources toward the finish of each section on the off chance that you need to check anything.

4. How we make money               

At the point when you click on a link and purchase an item we suggest, we may make a referral commission. It is how we bring you such great well-researched content for free and without spammy ads or nasty promotions.

It doesn’t cost you anything, and your costs are consistently the same. Sellers give referral (or “subsidiary”) commissions constantly, you typically don’t know about it. In particular, it will never influence what we suggest.

How you can support our work

Share UpholsteryFits with your companions, family, and neighbors. Purchase the items we suggest by tapping on our links and buying within 24 hours, stores like Amazon know they should give us credit.

5. Why should you trust us?         

We began UpholsteryFits so that we provide you with the best of the best – so in case we do all the exploration and testing, in any case, we may as well share it with you.

We have the experience, information, system, and abilities to discover, test, and pick the best stuff for your preparation. Our group of geeks, researchers, analysts, and endurance veterans are fixated on preparing you without burning through cash or time.

Our specialists will see all the phony and one-sided items and channel them to check whether that very much-inspected Amazon channel will make you out. (Clue: Unfortunately, yes, it can!)

Every supporter of the review has been preparing for more than ten years. Our group has indeed spent a vast number of hours (and most likely an excessive amount of cash) getting arranged in the industry of upholstery. We’re dynamic in our neighborhood networks and instruct individuals to comprehend what to purchase and when to buy.


We take our trusted relationship with our followers genuinely, and in this way, we keep up a severe protection strategy.

Here are a couple of the things you can do:

Find solutions quickly. With an enhanced search and browse, you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for.

Figure out how to do nearly anything. Adhere to step-by-step directions.

The UpholsteryFits Promise

We guarantee that when we suggest something, this is because we’ve accomplished the work and know it’s the best. Publicists, private cabin bargains, partner joins – nothing will impact our decisions until the end of time. That is all. That is our promise to you.