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Is Bissell Eraser 27909 the Best Pet Cleaner? Review

I have based my entire review on in-depth and performance testing of Bissell 27909 pet hair eraser turbo vacuum cleaner. Read more

Is Bissell Eraser 27909 the Best Pet Cleaner? Review

Does it get tough to clean your dog’s mess?

Don’t worry I might finally have a solution for you.

Let me give you a deep dive into what kind of product you want for your pet and if this is the one you are looking for.  

Is lifting dirt and dust easy with Bissell Pet Hair Eraser? With clean floors and a lower risk of allergy, spots and stains can be removed. 

Considered the most powerful portable spot cleaner for pets is Bissell 27909. But are these claims right? Let’s find out. 

It removes dirt and stains by combining strong vacuum suction, brushing movement, and cleaning solution.

You can easily clean difficult-to-reach areas, such area rugs, stairs, and upholstery, thanks to the long hose and power chord. With the pet hair eraser turbo plus vacuum cleaner, fewer trips to the sink are necessary thanks to the big capacity tank!

Before we dive in I should inform you two pointers this is a pet hair eraser. It is only for dry dirt such as hair and other hard garbage. Secondly, this model is specific for pet owners only. 

What else you should know about Bissell Pet Vacuum cleaner is as follows:

Bissell 27909 review and real testing
Credits: Amazon

Bissell 27909 Pet Hair Eraser Turbo

  • Best for people with big dogs and pets.
  • It works well on pet hair and dust.
  • A bit expensive.

What’s New?

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo 27909 Unboxing

Outlining the rivals to the Bissell 27909, including both pet hair cleaners and regular vacuum cleaners, I will point out their shortcomings in this comparison.

You will also discover what it covers if you give us a moment.

When it comes to its alternate models we get:

While T3200 is a beast with more suction power and performance. Bissell 27909 has better attachments and swirls when it comes to T3200. Titan T3200 is more lightweight than Bissell 27909.

When it comes to 1650A is more expensive than Bissell 27909. 1650A comes with a longer cord and more bin capacity. Bissell 27909 stands in the middle of its pet series.

Bissell 27909 can be compared with Bissell 1650A, it is better due to the following reasons. 

  1. It has a better design than standard cleaners.
  2. It is much cheaper than its competitors and series
  3. It comes with more attachments than a standard vacuum cleaner.


Size13.98 inches
Dimensions14 x 12.56 x 45.25 inches LxWxH
Weight16.5 pounds
Voltage110 Volts
What’s IncludedIt Comes with LED Lighted Crevice Tool along with Pet Turbo Eraser Tool, and a 2-in-1 Pet Dusting Brush.


At this point, I will let you know the unique design and style the product holds. Just hang on a bit more and you will learn the expert view of this product. 


Bissell 27909 real performance testing on pet hair

No one can pull off a sleek look more than Bissell’s products. This is our favorite design. It has a color scheme of light green and metallic grey.

The long metallic grip lets you clean your pet’s hair without bending down and getting a backache. It has a transparent tank below the grip. There is a blue button on top to remove the tank.

The round tank holds enough capacity to clean the entire hair mess. Below the tank comes a round green roller with blue brushes in a blade form. Tangle-free brush rollers help you clean in minutes.


I can say with certainty that the design is masterfully constructed. The tangle-free brush is at the base. For enhanced vision, there are tiny LEDs on top of those. With the touch of a button, you can quickly move from vacuuming the carpet to hard surfaces thanks to its multi-surface cleaning.

The middle deck and below deck are linked by the swirl steering. Furniture and other obstacles in your home are simple to move about and clean around. An automated cord rewind button is located on the left side of the center. Additionally, it houses the filter-equipped one-touch easy tap tank.

The quick-release wand is on top, and it contains a power button and a swirl button. On the top comes a quick-release wand, which has a power button along with the swirl button. On board extension wand is always ready, always on, so you can clean with a reach of over 10 feet


Bissell 27909 Pet hair Eraser with all the attachments

You also have a crevice nozzle tool it is used to cover close-end corners of your apartment.

Since this is a pet hair cleaner, one advantage it holds over a standard house vacuum is that it has specialized pet tools that are stored onboard for easy access.  

Features and Functions

You know that dust and debris will surely spread throughout the house when you are cleaning, therefore functionalities and features of BISSELL 27909 are crucial. Questions like can this cleaner access tight angles in the space? Considering that will it be able to clean a variety of carpets, rugs upholstery? These issues demand an answer.

One-Touch Easy Empty

Its pet hair spooling system allows you to empty the dirt tank without touching the gross stuff in it. The bottom plate while emptying the dustbin is easily removed which lets out the dust without the user’s help.

Depending on the type and style of the cloth, the suction dampens the surface, drying only takes an hour or so. As compared to others while they are still moist after forcing the machine to suck more out.

Tangle-Free Brush Roll

Due to its modern innovative design, the brush rollers easily avoid irritating hair wrap. With hair lengths of 6 to 8 inches, the tangle-free procedure Bissell pet hair eraser turbo is tested well.

With the help of its attachments on board, you can clean any place even if it is hard to reach area i.e. stairs, vacuum floors, upholstery.

Pets can create problems that’s why this pet hair eraser turbo rewind cleaner was designed. No matter how recently you cleaned. You need to be prepared in advance.

Convenient and Powerful

Now you can clean regular messes without any harm to suction. Removable and washable filters are used for relaxed maintenance. Optional Febreze filters can also be replaced with the standard filter to reject odors during cleaning.

Performance Test

When the product was tested, I compiled the following results for you to understand everything you wanted in your pet hair cleaner.

Therefore based on a practical view. Bissell 27909 vacuum is effective in removing hair and dust. If your pets shed more then it gets the job done right. Its performance can be measured as if you vacuum it on a wooden low pile its suction is so strong it will peel it off. So let’s check out.

Bissell 27909 before and after performance testing
Bissell 27909 Performance Test Results.

You can clearly see that dirt and pet hair are removed easily on wooden floors using this machine.

But when it comes to cleaning your carpet, it will remove dust particles and hair. It will not be able to deep clean your rug or carpet and a standard vacuum cleaner has more power than Pet Hair Cleaners, the only advantage these cleaners have is more maneuverability and attachments. 

For pet owners with long hair pets, we recommend you buy this. Only if you want to remove dust and hair off the couch and upholstery. 

What Do the Experts Say?

To be sure you get the perfect and pinpoint information here we will let you know what the customer reviews and top experts know about this product. This also covers the niche of the different users for your ease.

Based on actual testing, I have the test results listed below.

Do Pet Owners want this?

Yes, it is a great purchase for pet cleaners, we have learned from owners who have had pets for years that this machine is a good purchase for a perfect one but it can get the job done right with multiple pets. Here is how. Since it comes with many features such as a smart seal system that traps bad odor, its tangle-free brush roll helps you remove hairs quite quickly. Although there is one thing.  

It works except when it comes to hair on the carpet. But if we talk about glitter or dust it does take a while and several spins.

Can it be for our Auto cleaner experts?

Of course when it comes to small spaces such as cars you need a good cleaner. Also upon reviewing with auto interior experts we made sure they are the ones who have pets since this is specific to animals.

Yes if your German Shepard sheds a lot and you need to clean your car after multiple visits with the vet or family outing. The Bissell pet eraser is efficient to remove hair.

Stay in Mom and Dad’s Reviews on it

Stay-in moms and Dads who have single pets did criticize the machine on its price tag. Therefore they recommended buying a standard vacuum cleaner. Since those are much more effective for their daily cleaning routines.

UpholsteryFits Ratings

Removal Power4.1 / 5
Water UsedDoes not use water or solution
Pets Hair4.6 / 5
Performance3.7 / 5
Carpet Vacuum3.0 / 5


When buying a cleaning product for your upholstery, don’t just think about the price – consider the strength of the machine as well. A powerful cleaner will be able to tackle even the toughest stains and grime, making it worth the investment in the long run.

  • Versatile Surface Scrubbing
  • Allergen-Trapping Smart-Seal
  • Detachable Extension Wand
  • Brush Attachment

Surface Scrubbing – It allows you to switch from cleaning carpets, and rugs to bare floors without harm.

Allergen-Trapping Smart-Seal – For the health safety of the user it traps allergies and dust so you’re free to breathe. Smart seal Allergen System assists in capturing allergies inside the vacuum and gets rid of pet odors while cleaning.

Along with carpets and furniture, it can also remove hair from wooden floors. With the smart-seal allergen system, which traps dust and allergens, you now can breathe comfortably.

Detachable Extension Wand – take advantage of its quick-release extension wand, which is constantly active and prepared to handle those challenging-to-reach pet messes throughout the house.

Brush Attachment – The Bissell pet hair turbo rewind comes with a few accessories. You can also use a soft-bristle brush to clean upholstery. To help you clean in dimly lit, dusty places. The crevice tool also features an LED light attached to the end.


Unlike its competitors, it is said to be a little overweight which doesn’t allow you to vacuum indefinitely and requires much human effort while cleaning.

Bissell pet vacuum comes with various plastic parts and a vinyl hose therefore it requires extra care while cleaning.

It does not perform well with the baseboard floors due to the tiny opening of the services tool that can lead it to jam easily.

This vacuum is loud and noisy.

How to Use BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser 27909

Here are the easy guidelines while using this pet hair cleaner. Its usage is very simple.

  1. You pull the cord and press the button on top to turn it on.
  2. Then you can turn on the brush rollers and start cleaning.
  3. You can pull out a quick-release hose.
  4. It also comes with an LED light to see the tiny dark corners while cleaning.
  5. Once you are done.
  6. Simply push the button on top of the tank and remove the top lid.
  7. You are almost done.

But hold on, that isn’t just it! You don’t even have to pull the cord. Press the button on the top left corner and it will pull the cord back in automatically. Bissell pet hair eraser attachments are easy to carry.

Who is it suitable for?

According to our expertise, the best audience for this product is people with multiple pets or big dogs. Pets shed a lot. This machine is specially designed to take out all the pet’s hair and small messes using a deep suction. If you have huskies or Persian cats then this should be your choice.

FAQs about Bissell Pet Hair 27909

Can I use soap and water to clean the tank?

To clean the dirt canister, we advise a gentle cloth. Before reinserting it into the vacuum, be certain it is fully dry.

Can this vacuum manage micro moisture messes?

Depending on your definition of moisture No, if you’re referring to a water puddle.

Is it simple to remove the roller?

Separating the roller isn’t needed, the roller can be turned on and off. For stairs, there is a different, smaller roller.

What filter should I purchase to replace the current one?

Bissell’s website and amazon hold numerous filters which are compatible with this cleaner, you can look for them.

Is it not possible to change surfaces easily? Changing from carpet to tile or hardwood?

It features an on/off button for the brush and automatically adjusts to the type of floor.

Final Verdict

Because when it comes to Bissell pet vacuum reviews, it is a commercial cleaner that gets the job done if you need to remove stains.

Is It Worth the High Price?

I’ll also tell you about the thoughts you have in your head.

Our research proves this is one of the best turbo hair erasers on the market. Yes, it has a price tag but if your pets shed a lot, if you are looking for a cleaner with more performance then I would say to look for cleaners for rugs. There is no such difference between a rug cleaner and a pet hair cleaner it’s just the category. If you need more power then go for a standard vacuum cleaner for rugs and carpets. 

Bottom Line

It has a deep rug cleaning feature if you have rugs around the house. It gets difficult for pet owners. This machine deep cleans as it gets super low on the floors.

The tangle-free brush gets the hair tangled and you don’t have to untangle the dirt from the cleaner like its competitors and old predecessors.  It comes with many attachments for you to clean everywhere and everything.

Since the vacuum cleaner comes with LED at the front, the dump bin is so easy to open it just takes a second and it’s all out. But keeping these things in mind we forget one most important point. That is the performance and power.

A standard vacuum cleaner such as Titan T3200 has more suction power than these pet cleaners. These standard vacuum cleaners can also remove pet hair. Maybe they are with fewer attachments but they can be used for different other chores as well. 

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