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7 Tips for Buying Polyester Fabric for Upholstery

Choose the right polyester fabric for upholstery by following this simple, easy-to-follow and comprehensive buying guide. Read more

7 Tips for Buying Polyester Fabric for Upholstery

Would you ever buy the most prominent thing in your clothing without a checklist? There have to be some preferences, and that is very natural.

So what if I say that you tend to buy upholstery fabric just by knowing the name of the fabric? In this case polyester. I know polyester is a pretty common fabric for upholstery, but without a buying checklist would it be great to pick any polyester upholstery fabric?

After all, the sofa set at your home is one of the most prominent articles. Knowingly or unknowingly people will notice it.

So if you don’t want to feel embarrassed then it is necessary to be a wise buyer. To help you we are here with a brief buying guide for polyester upholstery fabric. It is not hard, but still many people don’t pay heed. That is why whenever someone asks you to make a buying checklist, you take it as a toll. But we tell you it’s a tool for the perfect purchase, so let us get started.

choosing polyester fabric for upholstery

The Budget

Here we are particularly discussing the polyester fabric which is relatively cheaper than all the other types of upholstery fabrics available. The sole reason for that is its abundant supply.

Even though it is a synthetic fabric, its high demand after world war two has made the textile industries produce it in bulk. Thus, the overall price of the polyester fabric is lesser than the natural and other synthetic fabrics.

Now, as it is cheaper it would allow you to have a bigger chunk in a minimum budget. But still, there are various types of polyester fabrics available in the market, each with a different price tag.

In many areas, the per yard price is almost 7 to 10 dollars. So for a six-seater, you need almost 12 yards of it. Now you can do the remaining maths.

So, when buying it in bulk, the price may go a bit higher. Therefore, it is essential to make a plan and set the priorities, and the maximum and minimum you can afford before purchasing.

You should not go with the thought that the most expensive polyester fabric type is the best. In many cases, it’s not. We will explain further how that happens.


The next main thing which might make you buy polyester for upholstery is the elasticity. So whenever you are about to buy polyester fabric, ensure that it has the required amount of elasticity.

When purchasing online, you may simply ask the seller about elasticity, or read reviews. They will give you a clear idea about the elasticity of the polyester fabric. The reason why many people must consider the stretch is a curvy sofa or chair.

Buyers usually prefer having polyester when they know that their sofa design is difficult to cover. However, if you have simple and classic sofas then elasticity is not that important. You may choose a less stretchable fabric in that case.


As polyester is also available in various forms like you can get polyester velvet therefore, the buyer automatically gets a wide array of durability.

If for instance, you choose the polyester velvet fabric, then it will obviously be a very durable choice. On the contrary, if it’s a simple single layered polyester then you should expect lesser durability.

You see the term durability is very relative, let us explain how it is that.

Purpose of Use

The purpose of the use or where it would be used also says a lot about the type of fabric you want. For example, if you are buying polyester fabric for upholstery for a space that is less used, or if you are only a couple with no kids, then the less durable fabric will be enough for long term use.

On the other hand, if you have kids, or are supposed to keep the sofas in use for more than 6 hours a day, then the highly durable fabric is the only need for you.

Patterns and Designs

Unlike velvet or leather, you get a wide range of dyed colors and patterns in polyester. We will suggest you look around and select something compatible with your room. However, if it is for the offices then you can skip the compatibility part. Looks do matter in upholstery, and when you’re actively buying polyester fabric, then it will be great to choose wisely.

Added Values

Many companies offer several added values like warranties and guarantees. These might seem very petty, but when you are using the product then things would turn out to be great. So it is always recommended to buy from companies that are standing in support of the buyer.

Easy to Clean

No one wants to buy an upholstery fabric, only to have the dirtiest sofa after a few months. We all need neat and clean sofas. So for that, it is highly important to get the easy-to-clean upholstery fabric. Fortunately, polyester is generally easier to clean, but some types of mixed polyester fabric might not be the best in this regard. So if you are buying polyester upholstery fabric ensure that it is easier to clean.

Lastly, it also depends on the frequency of use. If there is this sofa, which will be used once or twice a week, then you can go for the harder to clean. But it should not be hard on your pocket.

Final Words

Buying a guide for the perfect polyester fabric for the sofa would have a huge checklist. Here we have only highlighted the most important features that can make or break the deal for you. It is requested to add more features if necessary according to your needs. You cannot be all brains all the time, thus having a checklist on your phone is extremely important while buying fabrics for the sofa.

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