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4 Best Upholstery Tools Kit for Beginners and Professionals

In this article I will explain the top 4 best upholstery tool kits for you. I will go in-depth about their pros, cons, why do you need the tool? How can it benefit you? tips and tricks on how to use them and much more. Read more

4 Best Upholstery Tools Kit for Beginners and Professionals

Hey there! How about getting the right tools for your upcoming furniture fixes & upholstery projects? And, that too, in a single tool kit! I’ve got the best upholstery tool kits to make your work much easier & quicker.

Looking for the perfect tools that are specialized for fixing your furniture? Or do you have a creative mind that has tons of DIY ideas to work on? I’ve got a solution to make your work easier & save you bucks!

Although it’s a bit challenging but fun, your upholstery skills will save you bucks & give your furniture a new life. You just need the right tools to get started and soon, these upholstery tool kits will play a big role in your furniture fixing tasks & DIY ideas.

If you’re a person who loves to work with different tools and looking to add unique & simple tools to your inventory, you have come to the right place.

Whether it’s a worn-out chair, sofa, or car seat, these tool kits will help you get the exact tool to fix your furniture or household items.

Oh, and yes! If you’re a DIY expert searching for the precise tools that can help you finish your creative idea in a few minutes, these tool kits will fit like a glove for your needs.

Regardless of the task or job size, these specialized tools can be used for all upholstery purposes. So, now you don’t have to spend donkey’s years playing with the furniture and getting an uneven finish just because you haven’t used the right tool to work. Helpful right?

Before you buy a tool kit, you must look for all the essential tools that are present inside the kit. Because I might be using this tool kit for a variety of upholstery purposes & applications such as padding, seating, framing, and more, everything in one place! This would also help you to save your storage area, time & effort.

I have spent a long time picking these all-in-one tool kits for you guys, and I can surely say that this is going to be your best purchase all the way!

Hundreds of unwanted tools, no! Let’s work it smart. Read out more in this article.

Comparison Chart

I spent a long time testing different upholstery tool kits available in the market. So, after my testing, this is the comparison of the best 4 upholstery tool kits.

best upholstery tools kit comparison chart
CS Osborne B-7 upholstery kit review
Pc: Amazon

Osborne B-7 Upholstery Tool Kit

  • Considered the best professional upholstery tool kit

Osborne B-7 Upholstery Tool Kit is one of the best professional tool kits available around the market for upholstery purposes. If you’re a professional & skilled upholsterer, this is a master. It has a variety of 12 essential tools that make life much easier & also, save you time. So now you can give your best at your job site!

Only one out of ten people had a small complaint regarding the sharpness of the shears present inside the tool kit. When working on upholstery projects, you need tools that are sharp & precise to get the heavy-duty trimming work done with a neat finish. Otherwise, the CS Osborne B-7 Upholstery tool kit is best known for its quality & standard of tools. So, the ratings are justified.

Osborne B-7 Upholstery Tool kit holds a combination of 12 professional & high-quality tools. It has very good packaging & I was quite impressed by the first look of the box.

It supports:

CS Osborne b-7 tools accessories list

This well-packed & sorted upholstery tool kit amazed me with the high quality & accuracy of its tools. The CS Osborne B-7 Upholstery Tool kit covers all your needs with all the 12 tools available inside the kit, each one of which is useful for a variety of applications. The tools do the exact job for which they are intended.

The all-inclusive Osborne B-7 upholstery tool kit is recommended by professionals due to its high quality. The heavy-duty tools inside are well-designed & handy. This all-in-one tool kit will save you time & if you are working on a big project, then you just need to keep this tool kit by your side & you’re good to go!

Why is it the best?

The best thing about Osborne B-7 is its premium quality professional tools with a wide range of multipurpose tools that can be used for everything at your job.

So, you definitely won’t be wasting hundreds of your dollars. When it comes to price, this tool kit is the best buy due to the functionalities & features that it offers at a good price.

Why do you need this product and company to merge with where do we use this often?

If you’re a professional upholsterer, a craftsman, a houseman, or even a DIY expert, this tool kit is the perfect fit for you.  I have seen people using it for a variety of purposes & multi-sized tasks such as reupholstering furniture, window framing, headboard padding, and much more. What else do you need?! A tool kit that gets your big projects done with ease & no hassle!

CS Osborne HB-1 starter upholstery review
Pc: Amazon

C.S. Osborne HB-1 Starter Upholstery

  • Best for startup projects.

This C.S Osborne HB-1 is the best starter kit for your beginner upholstery ideas. Get your hands on these tools & you’re all set to kickstart your upholstery skills!

As defined by its name, it is only made for hobbyists or DIY enthusiasts.

If you are working on a big project, or if some complex tasks are to be done with the help of professional tools, then this tool kit is not for you. It can only handle general-purpose, everyday life fixes but yes, works best for those.

The basic CS Osborne HB-1 holds 3 basic tools inside the tool kit, 2 curved & 1 straight needle, and an instruction manual.

CS Osborne HB-1 tools list

Are you a beginner & trying to get your hands on upholstery? If yes, you need the best choice of tools that could help you to get your tasks done with a fine finish.

Do you have some basic reupholstery fixing projects & need the right tools to get started? The CS tool kit is the best purchase for your intended purposes. The 3 basic, high-quality tools are very easy to use & durable. I like the wooden brown handles that are not slippery, & can help you get the job done in minutes. The cherry on top, this tool kit holds a variety of needles & pins to stitch through simple or edge padding.

CS Osborne tool kit comes with some basic functions & features. The 3 tools can perform well for a wide range of small or mid-range tasks. The tool kit is easy to carry & students or beginners can safely use them for their DIY or small furniture repair projects. These handmade custom tools have good precision and the job can be done smoothly & efficiently.

Why is it best for starters?

The reason for it being the best is its simplicity & ease of use. The tools are not like one of those tools which are very complex to use. This tool kit is a mid-range tool kit that offers the best basic tools that are of fine quality & can help fix little things damaged around your place.

Students or DIY enthusiasts like the tool kit because it can help to get their job done in minutes. The tool kit is compact & handy so it can be carried along wherever you go.

Why do you need this product to merge with where we use this often?

Students, Craftsmen, DIY experts & upholsterers are quite satisfied with these tools as they have been using them for a variety of purposes such as paperwork, small DIY projects, home decoration, sofa or chair fixes, headboard framing, and many more.

So, if you’re a person who wants to start with upholstery work at a beginner level, this startup kit will help you fly off & for sure, you will find fun to work with these tools as they are compact & designed for basic purposes.

Better not waste your time, & get ready to fix that wrecked sofa lying around to get fixed!

Hilitchi 5 pcs upholstery tools kit review
Pc: Amazon

Hilitchi 5 Pcs Upholstery Tools

  • Best overall upholstery tools kit.

Finding the best overall upholstery tool kit to get done with several tasks or projects? Hilitchi 5 Pcs upholstery tool kit is the right choice. The design of these tools is exceptional!

Although this tool kit is being used by many people, I’ve seen some critical reviews regarding the quality & design of these tools. I agree with that. And due to this con, the precision & accuracy of the tools are also affected to some extent. Another con, the tools smell like machine oil & which is a big turn-off when you’re getting your job done.

Anyways, despite the quality, Hilitchi still offers these tools at a good value for money and so people are okay with the slight issues.

The Hilitchi 5 Pcs Tool kit comes with 5 pieces of professional, average-quality tools. It holds:

  • Tack Hammer
  • Tack Lifter
  • Plier
  • Hammer replacement heads.

This tool kit also offers after-sale service & you can replace your product for free in case of any damage.

If I write about the cons, there are many. The Hilitchi toolset is actually very good for beginner upholstery projects. Small to mid-sized projects can be easily done using these 5 sets of tools. The tools are designed using a good medium that makes them compact & durable. These tools are known for their sturdiness. I really like the size of these tools, perfect to fit in hands.

The toolkit has a variety of features that can be used to get upholstery tasks such as installing frames, seat covering, leather upholstery, paper craft work, or framing. Even if you need to work with nails or staples, this tool kit helps you to do so. The soft rubber finish of these tools helps you get a good feel & increases productivity. The hammer inside has 2 replacement heads for different sorts of upholstery tasks.

Why is it the best overall?

This Hilitchi tool kit is recommended as the best all-in-one tool kit due to its fair price & the variety of tools inside the tool kit. Moreover, this tool kit consists of tools that are easy to use & handy. So, no worries if you are a beginner or if you just got an idea to fix your sofa at home, you can definitely make your way through these multipurpose tools.

These tools are also best for their easy application. Not a professional one, but definitely a good one to fulfill all your upholstery needs.

Isn’t it great to get a refund or free replacement within 90 days? It is, right? Hilitchi offers quality after-sale service to its customers. It is well known for its wide range of products that help you to get done with different sizes of projects.

This tool kit can be used to reupholster your furniture, fix your car seats, staple or pin up different leather or fabrics, and make jewelry or decorative items for your place.

Now you must know why this Hilitchi 5 Pcs Upholstery tool kit is known for its overall superior performance.

Aemygo 8 pcs upholstery kit review
Pc: Amazon

Aemygo 8 Pcs Upholstery

  • Best upholstery tools kit for automotive.

Do you want to recover or repair the seats of your car at home? Well, this Aemygo is known as the best upholster tool kit for automotive upholstery purposes. You won't regret doing your automotive work at home, in fact, you’ll be surprised by the results. You only need this tool kit to get it done.

Not so impressed by the quality, some people complain about the low-quality plastic that has been used as handles for these tools. The tools are fine with their look but need to get better on the design & quality since the finish of the product only depends on these two factors.

A little rough on the hands, but it does the job well. This covers the cons of the Aemygo upholstery tool kit.

The tool kit contains:

aemygo 8 pcs kit list

Aemygo tool kit comes with sleek design & PVC handles that are easy to clean, use & non-slip. The shape & design of these tools are exceptional & no other tool kit in the market offers such a perfect set of handy tools which you can use for different automotive & upholstery purposes. The pliers are strong & durable so they can be used for heavy-duty applications as well.

This tool kit has a set of 8 tools that have different functions & features. The solid material used to make these tools are anti-corrosive & prevents the tools from getting rusty. The tools are durable. The screwdrivers present inside the tool kit have two different shapes. All these 8 pieces of tools are easy to use.

Why is it best for automotive?

The Aemygo is the best pick for heavy-duty automotive upholstery projects. The tools are excellent for performing different tasks such as replacing the fabric of your car seat, trimming the vehicle’s interior, customizing the internal design of your vehicle, or roofing.

One thing I really appreciate, the plastic colors of these tools are very attractive & fun to use. You can keep this handy tool kit in your car all the way long & use it whenever you need. I like how multi-purpose the tools are.

Although Aemygo is not a well-known brand, the quality of their tools was unexpected until I tasted them. I am really impressed that the company has designed its tools keeping in view all the aspects of the customer’s needs. Aemygo also covers a money-back guarantee & exchange of products.

This 8 pcs upholstery tool kit can be used for various automotive purposes & if you’re a mechanic or a houseman, this tool kit is the right choice. It offers wide applications such as repairing car seats, replacing seat belts, and auto floor mat installation, replacing steering wheel covers, fixing door panels, and many more.

Time to upgrade the interior of your car by yourself? Yes! You can do it.

What to Look for When Buying Upholstery Tools Kit

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Types of Upholstery Tools

Let’s talk about a few factors you need to keep in mind before you get your hands on an upholstery tool kit.

These are the types:

Magnetic Hammer is used to multitasking & perform your task more effectively. Generally, this type of hammer is used to drive trucks & brands. They use the power of magnets.

Gooseneck Webbing Stretchers work like an accurate & precise lever. This tool is used in upholstery to catch the webbing close to the frame through leverage.

Tack Lifter is commonly used for lifting tacks, small nails, or pins. They are very similar to screwdrivers. They consist of a blade, shaft & a handle to lift.

Upholstery Regulators are an essential upholstery tool. They help to smoothen irregularities in the stuffing that is below the coverings. They are commonly used to maneuver padding in place.

Rubber Mallets are used to strike an object to prevent marks. A rubber mallet is generally used to drive wood pieces together or to hit a chisel without damaging its tip.

Upholstery Shears are heavy-duty upholstery scissors. They have thick, heavy-duty blades & can cut multiple layers & solid materials.

A curved Needle Card is a card that holds curved needles. They are used for tying quilt layers together or fabric that has complicated edges.

A button Needle is a simple needle that is used to attach a button to the fabric. They are thinly designed & can easily pass through the fabric.

Staple Puller is a tool used to pull the staples off a surface. It has a hook on the front face which pulls out the staple.

Upholsterer’s Pins are used to attach or join padding material. They are also used to add decorative accents.

Marking Chalk is used to mark measurements on the surface of a fabric, foam, or similar material. They are helpful to trim the material & can be brushed off when no longer needed.

“T” Pins are used to fasten & hold different materials together. They are shaped in such a way that it makes it easier to push & slide them inside or outside the surface.

Essential Tools

In order to work on an upholstery project, you need all the essential tools by your side. They include shears, staple guns/pullers, pliers, hammers, curved needle cards, different types of pins, and screwdrivers.


Durability is an important factor to consider when buying a tool. Steel, hardened plastic, or metal tools are durable & can stay longer. Additionally, a material that is anti-corrosive & prevents rust is preferably better.


Definitely, you don’t want your hands to get hurt while you handle the tool. Comfort is the most important thing to consider. Make sure the tool is comfortable & easy to grip. Generally, rubber grip tools are comfortable & they provide a good grip.



Check the size of the tools to ensure they are appropriate for the size of the furniture or any project that you’ll be working on. Another thing, consider tools that are handy & compact enough to be kept in your tool kit.


Generally, there are a variety of tools available in the market. You have to consider the scope of your work or project. Never compromise on quality. I’ve tried to mention budget-friendly tool kits available in the market.

How to Fix Upholstery with Tools

Got a worn-out chair lying around? Let’s fix it! Here’s a step-by-step guide to reupholstering a chair using different tools. Keeping in view these steps & procedures, you can fix a lot of things at your home.

What you’ll need:

  • Pliers
  • Shears
  • Staple Gun (3/8 – 4/12-inch staples)
  • Straight pins
  • A Marker
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Upholstery Fabric
  • Tack strip
  • Measuring Tape

Step 1: Remove the old fabric

Begin by removing the old fabric from the chair. With the help of shears, cut an edge of the fabric and then drag the scissors all across the edges & keep on trimming the fabric. Use pliers or tack removers to remove the tacks from the fabric.

Step 2: Replace the padding

If the padding is worn-out, remove it by trimming it all. After removing the old padding, cut the size of the new padding and staple it onto the chair using a staple gun. Make sure to cover all the edges of the chair so that it remains intact.

Step 3: Cut the fabric

Measure the dimensions of the seat of the chair using a measuring tape. After you get the measurements, use a marker to draw or trace dotted lines on the new fabric and cut it accordingly. Make sure to use shears in the right direction while you trim the material.

Step 4: Attach the fabric

Place the new fabric over the seat of the chair. Pin the fabric to the chair to keep it still. Now use the staple gun to staple around the edges of the chair. Ensure that the staples are well inserted & in the right place. Add a tack strip around the opposite side of the chair & pull tight.

Step 5: Finish the edges

Now, look for the excess fabric and trim it. Pull the fabric tight to make sure it is in the right place. Check if any side is losing, staple there. You can use a screwdriver tip to tuck in the fabric & then secure it using staples.

Now sit & relax on your newly reupholstered chair! This definitely saves bucks. Thank you later.

FAQs about Upholstery Tools

What tools do I need for upholstery?

In general, the essential tools that you need for upholstery are screwdrivers, pliers, shears, staple guns, tack removers, hammers, webbing stretchers, chisels & a knife. These tools are helpful for various purposes such as trimming, replacing, sticking, or pulling out staples or nails. You might need pins, staples & needles as well.

What tools do I need to reupholster a chair?

To reupholster a chair, you need a plier, staple gun, hammer, flathead screwdriver, marker, needles & a sewing machine to stitch the upholstery fabric. You might need pins as well to secure the fabric before stapling through the chair.

How to upholster furniture step by step?

First, remove the old fabric or covering of your furniture. Check if the existing padding or foam is good enough to work for more time or not. If not, then replace the padding or foam of your furniture. Then use a measuring tape to measure the new fabric or material & then trace the dimensions on the new fabric/material. Trim it according to the dimensions. Place it on your furniture, and attach pins to secure it. Lastly, staple or tuck the fabric into the furniture. Make sure the edges are neat and the pins are removed.

What stitch is used for upholstery?

The double-stitched seam is often used for upholstery. It provides a stronger seam for the fabrics being sewn together as well as better keeps the fabric from fraying. It consists of two parallel rows of stitches on the right side of the fabric.

What Is Upholstery Thread?

Upholstery thread is necessary for stitching heavy materials while making furniture. Its composition may include natural and synthetic fibers. The most typical thread used in upholstery is nylon, but many sewers prefer to match the thread type to the fabric type.

What are Upholstery Tacks?

Upholstery tacks are specially designed nails that are used to secure upholstery fabric to a frame. These upholstery nails are somewhat similar to the shank nails used to secure building materials to concrete blocks. Upholstery tacks are available in both utility and decorative designs, making them ideal for a wide range of upholstery projects.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, these upholstery tool kits are a big yes if you really want to work on your own for different upholstery projects.

Without being unreal, I have tried my best to help you select the best & right choice to upgrade your inventory with the right tools.


Hold On! After reading my review, before you go shopping, re-evaluate your needs and how these upholstery tool kits will benefit you.

Is it the right time to ditch those useless tools lying around?

A DIY newbie & looking for a budget-friendly upholstery tool kit with a variety of tools & features?

Time to upgrade your toolbox?

Here is a quick recap of my options:


Do you have a huge list of upholstery repairs?

Well, pick one of these, go & get your upholstery tool kit, and get started with a creative idea!

I really hope this article would have helped you to buy the best upholstery tool kit for your project & saved you time.

Good luck!

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