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8 Best Fabrics for Sofa Cushions: A Buying Guide

Finding the ideal fabric for sofa upholstery and cushions require some extra effort. Here we are with all the best fabric suggestions for sofa covers. Read more

8 Best Fabrics for Sofa Cushions: A Buying Guide

In the market searching for the best sofa cushion covers? Say goodbye to your worries. You have landed on the right page.

Sofa cushions are the complementary part of your sofa set. Without sofa cushions, your room seems lacking in decoration. However, the hard part of the decoration is choosing the best fabric. Although there are varieties of covers in the market. All are entirely attractive and pleasant to look at.  But, which one to choose? Which cushion will suit best for your home décor as well as your comfort?

In this guide, we will walk you through the best fabric covers for your cushions.

Let’s get started to know about fabrics that will be cozy, comfortable, and decorative.

best fabrics for your sofa cushions
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Not only for clothing cotton is used in bedsheets, sofa covers, table covers, and cushions. It is a natural fiber that is gentle on sensitive skin. After coming back home from tiring office work your cotton cushion will offer you a soft cozy sleep.

The appearance of cotton covers is quite simple and gives a classic touch to your sofa and the environment. You can add to its beauty by buying an embroidered cotton fabric. However, for this, you will have to make a compromise on your comfort. You can go for printed cotton as well.

Apart from that, cotton fabrics are easily washable. You don’t need to worry if your kids swipe their chocolaty hands on the cushions. One wash in your machine can bring back the brand-new and tidy look of your cushion.

However, if you have pets like cats especially, the cotton fabric will not guarantee its long life. Cats like to scratch everything. You will have to be pretty careful here while making the choice.


 Linen is used for various purposes such as apparel, home décor, bedding, and various industrial purposes. Being a soft and comfortable fabric, it is used for sofa cushion covers as well. It gives your home décor a relaxing touch.

Furthermore, one of the properties of linen is that it is quite durable, and it ages well. With time it gets softer. Which means that your spending on the linen will be worth it. While other cushion fabrics show wear and tear after getting washed multiple times. That’s not the case with linen at all. It is washable and you don’t need to worry about the spills of juices your kids make on the cushion.

With its beautiful softness, it gives a classy touch to the environment. You can get various attractive printed linen fabrics for your sofa cushions. Printed linen fabrics adorned with floral designs enhance the decoration of your living room.

Nylon and Polyester

Synthetic fibers are one of the best sofa cushion covers. During warmer weather, it is considered a good choice. Moreover, it is better for traveling as well.  However, polyester and nylon are not good options if you live in a humid place.

Unlike other fibers, polyester comes from a lab. It is made from plastic. Through the process of polymerization, the plastic fabric is created. Its production cost is cheaper as compared to other fabrics. Therefore, its price is less compared to wool and other fabrics which is one of the advantages of using polyester and nylon fabrics.

It feels silky and slippery to the touch. In addition, it comes in dark colors. So, if you are a bright colors lover you can go for polyester. Moreover, a variety of prints is also available to choose from.


Velvet is considered best for hot weather. It feels silky, smooth, and soft to the touch. Moreover, it gives a comfortable feel to your skin. Typically, velvet was made using silk. However, today cotton, wool, and other fabrics are also used for their manufacturing. It is mostly used in apparel and home décor.

Usually, velvet does not have loose threads or raised weaves. That makes it surprisingly durable. Apart from that, it is easily washable. You don’t need to worry about the spills your pets or kids do in your absence. All you need to do is to put the cushion in the washing machine and get rid of the stains.

Embossed designs look great. However, with your sofa cushions, it is better to have your sofa covers as well made of velvet. Otherwise, two different combinations of covers will not look so great. It will not give a completely royal look to your living room. Go for velvet for a lavish and royal touch to your living room.


You may be surprised, but yes, canvas fabric is also used for sofa cushion covers. Canvas is made of plain-woven fabric made of cotton and linen. There are some kinds of canvas fabrics including plain, duck, linen, cotton, and hemp.

Canvas cushion covers come in a variety of colors. Whether you are looking for a lighter shade or vibrant color. Canvas will provide you with a range of colors. Moreover, canvas-printed fabrics are also available.

The negative point about canvas is that it is quite hard to touch. It does not give a soft silky feeling as cotton and velvet would provide. But for decoration, it is equally great as it gives a simple yet classic touch to the environment. If you love simplicity, the canvas fabric can be a great choice.

Canvas is considered a durable fabric. It is heavy-duty and sturdy. When it is blended with synthetic fiber it becomes more water resistant. So, if you have spilled your coffee on the canvas-covered cushion, you can easily wipe that off. For the deepest clean you can use hot water in the washing machine and wash your cushion canvas cover in it.


Always read the description about washing the cushion fabrics. Some fabric materials require hot water while some require hot water to get the stains off and to maintain the cushion covers. Some fabrics should be kept away from soaking.

Faux Silk

One of the properties of faux leather is that you can repolish it. Though it does not fade fast. However, with time it may lose its color. No worries! you can get it back. It is smooth and shiny.

The only restriction you will face with these cushions is the sofa covers you already have. It will not look great at all to have canvas sofa covers with faux leather cushions. However, it is not breathable which can cause you to feel hot in warm weather.

For luxury upholstery at a low cost, you can opt faux leather.

Real Leather

Leather is one of the best natural fabrics. Made of animal skin that is tanned, leather gives a classic country style to your room. It is widely used in the manufacturing of jackets, shoes, and sofa upholstery. For leather sofas, leather cushions are the complement. Though expensive, there are attractive properties of leather to buy it.

Leather is not washable. Never make the mistake to soak it in water. Try to use soapy water and a sponge to clean your leather sofa cushions. Another disadvantage of leather is the scratches it can’t prevent. If you have a pet that likes scratching things, it will be difficult for you to maintain your leather cushions for a long time.


Using wool in interior decor is beneficial. For sofa cushions, it performs well because it is considered hypoallergenic. The medical profession considers it bacteria resistant. Moreover, it resists mold as well which can cause allergic reactions to human skin. It is considered energy efficient too which is why it is the best choice for upholstery.

Wool fabric is available in a variety of colors and designs. To give a traditional touch to your sofa you can go for plaids, tweeds, and tartans. For classic country style mix of small and large-scale designs looks great. For contemporary look bright colors can work. In winter, for your cozy living room sofas, cushions with wool covers will go well. Though it is a bit expensive. Yet it is best for your winter home decor.

How to Select the Best Sofa Cushion Covers?

Following are the crucial points you should consider while selecting the best sofa cushion covers:


It is one of the important factors to consider while buying sofa cushion fabric. Durability highlights how long the cushions will stay alive and provide their function fully. Choose a sofa cushion fabric that guarantees greater durability.


 It depends on the environment you live in. In humid and hot weather faux leather and Nylon is not good choice as these fabrics are not breathable. However, in cold weather, they can work well.


 The fabrics which need low maintenance are preferable for cushion covers. It saves you from further expenses. Faux leather is one of the low-maintenance fabric as it does not fades easily.


Consider the weather of your location while buying cushion fabrics. Using velvet cushions will be a bad choice for hot weather.

Final Words

The best fabrics for sofa cushions depend on the home décor you are interested in. However, appearance is not all you need. The quality matters a lot for long-lasting decorations. Consider sofa cushions that are sturdy and breathable so that you don’t need to do extra expenses for its maintenance.

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