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The Ultimate Hoover CleanSlate Plus (FH14050) Review

In this real performance based test review, I will thoroughly examine all the insights of Hoover CleanSlate plus portable carpet cleaner FH14050. Read more

The Ultimate Hoover CleanSlate Plus (FH14050) Review

Like all of our other details reviews based on real testing. This one is not so different.

If you just read it out for a minute. You will not only get to learn about this specific model but the brand itself as well. 

Let’s start by informing you of the major point. This is a spot cleaner, not a standard vacuum cleaner. I mean yes you can clean your carpet but if it’s an auto interior carpet it will get the job done. But if you think it will clean the entire big rug then I suggest you get a standard vacuum cleaner.

This is the Hoover carpet cleaner portable machine which combines powerful suction, versatile tools, and the performance of the Oxy formula to permanently remove stains and pet messes.

Hoover CleanState Plus Carpet Upholstery Spot Cleaner
Credits: Amazon

Hoover CleanSlate Plus Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner

  • Best for people with kids and pets.
  • It works well on stains.
  • It is a portable cleaner.

What’s New & Comparison with Other Models

As competitors I will include the Bissell spot cleaner in this comparison, highlighting each one’s drawbacks and advantages will help you achieve a much better sight of the two upholstery cleaner brands.

Hoover Spotless has a larger tank size of 51 ounces, it also comes with 5 feet hose length as compared to Hoover FH14050. It is smaller in size and portable. But also has more power and attachments, along with this the cord length is 18 feet compared to Hoover’s spotless 14 feet. If you compare hoover with its same specs such as Hoover Clean Slate Spin Scrub and Clean Slate plus Pet. Then the specifications are pretty much the same. 

Many other competitors have a 3-to-in cleaning tool but hoover has the largest 7-inch wide tool for better cleaning.

This machine can be better compared with a spot cleaner and a portable one as well. Since the specialty of the spot cleaner is stairs. 

  • Clean slate has a longer cord length.
  • The hose is larger than others.
  • It has a hose-cleaning feature as well.
  • All of the pet’s mess tools are also included.


Size13.98 inches
Dimensions14.5 x 14 x 12 inches LxWxH
Weight9 Pounds
Cord Length18 Feet
What’s IncludedHoses, gap cleaners, Bonus of 3ft of cord. Wide-Path Tool with Bristles Insert and Rubber Nub Insert, Tight Spot Tool & Hose Rinse Tool, and 6oz Oxy Concentrate.


hoover cleanstate portable upholstery cleaner fh14050 review

At this point, I will let you know the unique design and style the product holds. Just hang on a minute more and you will learn the expert view of this product. 

Nobody beats the modern tough design look than Hoover. It has a color scheme of dark red components with transparent lids and a shiny silver body. Since it is portable, there is a chunky handheld handle on the top.

Your clear water tank is located on the rear of the handle. The motor is located below the water tank, the disposal tank is on the first row, and the pipe is rolled around the machine. It appears to be a little square casing. The machine’s left side has a roll for your cord that also holds its attachment.


The exterior of this machine is square-shaped. It has multiple colors. The handle is white and black in color while the reservoir and the dirty tank are transparent in color. Below the handle, there is a red colored power button.

Below the tank comes the machine. At the lowest bottom, the hose pipe is wrapped. The hose pipe is transparent in size and smaller in width as compared to others. All the attachments and the cord are situated at the back.

If you look at the material since this is a small machine the material is made of plastic. But there is a plus side to it. Everything is engineered in transparent. You can see the dirt and the suction. If you look through the canister it is crystal clear  


hoover cleanstate cleaner fh14050 attachments

It comes with:

  1. Hoover oxy permanent stain removal.
  2. A little packet of scent booster that does not sell that great.
  3. A soup dosing cup.
  4. Crevice tool.
  5. Bristle brush.
  6. There is a hose-flushing tool as well.

These attachments are enough for small-time jobs.

The main all-in-one spray scrub action comes with a pressurized hose which gives you an automatic pump, you can hold it down and it will spray the solution. Then suck all the solutions out.

When you are ready and done with the cleaning hoover provides a handy tool to help clean it is a little attachment that diverts clean water right back into the dirty hose in effect rinsing it out. Another advantage this machine hold is the wide path tool and other attachments can be easily rinsed as well.

Although you need to leave everything up to dry for a while. But I have to say the attachments are unique in design and can be used in hard-to-reach places. 

Features and Functions

Quality matters in using a vacuum cleaner can ensure the cleanliness and health of the home. Here are the following;

Powerful Suction Stain Removal

Powerful suction holds the most important in an upholstery cleaner. Hoover portable carpet cleaner does the job with its dual tank, wash and rise technique you can permanently remove tough stains and spots with the included Oxy Concentrate.

Quick And Portable: Hoover Clean-Slate has powerful suction and all the equipment you need for any job, big or small, to quickly remove spills, stains, and set-in messes.

Hoover vacuum cleaners include a number of advanced functions that are unimaginable. Cleaning is made simple when you have a vacuum with quick smart functions.

Types of Messes: Pet hair that has become embedded in carpet piles can easily be removed with a vacuum cleaner. Due to its strong suction, a vacuum cleaner can effectively remove pet hair and unpleasant odors from the carpet.

The vacuum cleaner detects how much dirt is there and adjusts its operation accordingly. As a result, you do not need to manually control the machine in order for it to perform the cleaning of your home.

Hoover carpet cleaner pet comes with filters that block and get rid of airborne pathogens like bacteria and viruses that are prevalent in your home.

Clean tough messes like mud, wine, pet messes, and more from carpets and upholstery.

Additional Accessories: This cleaner comes with all, multiple attachments to help you clean everything. It comes with a strong suction power which rinses deep leaving the carpet completely dry and ready to use.

Performance (Test Results)

When the product was tested, I compiled the following results for you to understand everything you wanted in your spot cleaner.

Therefore based on the test, I found out that the hoover clean slate upholstery cleaner is effective in removing light stains.

hoover cleanstate fh14050 review test results
Test Results

As you can see in the above picture; frequent, fresh dirt and spills have been easily removed by this cleaner.

However, since the tool brush is wide it will take a few rounds to clean on carpet.

If you need to clear a concentrated region you have to buy the whole package with other attachments. Also, you need to know one technical thing.

You will have to angle a bit higher while sucking the water from the carpet for better results.

UpholsteryFits Ratings

Suction Power4.1 / 5
Deep Spot Clean3.9 / 5
Pets3.6 / 5
Dry Time4.0 / 5

What do Experts Say?

To be sure you get the perfect and pinpoint information here we will let you know what the customer reviews and top experts know about this product. This also covers the niche of the different users for your ease.

Based on actual testing, I have the test results listed below.

Pet Owners’ Expert Opinion

I had a review with pet owners, living in a cold city where it rains a lot. They had a major issue with their two dogs with wet feet leaving dirt marks on the carpet. When comes to that, Hoover spot clean made sure everything wipes out well. Even if the dogs left little accidents it would clean it off. The issue they faced was the deep of old stains. They took a while and effort.

Auto Cleaners’ Expert Opinion

Talking to the experts many of them did follow the old traditional auto upholstery cleaning method which was the foam sprays. These are less expensive and easy to work with just spray and wipe it with a clean cloth. Therefore coming to a spot vacuum cleaner took a convincing. Here are the results I saw after their comparison. Spray cleaners left the seat wet but Hoover FH14050 not only deep-cleaned the seats but also sucked the dirt. Seats were ready to use in a matter of minutes.

Stay in Mom and Dad’s Reviews

Upon reviewing with a stay-in-home dad I saw a few disadvantages this machine holds. When it comes to deep cleaning this machine takes a lot of effort. And it’s not only the effort, cleaning the stairs wasn’t that easy, yes the 7-inch wide tool helped a lot but it took more than two trips to fill our solution and three trips for the main water tanks.

The stairs were clean but the cost of the effort was much more.

When the moms tried cleaning the jam and ketchup spills off the upholstery white chair it not only took a while but left the chair out wet in the process.


How will this benefit you? The strength of your carpet cleaner is essential. A powerful machine will be able to remove dirt, stains, and odors, leaving your furniture looking and smelling fresh. So, don’t skimp on power when making your purchase.

  • Extended Power Cord
  • Double Reservoirs
  • Hose-Flush Feature
  • Tools for All Messes

Extended Power Cord – It helps you easily reach corner places easily. Corded vacuums plug into the electrical outlet in your house. Vacuums with cords often offer stronger suction than cordless models using non-lithium batteries.

Double Reservoirs – The Dual Tank System has a 40 oz clean solution capacity so you can clean farther while clean water and dirty water stay separate. This helps you to stay in cleaning mode without waiting to refill and start over.

Hose-Flush Feature – Easy to clean, once you are done with the cleaning, the Hose Rinse Tool flushes the machine with water to remove any left behind dirt & debris. This removes the left of debris and bad odor from the machine.

Tools for All Messes – You’ve got the tools for every mess with the 7” Wide-Path Tool for large areas like stairs and the Tight-Spot Tool for crevices and tough-to-reach areas.


The machine has some leaking issues after multiple uses. There have been multiple complaints of leakage by the customers.

The product is much smaller than shown. The short hose is 1 meter, and its solution capacity is 1 liter. It can hold about a quart of cleaning solution and it must be emptied after less than a quart of dirty water accumulates.

Several refilling is required to clean a couch or a set of carpeted steps if you are looking to clean multiple upholstery, you will need to refill depending on the dirt level.

Customer support of the company is not up to the mark, several customers need guidance on queries when they have not answered the rating of the machine drops.

How to Use Hoover CleanSlate Portable Carpet Cleaner

Here are the easy guidelines while using this spot cleaner. The first thing you are going to do is:

  1. Lift off the water solution tank.
  2. Unscrew the cap.
  3. Put the chemical ounce in the measuring cup.
  4. Screw back on the plunger deal.
  5. Then you unwrap the cord from the plug.
  6. In the start just release the air by priming the pump first.
  7. Put the unit higher than the hose.
  8. Once the air is released you are good to do.
  9. Clean the carpet mess by pulling the spray trigger, the suction tank will do its job.
  10. The holding tank comes out from the front, simply press the release button.
  11. Lift the top lid off straight up and empty the dirty water manually.
  12. Once you are done push it back one and snap.

Who is it suitable for?

Depending on Hoover’s clean slate review, if you have a small child or a single pet, then this machine is ideal for you. Since it is portable, frequent accidents of wine spills or stains can be removed.

FAQs about Hoover CleanState Portable Upholstery Cleaner

How many ounces of clean plus 2x solution do you add to the solution tank?

Hoover cleaning solution guide is to fill the solution tank with water till its level, depending on your spot cleaning needs. Use the included measuring cup and add 0.5 Oz of formula for the small area line and 1 Oz for the large area line.

Will the machine remove pet stains and urine?

This machine works well on both. Stain removal performance is dependent on the type of carpet cleaning formula you use. We recommend using a pretreat solution first like AH30902. Then use a concentrated formula that contains oxy, such as AH30950.

Do all the attachments store on the unit?

No there are quite a few attachments. There is a larger head, a normal size head with rubber spikes for long carpet, a normal size head with a brush, and then a small finger sized head with a brush.

What can I do to unclog my unit?

Clogs can occur from the buildup of debris or solution in the system if it is not flushed after each use. Use the included hose rinse tool that is stored on top of your recovery tank. Please reference the manual for full instructions.

To Be Honest

If you are looking for an ideal small stain remover hoover clean slate is it. With the 7″ Wide-Path Tool for large areas like stairs and the Tight-Spot Tool for reach areas to reach, you’ll have the flexibility you need to clean messes of any size.

With a light, compact design and a long cord that allows you to travel freely between spaces, you can quickly eliminate spills and stains while you’re on the go. Additionally, your machine stays clean and battle ready with the next mess thanks to the hose rinsing system.

Bottom Line

I’ll also let you know what’s going through your mind.

Should You Buy Hoover CleanState?

You can work on stairs pretty well and easily. It will take a small time when it comes to cleaning upholstery chairs. But yes it can get the job done.

Although overall if you compare both brands with their models Bissell’s models have better results.

Similar models of Hoover are much higher in price tag. Moreover, it is dependent on your usage. If you are looking for a cleaner while wide tool then this model beats all.

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