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The Ultimate Buying Guide For Leather Upholstery Furniture

Choosing leather upholstery fabric seems tough! Here we have a complete buying guide to help you select the best durable leather fabric for upholstery.  Read more

The Ultimate Buying Guide For Leather Upholstery Furniture

Beautiful things come with great responsibility.

The day you decided to buy leather upholstery was the day you must plan everything consciously; from the buying guide to the cleaning methods.

One should understand all the necessary requirements, or see his favorite article go down the drain.  

In this guide, we intend to share with you a few tips that can make purchasing leather very easy for you.

One does not need to go into serious details, but buying random leather upholstery for your sofa is a bit wrong.

So let us get started.

What is Your Budget?

First things first. How much money can you spend on the upholstery?

If you cannot splurge then going for luxury fabric will be a burn for you. Instead, we will suggest you go for something else then.

However, if you have almost 1,000 to 1,500 dollars to spend on upholstery for your entire office or home furniture then it will be a better thing to do. Otherwise, you might feel stuck in the middle of all this.

One more thing which will decide if your money is enough. It is the number of chairs or sofas you need to upholster. For three to five sofas you might only need 1000 bucks, but as the number of sofas would increase, the money demand will also rise.

Your Area and Temperature

To be honest, getting leather furniture for a cold space will be the best thing. Even though many people will suggest you have wool fabric upholstery, for me, leather is great for cold regions.

The reason for that is its unsuitability!

It is not that you cannot use it in hot weather, but if the environment is too humid, then it might cause a lot of trouble.

The Type of Leather

People usually don’t understand this difference, but once you get to use the leather upholstery, then many secrets would unfold.

Therefore, we will suggest you read in detail about the types of leather fabric for upholstery. Then decide.

If you can spend more, and want a durable option then the full-grained leather fabric will be the best option for you.

As per different experiences, the full grain leather will last for around ten years.

If you are looking for upholstery fabric for a public space, or for family furniture, then fully grained leather will be an ideal solution.

Then there is the top grain leather. It is the second best leather type and is ideal for house or drawing room furniture.

Looks or Durability?

Always ask yourself this question before buying anything that will or can add beauty to your place.

Many people want both, and in some cases, it is either one. So, when specifically choosing from leather upholstery, then you must be clear about it. The reason for it, si the several types of leather available on the market.

This wide range of fabrics makes it easier for you to choose as per your priority. For instance, if you are looking for a fabric that will enhance the look of your room, then choose from split-grain leather or top-grain leather. Then for a pebbled look, the royaline leather will be fabulous.

These have the best designs and colors. On the contrary, for durability, full grain leather is the ideal thing.

In case, you are unable to decide whether you need this upholstery fabric for the look or for durability, then you must check for the space.

For a drawing room, it would e the beauty of the space, and for the living room, it can be the durability.

Frequency of Use

Then the frequency of use also matters a lot. You should not buy a fragile leather fabric type for a palace where the furniture would be used daily.

For a highly used space, like the living room, bedroom, or any public space like offices, it is better to choose the most durable leather fabric.

If that is not the case, then you may go for the less durable ones, as they are a bit less expensive. So you might save some money too.

Next, if it’s for your kid’s room, then there can be only one choice. You do not need to go for a look.

Here the only thing that matters is durability.

You need to first ask your family members if they really need leather fabric for upholstery.

Tell them all the details about the type of fabric you are buying. This way it is easier to decide on the right leather fabric type.

The Store Reputation

No wonder there are hundreds of brands selling leather fabric for upholstery, but among all these shops, which will be the best one?

The ideal solution will be checking on reviews and buying guides and then buying from an E-store, where there are many reviews already available directly coming from the buyers.

This way you can gauge the reputation of the seller.

You might be surprised to know that many unknown sellers are manufacturing the best fabric.

So never doubt an E-store when you already don’t know any of the brands.

The Added Services

Luckily to retain customers, and to earn a good reputation, many sellers have turned to added values.

They don’t only give you the product, but also a warranty, or free annual services.

For example, cleaning leather is a bit hard. Any layman might find it impossible and would need to spend money on cleaning services.

Therefore, any company offering these services will be a good option.

Ask an Expert

Anyone working in the upholstery industry can guide you better, today it is very easy to find one.

You can post your queries on the internet, or look at any site which is managed by some upholstery expert.

In most cases, it will be a free service, so why should not you avail this opportunity?


Finding the best leather fabric is not easy for a layman. Therefore, following this checklist is crucial. Otherwise, people might get faux leather, and pay for the real leather. You can add more steps and points to this buying guide, but these are the basic ones.


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