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The Ultimate Hoover PowerDash Go Review: Is It Any Good?

In this review, I will be doing a performance test of hoover powerdash go on a dirty carpet so let’s find out the results. Read more

The Ultimate Hoover PowerDash Go Review: Is It Any Good?

But does this small spot cleaner gets the job done? What are the results of Hoover FH13010PC based on real testing? find it yourself in this article.

Having a portable spot cleaner is a must in the house. But more importantly, a cleaner with a modern design and functions is the cherry on top.

Is this the best-rated hoover carpet cleaner and is it the perfect one for your home?

If your toddler has accidentally spilled something will Hover Dash Pro be the problem solver for you?  

Power Dash Go comes with a 14 feet cord length for you to easily maneuver around the room and clear the stain away. Hoover carpet cleaner is right you the small spots and stains its lightweight and helps you carry it anywhere.

hoover powerdash go pet portable
Credits: Amazon

Hoover PowerDash Go Pet+

  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • Good for small messes.
  • Budget-friendly.

Comparison with Previous Models and Competitors

Compared with its competitors and similar models of hoover based on would live testing results. This is what I found out.

I’ll include FH13010PC rivals in this comparison, highlighting each one’s benefits and drawbacks to give you a better understanding of the two upholstery cleaner manufacturers.

If you give us a moment, we’ll show you the other areas that the Hoover FH13010PC covers.

What we get in terms of its alternate models is as follows:

Comparing IRIS and Hoover, IRIS is noisy and loud. It also uses water as well. Therefore it is chemical free. Which is a plus point as it is environment friendly. The sprayer is weak and so is the power. This is where Hoover beats it. The price tag is quite the same but a little less.   

Hoover Power dash pet carpet cleaner is different from its predecessors due to the following reasons,

  • It comes with the paws and claws premix formula.
  • It is more lightweight than others.
  • Its cord length is longer than others.

Specifications of Hoover FH13010PC

Dimensions11 x 10 x 15 inches
Cord Length14 Feet
Weight6.50 lbs.
Tank Capacity8 Ounces
What’s in the BoxSpot, Pet, Rubber Tool & Trial Size Solution.


hoover powerdash pet pro review
Photo Credits: Hamid Fard

Alright, let’s give you an idea of how the design and style of this machine hold. The more you dive in the more you will learn the expert view of this product. 

Hoover Power dash go pet is beautifully designed in white color with a metallic light blue strip. On top, it has a blue colored handle for easy pickup. On the front, it has a silver button that takes out the tank. The tank comes with a transparent front. It can easily fill the system. It also comes with a separate solution bottle tank.


hoover powerdash go unboxing
Photo Credits: Hamid Fard

When it comes to the exterior of course I can say without a fact that Hoover did a great job on the design, especially when the machine is small in size and compact. It comes in a white colored body with a transparent tank at the front. The handle is of sky blue color.

The power button is on the top next to the grip handle and there is a separate small solution bottle tank for the formula. At the front comes a light grey colored button which releases the water tank.

At the left and the right side of the machine, there are no attachments or latches, this is due to two reasons, the machine is compact and small in size it isn’t for big-time jobs therefore it comes with only a single attachment.

The second reason is its elegancy. It designs in a way to make it look simple and elegant.


hoover powerdash go review and testing
Photo Credits: Hamid Fard

The hose is wrapped around below, it comes with a standard size brush with a formula spray trigger and suction vent.

The cord is also wrapped at the back of the machine. Now the length of the hose and cord isn’t that long compared to spot cleaners. But there is a reason for it.

The machine is quite compact and made especially for very small and frequent jobs. It can instantly be set and ready to use. You do not even need water to clean it. It has its own solution which can get the job done. 

Features and Functions

Features and functions are vital to cleaning machines. Let us lets you if this is machine able to reach hidden angles in the room.

Quality and effectiveness in using a spot cleaner can ensure the cleanliness and health of the house for your family. Here are the following;

A system with Dual tanks

hoover powerdash go attachments
Photo Credits: Hamid Fard

The two tanks help you in a way that you may fill, empty, and rinse conveniently, the solution and filthy water are kept apart. It also helps you provide a large capacity and hassle-free disposal.

Making sure that cleaning is done effectively and continuously while allowing the hands to rest is incredibly fun. The vacuum cleaner industry has made use of dual tank technology to do this.

The excessive use of hard surfaces, such as laminated floors, in place of carpets, exposed the vacuum cleaner sector to further difficulties. These vacuum cleaners have become popular for their use of dual tank technology. The best vacuum for cleaning laminate floors is this one.

Suitable for pets

The most difficult pet filth is scrubbed and lifted away by the Spot & Stain Pet Tool.

No matter how big of a mess you are going to clean, traditional vacuums require you to unpack the complete apparatus, and other attachments and force you to do a number of other tasks that are unnecessary.

With Hoover Power Dash Pet it is so easy to use on stains; just remove the equipment, clean up the debris, flush it out, and put it back in storage. It’s vital to remember that some premium portable pet vacuums can remove any kind of mess your animals have left behind, whether it’s wet or dry.


After doing extensive research, I was able to determine how effectively this product works. This is done so that you can see where this product actually stands in our lists of the best-reviewed cleaners.

testing of hoover powerdash go on carpet
Cleaning Results

The machine worked well on the carpet while removing very little stains like wine, juice spills, or the urine of small animals, I also observed that this machine aced in these two key criteria only.

Performance Stats

Suction Power3.5 / 5
Deep Spot Clean2.9 / 5
For Pets3.7 / 5
Dry Time3.1 / 5


Why is this important? A powerful cleaner will be able to lift dirt and grime from deep within the fibers of your furniture, leaving your upholstery looking and feeling fresh and clean.

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Powerful stain removal
  • Convenient spot cleaning
  • Efficient and lightweight stain removal.

Portable and lightweight: It has a small compact design. It can be easily taken anywhere any place. Whether you want to clean your upholstery chair’s corners simply go from one cleaning task to the other using practical storage. This machine is both cost-effective and easy to use.

Powerful Stain Removal: Hoover carpet cleaner provides lightweight mobility to handle unexpected spills, pet messes, and mishaps.  

It is not intended to be a full-room cleaning. However, Hoover Power Dash GO is so little yet effective for cleaning up spills from petting zoos and everyday life that it motivates you to clean.

Convenient Spot Cleaning: The carpet and upholstery cleaner machine removes stains. It can remove most of the spills, mishaps, or stubborn set-in stains. Simply scrub it off and lift away the stain.

Efficient and Lightweight Stain Removal: It can be stored anywhere you want. It can easily be carried without getting tired. Makes it simple to clean a car’s interior, upholstery, or stairs. Being a small lightweight cleaning machine helps you a lot.


The dirty solution stays inside the suction tool. It cannot be cleaned leaving dirt inside the machine.

It does not suck up the water, making your upholstery wet. Not recommended for expensive upholstery material.

You need to press hard to such the stain out. It takes a lot of hand effort.

There have been complaints about the leakage to Hoover customer services. No matter if the tank is full or not. Leaks create new carpet stains.

What Do Experts Say

I will tell you what the customer reviews and top experts know about FH13010PC. This also explains the niche of the different users for your ease.

Based on actual testing, I have the test results listed below.

What do pet owners have to say about this?

When it comes to pet owners if you have small pets like a kitten or a corgi it might not be a bad purchase for you. As this portable machine can clean small stains and messes. Therefore when the product was tested with pet owners. Upon cleaning the pet’s urine it did a quite handsome job.

Although the spray trigger is hard to use the rest of the piece of the cake is. It took a lot of passes to clean the stains. It will make you use your energy to clean.

How come it is not for auto interior experts but car owners?

Interestingly this product isn’t ideal for auto interior experts. But there is no doubt it can’t be used for cars since the specialty of the machine lies in cleaning small-time messes like juice stains. Or dirty pet paws.  

If you are a car owner this might be a good purchase for you. As whenever you’re pet leaves a frequent stain of dirty paws. You can instantly set it up and start cleaning. It isn’t bad after all. 

Is it for couples or families?

I had a conversation with homeowners and the results are below.

On using this on an upholstery couch the results weren’t that satisfactory either. You would need to dilute the formula more and spray it out. When it comes to its suction capacity it is not that effective you will be needing a few passes.

Upon using it on the mattress to clean a stain. The stain did lighten a lot but it wasn’t completely removed. Also, you need to leave the area open to dry for a while.

Although if you use it on small spills and pets’ small messes like urine stains, Hoover dash will remove those completely.

In conclusion, this machine is effective for single apartment owners, or couples. As this can get small-time jobs done. But it is not recommended for families. 

How to Use Hoover PowerDash Go Pet?

  1. Take out the tank and place water up to the water level.
  2. Then at the end of the hose, you can adjust your attachment tool.
  3. Below the bristles, there is a water nozzle and a trigger.
  4. Pull the trigger and spread the solution water on the stain then scrub with its tool and such out the water.  
  5. At the back of the machine, you can roll the cord.
  6. You can also easily roll out the hose around the machine.
  7. The solution tank can be clicked out. Taking out the top.
  8. Dispose of the dirty water and rinse the tank.
  9. Place it back in and you are good to go!

The ideal client for Hoover PowerDash?

It is an ideal machine for small jobs. It is not preferred for large families and multiple pets. It can clean your kid’s paint stains on the carpet.  

FAQs about Hoover PowerDash

Hoover Power dash go pet do you add water?

Water is not required. Since Power Dash already includes our HOOVER Premix Solutions, though.

Can I use this to clean the car and fabric upholstery?

Certainly, Power Dash GO is excellent for cleaning fabric upholstery, but before you clean it, double-check to see if the fabric is labeled with a “W” (for “wet”) or “S/W” (for “solvent/Dry” clean only).

Can you use a regular carpet cleaner solution?

Although it is suggested to use the provided solution. Yes! You won’t have issues using other stain solutions.

Can I plug this into my car?

A standard 120 V US outlet is used to power the Power Dash GO. If this is present in your car, then the unit should be able to operate.

What is the Horse Power of the motor?

Hoover Power Dash Pro unit features a 2.6 amp motor.

To Be Honest!

The Hoover PowerDash offers lightweight portability and the strength to handle even the most difficult location or pet mess.

When used with the strength of Hoover Paws & Claws pre-mixed spot cleaning solution, the spot cleaner can remove even the toughest stain.

You will be prepared to deal with the small everyday stains on carpets, upholstery, and more with the Spot & Stain Pet Tool! Because of its portable form, you can quickly grab it and go to deal with any spills or messes.

Bottom Line

If you are considering this small portable cleaner to remove deep stains you are wrong. It is specially designed for small-time jobs. And believe it or not, these small-time messes are frequent and often. Your pets always come with dirty paws on your bed or carpets.

Your children always spill a juice or two while playing. These spills and stains need instant cleaning. You don’t have to go through the hassle of pouring water or solution.

It has its usage depending on the consumer.

Should you buy Hoover PowerDash Pro?

But if you are looking for a good spot cleaner that is more in performance and power then I would recommend checking out Bissell’s or Dyson.

In the end, this machine is left up to the users to decide. It depends mostly on your use and requirement. 

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