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5 Types of Vacuum Cleaners: How to Choose the Right One?

After spending years in the upholstery cleaning business, In this article, I will be sharing in detail different types of vacuum cleaners. Moreover, you will get to know their pros and cons along with which one is best for you. Read more

5 Types of Vacuum Cleaners: How to Choose the Right One?

Are you tired of spending hours cleaning your place?

Is your hardwood floor too tough to clean?

Is too much pet hair bugging you?

If you are spending hours cleaning your house then you might be doing something wrong. With the help of modern vacuum cleaners, you can clean your place in a matter of minutes. But which type of cleaner suits you better?

Let me explain.

In today’s life, vacuum cleaners have made it easy to remove every inch of tiny particles from the floor.

There are many different vacuum cleaner models available on the market that are affordable & best for different housekeeping purposes.

Let me tell you which one is best suitable for you.

In this article, I’ll help you to pick the right vacuum cleaner for your needs. In order for you to compare the various types, I’ll show you a comparison chart.

By the time you’re done, you’ll have all the information you need to choose the best kind of vacuum cleaner for your home.

Let’s start.

Comparison Chart

Here is a brief side-by-side comparison of the best vacuum cleaner types if you’re in a rush.

Vacuum Cleaner TypePROSCONS
CarCompact, Versatile, Powerful suction, Budget-friendly, Easy to use, better air quality, eco-friendly, Quick to useLimited power, Increased noise levels, less mobility, Limited reach, Requires a lot of maintenance, not so durable.
VacuumEffective cleaning, Convenient, Time-saving, User-friendly, Heavy-duty, Advanced features, reduced noise.A bit expensive, Heavy in weight, Increased energy consumption, Limited use, Noise levels, Potential damage, mostly corded
SteamDeep cleaning, Versatile, Chemical free, Reduced drying time, Sanitization, Improved air quality, Time-saving, Elimination of odors, long lasting resultsExpensive in price, Limited mobility, not compatible with every surface, Initial setup time, Risks of burns, Water usage, Maintenance
PetStrong suction power, Specialized features, Versatile, designed to pick up pet hair, reduced odors, Durability, Long-lasting results, Advanced features, Time-savingNot an effective solution for other debris, Requires frequent emptying, Limited versatility, Less mobility, Noise level, Expensive in price, short cord lengths, not so easily available in market
CommercialHeavy-duty vacuum cleaners, Improved indoor quality, Time-tested performance, Customization, Reduced noise levels, Time-saving, High mobility, High suction power, large storage for debrisHeavy in weight, Maintenance, Increased power consumption, Large in size, Expensive, Limited portability, Steep learning features

1. Car Vacuum Cleaners

car vacuum cleaner is a type of vacuum

Car Vacuum cleaners ease your detailing. They are ideal for people with pets and kids. Nowadays having car spills is not a problem. See for yourself in this article.

What are Different Types of Car Vacuums?

Let’s find out!

Car Upholstery Cleaners

Not only 1400B is now used for car upholstery but also for home furniture. With modern tech, they have made more powerful vacuum cleaners into compact ones.

It is designed to get rid of impurities like dirt, grime, stains, and other things that build up over time on things like car seats, carpets, and other interior surfaces.

One thing that I like about car upholstery cleaners, they are great if you use them regularly to maintain the appearance of the car’s interior or keep it neat & clean. They work like wonder.

If we talk about effectiveness, it has a very powerful motor that can easily pick up dirt, dust, and debris from your car’s upholstery. You can use it to clean all kinds of surfaces, from the dashboard to the floor mats.

Car Steam Cleaners

Let’s talk about car steam cleaners. These cleaners are specifically designed to clean car dashboards, upholstery, carpets, and hard mats. They are compact, versatile & handy enough to carry in your car trunk wherever you go.

Generally, a car steam vacuum cleaner is a specialized cleaning tool designed to clean the interior of cars with the help of steam. It is a lightweight & mobile machine that runs on a power outlet. It is equipped with a boil, a vacuum, and various attachments.

The boiler in a car steam vacuum cleaner heats water to a high temperature creating steam that results in deep cleaning of the internals of a car for example, car mats, car seats, or vents. It is ideal for cleaning tight spaces such as between car seats or the edges of the dashboard.

Using a car steamer is pretty simple, you just have to fill the boiler with water & let it heat up to the desired temperature. Then, select an attachment for the surface to be cleaned and apply steam to the area. The high temperature of the steam will loosen dirt, making it easier to remove. Finally, use the vacuum to suction up the dirt and debris.

Home Vacuum Cleaners

Can you use a car vacuum cleaner for your home? Definitely yes! A car vacuum cleaner for home is a great investment for anyone who wants to keep their home clean and tidy.

The car vacuum cleaner for the home is a useful device that can help you keep your home clean and free of dust and dirt. It is a small, portable device that you can use to clean floors, carpets, furniture, and other surfaces in your home.

One of the best things about this car vacuum is that it is lightweight and easy to maneuver. You can easily move it around your home to clean every nook and cranny.

Pros of Car Vacuum Cleaners

One of the pros is that they are very portable and easy to use, you can carry them anywhere and use them any time. It’s amazing how they are light-weight and easy to maneuver, but they offer an average suction for cleaning

Then the other pro of using a car vacuum cleaner is time & effort saving as compared to that manual cleaning. In a few seconds, your home, or your car, is clean as a whistle.

Moreover, they are affordable and worthy investments for maintaining cleanliness around you when you are on the go.

I like the fact that these vacuum cleaners come with different attachments for cleaning various surfaces and a long cord to roam around the place and keep up with cleaning.

Cons of Car Vacuum Cleaners

You can’t expect a car vacuum to suck disposal of dirt and debris from all over a messy place more than two times.

You do have to run it over multiple times on the stain to remove it entirely.

The corded models of these types of vacuum cleaners may have limited reach, requiring the use of extension cords or power outlets in the car & yes that’s frustrating!

Plus, some models of car vacuum cleaners may not be suitable for heavy-duty cleaning tasks as you need to filter the replacement for the best performance frequently.

2. Vacuum Cleaners

vacuum cleaner types

Who thought you would not need to roll a vacuum cleaner? Nowadays autonomous vacuum cleaners are a thing not just for your pets but for you as well. With minimum effort they make your house shine.

Here are a few types:

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaners are a convenient and efficient way to keep your home clean and tidy. These robotic devices are designed to navigate your home and clean floors automatically. Guess what? You don’t need to make any effort.

One of the best things about robot vacuum cleaners is that they are very easy to use. You can schedule them to clean at specific times, and they will do the rest. They are also very quiet, so you can even run them while you’re sleeping or working.

They are efficient because they use advanced cleaning technologies, such as brushless motors and high-efficiency filters, to clean your floors quickly and effectively.

So, if you’re looking for a convenient and reliable way to keep your home clean, a robot vacuum cleaner may be just what you need!

Floor Cleaner

Floor vacuum cleaners are a must-have for any household that wants to keep its floors clean and tidy. They are very effective at picking up dirt, dust, and debris from floors.

One thing that I really admire, these sorts of vacuum cleaners come in various sizes and designs, and they can be used to clean a range of different flooring types, including carpets, hardwood floors, and tile floors.

Floor vacuum cleaners are also very easy to use. Most models come with simple controls and intuitive designs that make them easy to maneuver around your home

If you want an essential tool for a household that can help you to maintain a clean and healthy environment, you just need a floor vacuum cleaner and you’re good to keep your floors clean and tidy.

Upright Cleaner

Are you looking for a reliable and effective floor vacuum cleaner? An upright vacuum cleaner is definitely worth considering.

They are designed to be upright on their own and come with a handle for easy maneuvering. And they have a powerful suction which is a plus.

Upright vacuum cleaners are a great choice for anyone who wants an efficient way to clean carpets and other flooring types. They are easy to use, come with a range of useful attachments, and are designed to make cleaning a breeze.

Upright vacuum cleaners are typically used for cleaning carpets and rugs, but they can also be used on hardwood floors and tile floors.

Cylinder or Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Cylinder or canister vacuum cleaners are a type of floor vacuum cleaner that consists of a motorized unit and a separate canister that contains the dustbin and filter. They use a motorized brush roll to agitate and loosen dirt and dust from carpets and other surfaces

The videos of cats sitting on robot cleaners and enjoying themselves on TikTok do look fun, but these cleaners are not just bought for your pets to have fun.  

They come with a range of attachments that allow you to clean different surfaces and areas in your home, such as carpets, hardwood floors, and upholstery.

The so-called Roomba robot cleaners are expensive but they actually work. Not only they can be connected to Alexa and google assistant voice commands, but with new updates, they hardly get stuck. They do have a very limited battery life.

One thing to note is that these cleaners do not clean pets’ messes or waste. They are designed to stay away from it.

Oh, and a fun fact is. They do have the ability to empty their own dustbin.  

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

A handheld vacuum cleaner is a small and portable vacuum cleaner that you can hold in your hand. It’s like a mini version of a bigger vacuum cleaner that you might see in your house. But, because it’s small and light, you can take it with you wherever you go.

Handheld vacuum cleaners are great for cleaning up small messes, like crumbs on the table or dirt on the floor. They come with a small nozzle that you can use to suck up dirt and debris quickly and easily.

And, because they’re so small, you can use them to clean in hard-to-reach places, like under the couch or in the car. All you have to do is turn it on and start cleaning! And, when you’re done, you can just empty the dirt and debris into the trash can.

These cleaners mostly have a pointed end, which helps them suck out more dirt but they are not ideal for cleaning a large mess.

Wet Vacuum Cleaner

Sometimes you kids spill the capri juice all over in an instant. Or your favorite dog wets the floor.

What to do then?

A wet vacuum cleaner is a special kind of vacuum cleaner that can clean up liquids, like water or spilled drinks. It works by sucking up the liquid with a special nozzle and storing it in a tank. And, because it’s designed to clean up liquids, it’s called a “wet” vacuum cleaner.

Another great thing about wet vacuum cleaners is that they’re really easy to use. All you have to do is turn it on, place the special nozzle on the wet area, and start sucking up the liquid.

The wet vacuum cleaner is a really useful tool to have around the house.

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a special kind of vacuum cleaner that can clean up both wet and dry messes.

It works by sucking up the mess with a special nozzle and storing it in a tank. All you have to do is turn it on, choose the mode you want to use, place the special nozzle on the mess, and start sucking it up.

The wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a really useful tool to have around the house. It’s great for cleaning up all kinds of messes quickly and easily. So, don’t worry about the mess, grab your wet and dry vacuum cleaner!

Pros of Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners can clean up dirt, dust, and debris from floors, carpets, and other surfaces.

Vacuum cleaners are versatile too. You can use them on all kinds of surfaces, like carpets, hardwood floors, and tiles.

You don’t have to sweep and pick up dirt and debris with a dustpan, which can be a lot of work. With a vacuum cleaner, you can clean up messes in no time.

One of the best things about vacuum cleaners is that they can help prevent dirt and dust from building up in your home. So, if you or someone in your family has allergies, a vacuum cleaner can be really helpful.

Cons of Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are quite loud. When you turn on a vacuum cleaner, it makes a loud noise that might scare pets or bother people.

Vacuum cleaners are hard to move around. If you have to carry a heavy vacuum cleaner up and down stairs or move it from room to room, it can be a lot of work.

Vacuum cleaners can damage delicate surfaces or things if you’re not careful. So, it’s important to keep these things in mind when using a vacuum cleaner.

3. Steam Cleaners

steam cleaner types and uses

Don’t be scared of buying a steam cleaner just because someone told you they have chemicals in it or can burn your skin.

It’s all a hoax.

Modern steam cleaners are eco-friendly. These cleaners are used to heat up water. The heated water helps remove deep-end stains a lot faster.

Carpet Steam Cleaner

It’s like a regular vacuum cleaner, but it also uses hot water and steam to get rid of dirt and stains.

The carpet steam vacuum cleaner is easy to use. All you have to do is fill the McCulloch with water, turn it on, and then move it around your carpet. It’s a great way to get rid of tough stains and spots that regular vacuum cleaners can’t handle.

You don’t need to use any chemicals, just water, so it’s better for the environment. Also, it’s good for people who have allergies because it can help to get rid of allergens like dust mites and pet hair.

McCulloch can easily get into the carpet bristles so you definitely won’t need to buy any cleaning products, and you won’t have to pay for professional cleaning services.

Industrial Steam Cleaner

Can industrial steam vacuum cleaners be only used by experts? Let me tell you all about it!

An industrial steam vacuum uses hot water and steam to get rid of dirt, grime, and big messes.

The steam is like really hot water that can kill germs and bacteria, so it’s great for cleaning things that need to be super clean, like hospital floors or restaurant kitchens.

The best thing so far, it can be cleaned without using chemicals, which is better for an industrial area. And since it uses steam instead of chemicals, it’s also safer for people to use.

Yes, leave the industrial cleaner for the experts. Steam cleaner is not a light machine to play with, it can get dangerous for you if not used properly.

Steam Cleaning Machine

A steam vacuum cleaner is not a canister but a small pot-shaped steam cleaner, which works by using hot water and steam to clean surfaces.

The steam gets really hot water that can kill germs and bacteria, so it’s great for cleaning things that need to be super clean, like kitchen counters or bathroom floors.

A steam vacuum cleaner can save you money in the long run. You won’t need to buy multiple cleaning tools for different surfaces.

Steam cleaners are great tools for deep cleaning because they are effective, efficient, and safe to use. So, if you’re looking to give your home a deep clean, a steam cleaner machine might be just what you need.

Pros of Steam Cleaners

The best thing I noticed about steam cleaners is that steam vacuum cleaners can clean deeper than other cleaning machines. This is because it uses hot steam to clean and disinfect surfaces.

 A steam vacuum cleaner is eco-friendly. It can help to reduce your carbon footprint and make your home a greener place to live.

It can be used to clean a variety of surfaces, including carpets, floors, upholstery, and even windows.

It’s definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a way to keep your home clean and healthy.

Cons of Steam Cleaners

While steam vacuum cleaners are great for many reasons, there are also a few drawbacks to consider. Steam vacuum cleaners can be expensive.

This means they might not be the best option for everyone, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

They can take longer to clean than other types of cleaning machines. This is because you need to wait for the steam to heat up before you can start cleaning.

4. Pet Cleaners

pet vacuum cleaner type

Don’t let pet hair take over your home. The pet vacuum cleaner is your secret weapon against shedding. These cleaners are specially designed with pet owners in mind. They have powerful suction and specialized attachments to remove pet hair and dander from all surfaces.

Here are the types of pet cleaners;

Pet Hair Cleaner

Do you have a furry friend at home that sheds a lot of hair?

Sometimes it can be tough to keep the floors and furniture clean with all that hair flying around, right?

That’s where a pet hair vacuum cleaner comes in!

Bissell is designed to pick up all of that pesky pet hair. It has a powerful motor and special attachments that can get into all the nooks and crannies where pet hair tends to hide.

You can easily clean up all of the hair from your furry friend without having to sweep or mop. You just turn it on and run it over your floors and furniture. The hair gets sucked up into the vacuum and you’re left with a clean home.

So, if you’re tired of all the pet hair in your home, Bissell 2252 is what you need! It’s a handy tool that can make cleaning up after your furry friend a breeze.

Pet Carpet Cleaner

A pet carpet vacuum cleaner is a great tool to have. It’s easy to use and will make your carpets look and smell great! It is designed to clean carpets and rugs that have pet hair and other messes on them.

Pet carpet vacuum cleaners have powerful motors and special attachments that can easily pick up pet hair and other debris from your carpet.

They also have filters that can remove allergens from the air, which can be great for people who have allergies. So, if you want to keep your carpets clean and free from pet messes, a pet carpet vacuum cleaner is a great machine to have.

Pros of Pet Cleaners

Pet vacuum cleaners have specialized attachments and features that are designed specifically for removing pet hair and dander from floors, carpets, and furniture. These attachments help to pick up pet hair that normal vacuum cleaners might miss.

These vacuum cleaners have strong suction power, which allows them to easily pick up pet hair and other debris from floors and carpets. This makes cleaning up after pets quick and easy.

A plus point, pet vacuum cleaners often come with advanced filtration systems that help to trap pet hair, dander, and other allergens. Great, right?

I can definitely say that it is a great investment for pet owners who want a reliable and effective cleaning tool for their homes.

Cons of Pet Cleaners

Pet vacuum cleaners are that they can be quite noisy. The motor inside the vacuum cleaner is very powerful, which means it can make a lot of noise when it’s running

It can be quite heavy and difficult to maneuver. This can make it hard to clean in tight spaces, like under furniture or in corners.

Pet vacuum cleaners can be expensive compared to regular vacuum cleaners. While they can be a great investment, it’s important to make sure you choose one that’s within your budget.

While pet vacuum cleaners can be a great tool for keeping your home clean with pets around, it’s important to keep these cons in mind too.

5. Commercial Cleaners

commercial vacuum cleaner types

Cleanliness is essential for your business’s success! Let a commercial vacuum cleaner ensure a spotless environment for your customers and employees.

These heavy-duty vacuum cleaners are designed to handle even the toughest cleaning challenges, leaving your floors and carpets looking brand new!

Professional Cleaners

Professional commercial vacuum cleaners are designed to clean large areas in offices, hotels, schools, and other public places.

These vacuums have a powerful motors that can handle tough jobs like cleaning carpets, hard floors, and upholstery.

A big fact about professional commercial vacuum cleaners is that they are very durable and can withstand heavy use.

They are built with high-quality materials that can handle constant use without breaking down or needing repairs. They have large capacity bags or canisters that can hold a lot of dirt and debris. This means that you can clean for longer periods without needing to stop and empty the bag or canister.

They can help you get the job done quickly and easily.

Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Do you have a large office or maybe a large auditorium that is carpeted, but got messy with footprints?

A commercial vacuum cleaner that is meant for carpets can suck up all the dirt, dust, and debris from deep within the carpet fibers.

It has a strong motor and a special brush roll that can dig deep into the carpet and loosen the dirt, making it easy to clean.

One of the best things about commercial carpet vacuum cleaners is that they can save you time and energy. They are fast and efficient, and they can clean large areas quickly.

 This is why they are commonly used in businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and office buildings.

Pros of Commercial Cleaners

Commercial vacuum cleaners are cool and have a lot of pros! First off, they are super powerful and can clean up really big messes.

They’re great for places like offices or stores where there’s a lot of foot traffic and people can track in dirt and debris.

They’re durable and can handle heavy use. They’re built to last a long time and can handle cleaning multiple times a day. This makes them a great investment for businesses that want a reliable cleaning tool.

Commercial vacuum cleaners can save time and energy because they can clean large areas quickly and efficiently.

Cons of Commercial Cleaners

Commercial vacuum cleaners are great for cleaning large spaces, but they also have some downsides. Let me explain them to you in simple words.

Commercial vacuum cleaners are quite heavy and bulky, which makes them difficult to move around and use in smaller spaces. They also tend to be quite loud, which can be annoying at times.

They are expensive & some commercial vacuum cleaners require special training or knowledge to operate properly, in short, only experts can use them.

Not so versatile, they make it necessary to have multiple types of vacuums for different cleaning needs.

Bottom Line: Which Vacuum Cleaner is Best for You?

Now that you’ve learned the pros & cons of five different types of vacuums, you might be confused about which one would be the best fit for your cleaning purposes.

Let me make it easy for you. Here are the key facts to consider:

  • Surface or Area Type: The best, quick & easy way to pick the best vacuum cleaner for your need is to consider the type of surface or area which you need to clean most frequently. What type of flooring do you have in your home or business area? How large is it?
  • Suction power: Will you need to clean hard-to-reach areas or tight spaces? Do you have pets? Then look for a vacuum cleaner with good suction power, which is measured in watts or air watts.
  • Noise level: Do remember to consider how important noise level is to you. Obviously, you wouldn’t like to disturb others at your workplace or home. Check the noise level of the vacuum cleaner, especially if you have pets or children at home.
  • Bag or bagless: Do you prefer a lightweight or more heavy-duty vacuum cleaner? How often do you plan to use the vacuum cleaner? Decide whether you prefer a vacuum cleaner with a bag or a bagless one.
  • Maneuverability: The maneuverability of a vacuum cleaner can be important if you have a lot of furniture or other obstacles in your home. Is the vacuum cleaner easy to maneuver? Can it reach tight spaces and under furniture?
  •  Corded vs. Cordless: Do you want a corded or cordless vacuum cleaner? Cordless vacuum cleaners offer greater flexibility and portability, but may not have as much suction power as corded models. You must consider the battery life of the cleaner if you opt for a cordless vacuum cleaner.
  • Budget Range: What is your budget for a vacuum cleaner? Decide on your budget and find a vacuum cleaner that fits within it. Set a budget for your vacuum cleaner purchase and compare prices across different brands and models to find the one that fits your needs and budget.

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