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5 Best Nail Guns for Framing, Roofing, and Fencing (Tested)

I will explain in detail the best nailers for framing, trimming, fencing, woodwork and roofing. Moreover, you will know in depth the uniqueness about these products and what stands them out of other. See the charts in detail for better view. Read more

5 Best Nail Guns for Framing, Roofing, and Fencing (Tested)

Do you need a nail gun for completing your tasks or for your next important project?

Do you want your tasks related to roofing, trimming, installation of insulation, etc. done?

It can be really difficult to choose the right nail gun for your tasks. I have done my research and completely tested the top choices out there, and I’m going to tell you about the most appropriate choice for your task among all that versatility in choice.

No matter what your task is, I’ll tell you about the top choices in each category of nail guns.

So, do you want to get the frame of your house ready? Are you looking for a reliable option? Do you want to get the roofing of your house done with less investment of time?

Do you want a lightweight, easy-to-handle, and easy-to-maneuver nail gun for your projects? You don’t need to worry.

Rushing to buy any tool is a really bad choice. So, before you make this bad choice, I’ll break every category into pros, cons, features, etc. of each category. After knowing all this, you can get to know everything about the tool and you can make a really good choice for your next project.

So, let’s just dive into it! After reading this article, you’ll be quite aware of the best picks in each category of nail guns which will help you a lot in your next project. So, let’s begin!


Throughout the testing time, I was capable of evaluating the items’ functionality, dependability, and user-friendliness. I’m giving you precise and trustworthy information to help you choose what to buy. Here is the comparison chart.

best nail guns comparison chart
metabo hpt best nailer for framing
Pc: Amazon

Metabo HPT Nailer NR90AES1

  • Best Nail Gun for Framing.
  • Air Pressure 70-120 PSI

Metabo HPT Nailer is the best value product for framing because of its lightweight design, versatility, its features, and how ease it is to maneuver.

What actually is framing?

Framing is the process of using nails to attach materials together to structure a frame for a house or furniture.

Let’s start with the critical points that Metabo lacks.

It only supports nails of limited sizes which kind of confines its range of applications.

The depth adjustment feature takes some time to adjust for the material you are dealing with. It would require effort to get the right depth.

Let’s find out the ideal features.

It supports the following types of nails:

  • 2’ inches plastic-collated full-headed strip nails.
  • 3-1/2’’ inches plastic-collated full-headed strip nails.

Metabo provides sequential and contacts nailing features that can come in handy alongside its depth adjustment feature to deal with a variety of materials.

It also has a large magazine capacity of 64-70 plastic collated nails per single load which can last really long.

This nailer has a wide range of applications including rough framing, window buildup, subflooring, roof decking, wall sheathing, house construction, etc.

When I went through some unique features here is what I found.

NR90AES1 Nailer works at an ideal air pressure ranging from 70-120 PSI. It only has a weight of 3.4 kg (7.5 lbs).

This nail gun can drive plastic-collated nails at an angle of 21 degrees into the material you are dealing with.

You can easily shift from sequential nailing to contact nailing and vice versa just by a flip of a switch. Making your job quite easy.

It comes with depth adjustment for dealing with types of materials and driving those plastic-collated nails into different depths according to the user’s choice.

Why is it considered the best value framing nail gun?

Here is why? Metabo Nailer is a remarkable framing nail gun and it is considered the best framing nail gun due to a number of reasons I’ll discuss below:

This Metabo HPT is durable. This nailer is made up of high-quality aluminum and sturdy internal components.

It can easily be used roughly without causing any stress or fatigue to the user. This nailer is also quite versatile as it supports nails of sizes ranging from 2’’ to 3-1/2’’ alongside a depth adjustment feature.

This nailer has an easy working technique which makes this adaptable to different users, and different working conditions. And it also provides two actuation of firing to the user. The nails are precisely and accurately driven into the material using this nailer.

Why do we need this framing nailer?

The Nailer is an affordable choice overall if you’re searching for a framing nailer. If you want to deal with a variety of materials and different working conditions.

Metabo HPT has a name in the nailing industry, it was previously known as Hitachi Power Tools. And we all have heard about Hitachi. The efficiency, accuracy, and strength provided by Metabo nailers are quite remarkable and alongside their ergonomic design and lightweight body, these nailers are considered to be one of the top-rated nailers in the industry.

NuMax SFN64 best nailer for trimming
Pc: Amazon

NuMax SFN64 Finish Nailer

  • Best Nail Gun for Trimming.
  • Value for Money!

NuMax SFN64 is the best nail gun for trimming because of its lightweight, design, versatility and power.

Want to know about trimming before diving in?

Trimming is using a finish nailer for attaching different types of trim pieces to a variety of surfaces. There can be different types of trim pieces i.e., crown molding, door casings, baseboards, etc.

Trimming provides a finished and polished look to the project. I’ll tell you about the top nail gun for trimming out there right below, so let’s just dive into it.

NuMax SFN64 Finish Nailer is considered the “Best Bang for the Buck” but has some disadvantages worth mentioning.

This nailer does not provide standard safety features i.e., trigger lock for molding, etc.

The nails this nailer supports are not strong enough. In pneumatic nailers, after some rough use, the air hose may start leaking and it would require to be replaced.

SFN64 Finish Nailer comes with jamming issues which are quite frustrating and time-consuming.

Nails Supported:

NuMax SFN64 supports the following nail sizes for a variety of nail jobs:

  • 16-gauge finish nails of sizes ranging from 1’’ inch to 2-1/2’’ inches for attaching different trim pieces like crown moldings, and baseboards.

Now that I have cleared the critical review let’s start with what I like about this gun.

NuMax is created in high-quality aluminum and provides a comfortable ergonomic grip handle.

It also has a no-mar tip which prevents different types of dents and dings while you’re dealing with a variety of surfaces.

I’m going to tell you all the features in 15 seconds:

The ideal pressure it supports is 70-110 PSI which helps in driving the trim pieces alongside the nails with precision.

It provides a sequential firing mode with depth adjustment. This nailer is easy to carry.

NuMax SFN64 is made up of lightweight hardened steel which makes this nailer protective from getting any rust or from getting worn out in a short time span.

The no-mar safety tip protects the surface you’re dealing with from dents.

It is used for door installation, making chair rails, making picture frame assembly, decorative trim, and furniture trim.

Why is it considered the best bang for buck trimming nail gun?

NuMax SFN64 Finish Nailer is considered to be the best bang for buck trimming nail gun in the market due to a number of reasons, here are a few cents:

This nailer is affordable. The price range provided by this nailer is less expensive as compared to other finishing nailers out there and that’s one of the reasons this trimming gun is preferred over other trimming guns.

It provides really good performance in the affordable price range and the results obtained in the jobs are consistent and accurate which makes this an appropriate choice for different DIY enthusiasts and professional workers.

In the affordable price range, this nailer is lightweight and easy to use compared to other nailers and as it uses 16-gauge finish nails, this nailer is also adaptable to different types of situations.

Why do we need this trimming nailer?

This NuMax SFN64 Finish Nailer comes in handy in a lot of places and is quite useful for a number of reasons:

This nailer can be easily used for efficiently attaching trim and molding places like crown molding etc. with a surface without any need for manual process.

The entire process doesn’t take much time while using this NuMax SFN64. Fatigue and stress are really minimum while using this nailer because it provides a comfortable design and easy-to-handle mechanism.

NuMax is a really known brand for a wide range of pneumatic tools including nailers etc. which are quite suitable for DIY enthusiasts and professionals. It provides various tools for framing, finishing, roofing, etc. and these products are of high quality and are quite versatile.

Porter PCC790LA best nailer for fencing
Pc: Amazon


  • Best Nail Gun for Fencing.
  • Cordless & powerful nailer.

PORTER Fencing Nailer is the best cordless nailer for fencing because of its large magazine, cordless design, high power, efficiency, and ease of use.

You might want to read the first line:
Fencing is referred to installing different types of fence boards and fence panels to a variety of posts. Porter Fencing Nailer is also considered the “Best Cordless” nailer for fencing.

I will always explain the critical points of this machine so you can clear your requirements. Let’s get to the business.

PCC790LA nailer is not suitable for extended usage in a single go because of the limited lithium battery.

The nailer is relatively heavy at a weight of 5.9 pounds as compared to other nailers which makes it a little difficult to carry from place to place and causes fatigue and stress while handling this nailer.

This nailer only supports 18-gauge brad nails for fencing which limits its applications to specific projects only. Compared to others it is expensive in its cordless category.

Then why have I recommended this product? Well, not all cons are bad. Moreover, the advantages this machine has topped the cons.

Nails Supported:

It supports the following nail sizes for the user:

  • 18GA
  • ¾ INCHES
  • 1-1/4 INCHES
  • 2 INCHES

The nailer has an ergonomic design. It also provides a no-mar tip which helps in protecting the surface from dents and dings while using this nailer on the surface.

Its 18-gauge motor design also helps in the consistent firing power of fencing nails into different materials.

That’s not it, I got to know about the following features and functions of this fencing nailer:

The portability of this nailer helps a lot, having no wire attached to your gun means you can easily maneuver around the house and fix it up with ease.

Porter Fencing Nailer’s ergonomic design provides comfort and ease in using it on various kinds of materials without causing fatigue.

The no-mar tip allows you to give that desired polished and professional finish to the project without causing any damage to you or to the material being dealt with. The trigger lock can be turned on or off easily.

It has multiple applications in its field. It is quite suitable for DIY enthusiasts and professional workers who deal with tasks like installing insulation material, trimming, fencing, repairing furniture, etc.

Why is it considered the best cordless nailer for framing?

Well for starters,

Its ergonomic design is outstanding among the other cordless nailers and it can get the tasks related to fencing, trimming, carpentry, etc. done in a matter of time with polished and professional finishes.

Why do we need this fencing nailer?

If you are looking for an ideal fencing nailer, which works on really low voltage with good results. Then this nailer is the best choice for you.

It is a deal for a variety of jobs; Porter is the nailer that you need.

Porter is remarkable in the industry for making cordless brad nailers and tools similar to this. They are considered among the top-rated nail brands in the industry.

Milwauke m18 best nailer for woodwork DIY
Pc: Amazon

Milwauke M18 Nailer

  • Best nail gun for woodwork & DIY.
  • A bit expensive.

The Milwauke M18 Nailer is a reliable nailer for woodwork because of its extended mag, efficiency, and wide range of applications. 

I won’t explain DIY and woodwork you already know. But what you need to know is that typically, brad nails, finishing, and plain nails are used for DIY & Woodwork.

Milwauke M18 Nailer is also known as the “Best in Quality” nailer for DIY & woodwork.

I know there are a few cons attached to it, so let’s get them out of the way.

The main stabbing point is the price! It is really high compared to other nailers, which is a really big problem.

Then comes the weight problem. This nailer is heavy weight which makes it quite difficult to carry from place to place and it also affects its maneuverability.

Last but not least. This nailer cannot fire 3-1/2’’ inch nails into hard materials like oak.

Now I know the cons lie in the major aspects of having the best nailer. But trust me, you need to see below what this machine can do.

This nailer supports nails ranging from 2’’ inches to 3-1/2’’ inches.

  • Full-round offset nails
  • Collated plastic nails
  • Ring shank nails
  • Stud nails
  • Slick nails

It comes with an extended mag; the original mag can be replaced with an extended mag that helps the user for a long time use.

It provides two different modes i.e., contact fire mode and sequential bump fire mode which allows the user to fire 3 nails per second.

It is portable because it’s cordless. Milwauke M18 can be taken anywhere.

This nailer also comes with some accessories i.e., a rafter hook and a belt clip that comes in quite handy to the user. The control panel easily allows the user to shift from one firing mode to another.

While using this nailer, the user doesn’t need to worry about gas or fuel about this nailer and the entire work is battery-powered.

These features are unique and hard to find. Now wait, there is more it this.

Milwauke uses the M18 XC 5 Ah battery which can almost run an entire day.

M18 Nailer has a visible control panel on its body which is quite easy to access.

Milwauke Nailer provides a non-marring tip that helps in firing nails with high protection. The entire housing of the machine is made up of heavy-weight magnesium of high quality.

It is quite versatile in nature which makes this nailer quite applicable to the installation of certain materials, attaching different types of wood together, DIY Projects, woodwork, furniture repair, etc.

Why is it considered the best quality nailer for DIY & Wood Work?

Milwauke M18 Nailer is considered the best quality nailer for DIY & Woodwork because it provides a wide variety of features to the user which is quite remarkable and that helps the user in getting accurate and precise results while doing tasks related to DIY & Woodwork.

It provides features like a comfortable grip, supports a wide variety of nails, multiple fire modes, a high-quality body, long battery time, and cordless design all these features that come in a certain fairly affordable price range contribute to the popularity and the quality of this Milwauke M18 Nailer.

Why do we need this DIY & Wood Work nailer?

If you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional looking for an ideal nailer, this is the appropriate option.

Metabo NV45AB2 best nailer for roofing
Pc: Amazon

Metabo Roofing NV45AB2

  • Best nail gun for roofing.
  • Our Top Pick!

Metabo Roofing Nailer also known as the NV45AB2 Roofing Nailer, is a durable tool of high quality that is preferable for a wide range of roofing applications.

You need to know this about roofing before diving in, Roofing is nailing different types of roofing materials i.e., shingles and a variety of tiles to the roof frame of a house, project, etc.

For the purpose of roofing, nails of longer length and larger head are preferred rather than standard nails, which provides strong roofing action.

Metabo Roofing Nailer is my “Winner Product” in roofing nailers.

It does not hold a lot at the back but here are a few pointers you should know.

The air deflector on this nailer cannot be adjusted according to your choice which is a setback. Another con of this nailer is that, it is noisy.

Metabo HPT Roofing Nailer uses the following types of nails for its working:

  • 7/8-inch roofing nails.
  • 1-3/4-inch roofing nails.
  • Round Head wire collated roofing nails.

Metabo HPT has a side-loading magazine. The speed provided by this nailer is quite ideal. It also comes with rubber pads that prevent this nailer from falling off the roof.

It has two different modes contact fire mode and bump fire mode which can be interchanged with each other.

This nailer is designed to be quite lightweight which makes this nailer easy to carry and maneuver from place to place.

The Metabo Roofing is quite lightweight because of its design which makes it quite easy to carry while operating and from place to place as well.

Metabo Roofing is designed to be quite durable and this nailer can be used in even harsh conditions without facing many problems and issues. The depth adjustment of this nailer is also quite easy and the user can adjust the depth for precision and high results.

This tool also has rubber pads alongside its body which prevents it from skidding or slipping from the roof while the user is driving the nails into the roofing material. This nailer also comes with a carbide-tipped push lever.

This nailer has a wide range of applications regarding the sizes of nails that it supports i.e., due to its efficiency and its supporting nails type, this nailer is considered to be quite ideal for multiple applications like installing shingles on the roof, attaching different types of roofing material, installing insulation boards on the roof, etc.

Why is it considered the winning product for roofing?

This nailer among other nailers is easy to load and fire because it has a quick side-loading magazine. This nailer is considered to be quite reliable because of its consistency in firing performance and efficiency. It provides remarkable features like high performance, durability, versatility, and adjustable depth control.

This nailer has an affordable price range as well and all the factors combined make Metabo HPT Roofing Nailer a winning product for roofing.

Why do we need this roofing nailer?

Metabo Roofing Nailer is a specialized nailer which is designed just for roofing purposes. This nailer is used to drive nails of different types into roofing materials and attach them to the roof like insulation boards etc.

If you’re a person who’s looking for an ideal roofing nailer with high efficiency, and high precision, provides safety during its operation, and is consistent in performance then this nailer is the best choice for you.

What to Look for When Buying a Nail Gun

things to consider before buying nail gun

There are some important factors that need to be looked upon while buying the nailer for the project you are doing for completing your tasks that involve nailing. I did extensive research on this topic and I got to know about certain factors which I have discussed below.

  • Power and Air Pressure: Power and air pressure are really important when buying the nailer. An ideal and efficient nailer should provide high power and should work at an ideal air pressure typically from 70-120 PSI.
  • Nail Capacity: Nail capacity also holds importance in this category. An ideal nailer should have a quick and easy-loading magazine with high nail capacity and it should store a large number of nails per single load.
  • Trigger Type: Trigger type depends from model to model. Different users may need a slightly different trigger type that is easy to press and handle. So, which nailer provides that particular trigger type?
  • Coil vs. Strip Nailer: What type of nailer would be most preferable for your project or task coil or strip nailer? This depends upon the tasks you’re dealing with i.e., often coil nailer use nails arranged in a long and flexible coil which are used for roofing, siding, or firing shingles on the other hand, strip nailers use nails arranged in a long strip which are commonly used for trimming, installing crown molding, attaching different board, etc.
  • Firing Mechanism: The firing mechanism is also considered while selecting the nailer to buy. Different nailers have different firing modes. i.e., some nailers have sequential firing mechanisms, others have bump firing mechanisms or continuous firing mechanisms. It depends upon the task you’re dealing with.
  • Durability and Warranty: The nailer that you’re going to buy should be durable enough to withstand different types of weather and harsh conditions. Durability matters a lot. And the nailer should also have a long-time warranty, so that if any part gets broken or the functionality stops it could be repaired under the warranty.
  • Safety features: The nailer should also provide some safety features like a trigger lock, no marring clip, and similar safety features that provide safety and protection to the user while he’s operating the nail gun.

FAQs About Nail Guns

Are Framing and Fencing nail guns different?

Yes, framing and fencing nail guns are different. Framing nail guns are typically used for driving larger nails for framing different materials or for making structural components etc. on the other hand fencing nails are used to drive nails of small lengths often used for installing fences, and other outside projects without damaging the material.

What are some common problems with nail guns?

All nailers face problems during their work, I’m going to list some common problems below JammingMisfiring of nailsMisaligned NailsAir leakageMultiple Fires per shot durability issues.

Can I use a nail gun for other types of fasteners besides nails?

No, you shouldn’t use nail guns for other fasteners besides nails, because nailers are specifically built and designed to drive nails into different kinds of material. Using different types of fasteners besides nails may cause damage to the gun.

Bottom Line

In the end, whether you’re making your home or you’re doing DIY Projects or other woodwork, these nailers are tools that you need to get the job done in no time.

I’ll tell you about some reasons because why I recommend these nail guns to you.

These nail guns are designed to be really strong and powerful that can drive nails at such a fast speed and with accuracy and are designed to be hard and durable so that they can withstand different types of conditions, besides this

  • Lightweight design and easy to load and fire mechanism.
  • Provides that polished finish to your project or task.
  • Are designed to be durable so that they can be used roughly as well.
  • The comfortable design of these nailers helps the user easily use the gun without fatigue and stress on their hand.
  • These nailers come with a variety of features including safety triggers, depth adjustment, multiple firing modes, etc. that make them quite convenient and easy to use and make them efficient and powerful as well.


Hold on! Before you make the choice of buying a nailer for yourself. Remember, the reason you’re buying a nailer for yourself.

Do you want a budget-friendly nail gun?

Do you want to make your DIY Projects easier?

Are you fed up with using manual ways for driving nails?

Do you want a tool with power and efficiency and wide applications?

These nailers are portable, versatile, efficient, and powerful. Here is a quick recap of the choices available for you:

Final Words

Simply, these are the best of the best nailers that I have listed. These nailers are flexible tools that have the strength and accuracy to handle a variety of jobs and tasks requiring nailing actions. Both experienced builders and DIY enthusiasts will find them ideal for themselves. Don’t delay purchasing one of them. 

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