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How to Choose the Perfect Nylon Fabric for Upholstery

Nylon upholstery fabric is one of the most purchased fabrics for upholstery. Here is a buying guide to choose the best nylon fabric easily. Read more

How to Choose the Perfect Nylon Fabric for Upholstery

So nylon is not an old fabric, therefore, not many people know much about it. It clearly implies that buying a new nylon upholstery fabric requires an ample amount of knowledge about the product.

In this article, we will be discussing the best method to buy and check nylon fabric before buying. It is not something that a layman cannot understand, the reason to write up this buying guide was to ensure that you consider the lesser known facts about nylon fabric before spending money.

Before we start, let us make up your mind. Buying nylon fabric for upholstery is pretty different from buying it for your dresses. Sofa covers need to be more durable, as they would be used by several people, and for a longer period. Therefore, you need to walk an extra mile for the upholstery fabric.

You might not be considering the qualities like thread count when purchasing fabric for clothes. However, for the sofas, this would be added as a feature of upholstery fabric. So let us start with our guide.

Easy to Wash

choosing nylon fabric

The one thing which we cannot avoid with upholstery fabrics and sofa covers is them getting dirty. No matter how careful you have been, or if you have very good children, still with time the sofa covers are bound to get dirty.

Also, even if you assume that apparently the sofa covers are neat and you don’t need to clean them. Still, there would be a build-up of bacteria and the user needs to clean the fabric once in a while.

So the question arises,

Will it be beneficial to buy a hard-to-clean sofa or chair cover?

Now when purchasing nylon fabric you need to check the thread count. There are several types of nylon fabrics available and each one has a different thread count. You need to purchase the one that has a medium number of threads. So a high number of threads would make it very hard for you to clean it.

Your Budget

As I have mentioned earlier, there are numerous types of nylon fabric with various thread counts, thus, it would be better to set a budget. Try to fix a minimum and maximum limit. Also, searching for the best nylon fabric for upholstery online, and reading reviews about the types of nylon fabric will help you a lot in deciding the amount you must be spending.

The main thing that you should keep in mind while setting the budget limit, is the natural fabric price. Some vendors might try to fool you by saying that the price for each type would be the same, but that is not the case. Artificial fabrics are cheaper than cotton. So there is no comparison; so if you want an idea, simply check the cotton per yard price, and you would know that the nylon per yard will always be less than that.

Hypoallergenic and Safe for the Skin

Some fabrics are clearly not safe for sensitive skin. So if you have that delicate skin, then it would be better to check about the fabric.

Nylon is not generally hyper allergic, but the blended fabric especially when it is mixed with natural fiber can cause allergies. Therefore for sensitive people buying pure nylon fabric for upholstery is a good option.

Variety and Colors

Of course, we don’t buy all white stuff for upholstery, as sofas and cushions can add a lot of color to the room. Therefore, for many people upholstery is only about that. If you are among that category of buyers, then congrats nylon fabric can be an ideal choice.

However, some types of nylon fabric might not get the exact shade, because coloring artificial fabric is harder. To make it short, we would advise you to select the variant that allows you to have multiple color and pattern options.

Resistant to Mildew

If you live in a damp area, where it always rains, then you must buy that type of nylon fabric that is mildew resistant. Nylon, fortunately, is mildew resistant. You can either read the reviews of the selected fabric or directly ask the seller about this property.

Otherwise, you would regret spending your money only to watch the sofa cover turn into a fungi ship.


The upholstery fabric would be used to make sofa covers, therefore, it is pretty understandable that sofa fabric must be elastic. Natural fabrics are very hard to stretch.

However, nylon is pretty elastic, so you can easily customize the sofa covers.

Frequency of Use

You should understand how much the nylon covers would be used. Use in the sense that how much time you or anyone around you will spend on the sofa. We all have a certain sofa set at our home and office, that is the most used one. For that type of sofa, it is necessary to use a cloth that is durable.

However, you can choose a less durable fabric for a space that would be used less; for instance, the drawing rooms that are specific for guests are used less. On the contrary, the living room sofas, or the ones in your bedroom are to be used quite often.


Buying nylon or any upholstery fabric means you require information about the product. Thus, before you search for the best nylon fabric for the sofa, make sure that you have read all the details available. Following an expert’s opinion can save you time and money.

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