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Is Rug Doctor 93300 the Best Pet Cleaner? (Review)

In this review I will give you tested results and unbiased analysis of how rug doctor pet portable spot cleaner gets the job done. Read more

Is Rug Doctor 93300 the Best Pet Cleaner? (Review)

Will a small portable cleaner make your life easy? Is Rug Doctor a hassle free quick cleaner?

My goal is to provide you with the best results and honest reviews. I have checked and measured all the facts of Rug Doctor pet portable spot-cleaner 93300.

Moreover, I have reviewed and tested with experts in their niche if you want to know if this product is compatible with your auto interior.

If you are looking for a deep dive review of this product whether the mess of your pet will be cleaned or not? And lastly, if you think Rug Doctor can stay up to its name and clean rugs with more efficiency then you have come to the right place.  

Its rubberized bristles remove pet stains and odors while picking up pet hair off carpets, area rugs, stairs, furniture, upholstery, pet beds, and mattresses, among other surfaces.

rug doctor pet portable spot cleaner
Credits: Amazon

Rug Doctor Pet Portable Spot Cleaner

  • Best for single pet families.
  • It’s small and portable.
  • A little expensive.

Comparison with Previous Models or Competitors?

In this comparison, I will show you how this cleaner competes with others. Is it a better approach than its predecessors?

Alternative models compared are as follows:

When it comes to Hoover it does a slight increase in price but it comes with multiple attachments. In the same range, you get a tight spot tool, Hose rinse,s and scrub tool as well. Therefore it gives you a realization that Rug doctor does have good features and functions but it is a little expensive compared to the market.

In comparison to Bissell’s SpotClean 3194, Bissell’s is light in weight, it also comes with one more attachment. The Bristles brush is in plastic. Rug doctor does hold a significant advantage over Bissell. It is cheaper in price tag and it has a wider tool brush. 

Rug Doctor Pet Portable Spot Cleaner is different from its predecessors due to the following reasons, Rug doctor portable spot cleaner vs pet;

  • Rug doctor cleaner is more durable than their competitors.
  • The hose is flexible.
  • It is less expensive.
  • It has more suction power.


Size15.98 inches
Dimensions16.02 x 10.94 x 15.63 inches LxWxH
Weight18.86 pounds
Tank Capacity7239.29 Cubic Inches
What’s in the boxCleaning machine, Hose, Cord, Attachment, and two Water tanks.

Design and Style

The small-time cleaners are compact and little. Yet it required them to have more and more features and elegant designs. Let me enlighten you with the unique design and style the product holds.


rug doctor pet portable cleaner review

I have no idea who was put in charge of body colors at Rug Doctor 93300 because they are not so appealing. It comes with a light neon green color brush. The body has two colors. On the top and front, there is pure white, and below the front and the entire back is of light red color.  

On both sides, it holds a 1.9L dirty and clean transparent water tank. Below the tanks, you can wrap the 1.7-meter hose.

The machine comes with a white and green colored brush. This brush does not include bristles instead it has rubber. The top green colored head is also a little transparent so you can see the stain or the spill sucked up.

Coming to its unique point. We have to address the elephant in the room. This machine comes with a retractable handle and wheels. So if you are looking to shift you’re cleaning from one room to the other you can easily do that by closing the machine and pulling out the handle. You do not have to lift the entire cleaner. This is quite a cool feature in its design. It helps you maneuver with ease and comfort. 


Rug doctor pet portable does not come with any attachments. Although you get its very doctor pure power pet stain & odor spot cleaning solution.

Features and Functions

Small and portable cleaners are cheap in price. Due to modern technology, these cleaners provide unique features.

Is the rug doctor able to clean off pets’ mess entirely so you and your family can have a healthy life? Is it light in weight? Here are the following features and functions of the product.

rug doctor pet portable cleaner unboxing
Credits: Emma

Portable, Lightweight, and Compact

The carpet friendly wheels and a retractable handle are hallmarks of its portability, and lightweight, compact design. The portable, dual-action pet tool captures pet hair and facilitates quick and simple cleanup.

Perfect for extensive cleaning or touch-ups, spring cleaning, or regular cleaning. It is really simple to move anywhere you need it because of its lightweight design, retractable handle, and carpet-friendly wheels.

Dual Action Handheld

The rubberized pet tool bristles eliminate odors, stubborn stains, and pet hair. It removes entrenched dirt, stains, and common pet messes like vomit and pets mess with ease.

Soft surfaces such as carpets, stairs, upholstery, mattresses, pet beds, auto interiors, and more are easily cleaned by this small, portable equipment. You need to use it along with rug doctor pure power pet stain & odor spot cleaning solution for optimal results.

Suction Power 2x

If you compare it to leading portable spot cleaners rug doctor pet cleaner is more powerful than them. For results of the highest caliber, use the rug doctor to thoroughly clean pet stains and odors.

Expertly Engineered

Get rid of the messiest pet accidents and ordinary spills from carpets, area rugs, carpeting, stairs, mattresses, pet beds, automobile interiors, and more. With a twin tank design, professional-grade cleaning keeps clean and filthy water separate.

For thorough cleaning results, use the rug doctor cleaner, which combines strong suction and a dual-action pet tool. It cleans thoroughly to get rid of entrenched dirt, spots, stains, and odors from common messes and pet messes.


The test was done on the carpet and you can see the results below.

rug doctor pet portable before and after test results.
Credits: Emma

Cleaning dark colored stains and spilling them off your carpet can be a little hassle with Rug Doctor, it will leave the stain there. But overall when it comes to performance metrics Rug Doctor holds average ratings.

UpholsteryFits Ratings

Suction Power3.5 / 5
Spot Clean4.2 / 5
Pets4.3 / 5
Upholstery3.1 / 5


When buying a carpet cleaner for your upholstery, don’t just consider the price tag – think about the strength of the machine as well. A powerful cleaner will be able to tackle even the toughest stains and grime, making it worth the investment in the long run.

  • Effective cleaning
  • Two-in-one
  • Carpet-friendly wheels and a retractable handle
  • Convenient storage

Effective cleaning: Rug Doctor portable gives powerful cleaning with 2x suction power, Using a Rug Doctor makes it simple to pick up and clear dust and grime. It quickly gathers dust and debris, which makes mopping the floor simpler because there is less mess to clear up.

Two-in-one: Dual action pet tool tackles pet hair and stains & odors, it gives a quick and easy wash anytime, anywhere.

Carpet-friendly wheels and a retractable handle: For easy maneuverability and mobility this machine is the best. You can easily retract the handle to avoid reclining this helps you to get the work done in less time.

This characteristic makes such vacuum cleaners particularly beneficial for the elderly who are unable to bend or expend too much energy, such as when dragging a heavy cleaner around the house.

Convenient storage: It should go without saying that this product is light due to its compact size. It can easily fit in your hands, so they don’t need to be carried upstairs.


It comes with some major design flaws. The soap tank needs to be filled by turning it upside down.

It’s got volume! By that, it’s loud. Don’t plan on cleaning anything at night if you have neighbors. Much louder than a Bissell.

The nozzle hose leaks sometimes which can be irritating. Other than that we have found no such flaws in this machine.

It is perfect most of the reviews are top-notch.

What Do Experts Say?

I know what you are thinking, how can one be sure if you want this product or not? Well, the answer to this is very simple and straightforward. Test results and performance are the two factors that tell you if rug doctor is compatible with you and if it can perform well on load.

Let me tell you what the top experts know about this product. This also covers the niche of the different users for your ease.

Based on actual testing, take a clear look you will know in which category you fall.

How do pet owners view Rug Doctor?

I had a review with pet owners, this is where the machine performed well. As it does not come with bristle brushes but rubber bristles, upon scrubbing the pet’s mess the machine removed every dirt mess.

If you want to clean small messes such as urine and dirty paw prints Rug Doctor can get the job done. It is considered ideal for it.

You will need to apply more pressure and a few passes before you can actually clean off the entire stain.

Moreover, it is highly suggested to use a solution with it.

Will it work for your auto interior?

Results are here by the auto experts using this cleaner. If you are new to detailing your auto interior and you are looking for a good cleaner. Then Rug Doctor is suggested. The simple the better.

There is a down-size to using this. The dampness it creates is a lot. The car chair gets wet. It will take more time to leave it for drying than to clean it.

Moreover leaving water residue is also a drawback when detailing. Therefore it is suggested but not recommended to use a rug doctor on car upholstery.

What does stay in Mom and Dad say about Rug Doctor?

Upon reviewing with a stay in home dads and moms the machine does perform well when it comes to small frequent spills and stains.

The main problem is the dirt left on the indoor carpet by small children after they played outside.  In a location where the weather was rainy most of the months. It happened frequently. Moreover, the wine spills from the party last night and the spoon of jam falling on the carpet in the morning was cherry on the top.

When it comes to cleaning the stairs rug doctor does a good job, but there is a drawback to it. The cord should be longer. The average number of steps is approximately 15 to 16 and the cord is not long enough.

How to Use Rug Doctor Pet Portable Cleaner

  1. There is no assembly required to fill the clean water tank by simply lifting the water tank straight up from the unit.
  2. Then unscrew the tap and pull the tube from the tank.
  3. Add hot tap water filling to the clean water line on the tank.
  4. Then add rug doctor solution and insert the tube in the tank and tighten it.
  5. Turn the tank upside down.
  6. Reinsert the tank by setting it straight down into the unit and pressing it down firmly.
  7. Lift the motorized brush from the unit and completely unwrap the flex hose from around the hose.
  8. Rotate the cord hose to release the power hose.
  9. Unwrap and plug it into the socket.
  10. Now start the machine and clean it.
  11. Once you are done remove the tank and empty it.

Best suitable users for Rug Doctor cleaner?

This rug doctor cleaner is small and portable, it is best for single pet families or couples. Although it is not strong as compared to big ones it gets the job done. Rug doctor reviews state it is not recommended for active day usage.

FAQs about Rug Doctor Pet Portable Cleaner

Does it have strong suction to remove pet accidents?

This machine is strong for its size. A convenient and compact design with plenty of suction for most spot cleaning needs including pets.

Can you leave the water/cleaner in it so it’s ready to go for spills or does it have to be emptied every time you use it?

It is not recommended, however, by measuring the tank lines and then reading the fine print on the bottle of soap to confirm that the ratio is 16 parts water to 1 part soap. So for small stains, use 2 cups of water and 1 ounce of soap. Then if you have to dump any leftovers, you’re not leaving very much.

Does it have a rinse cycle?

Although there isn’t a dedicated rinse cycle, you can rinse your carpet after cleaning by putting plain water in the soap reservoir. For a portable machine, it cleans incredibly well, and because of its stronger suction than others, less is left behind.

Can this be used without added cleaning solution?

Even while the machine can still be used with just water, the cleaning effectiveness will be reduced. It can also be used without a solution if you just want to use it to vacuum up water.


When it comes to having portable cleaners this rug doctor power suction might be a good choice in the market. It has a lightweight design capable of removing small stains.
There is no doubt that it is better than Bissell little green on the basis of customer reviews. But the price range has almost a double difference. If you are looking for a small portable machine for your household then you can buy this one.

This product works great. The wheels, pull handle, and lift handle – so this machine is perfect for mobility. True, it’s not built like it would have been the same even after ten years, but if you are careful then plastic should last.

Bottom Line

Note that the powerful suction will be the same but you can get a few more attachments with Bissell and Hoover. Therefore the choice is entirely dependent on you whether you should buy it or not.

Is it Worth the High Price Tag?

This is the end where you get to decide whether you want this product or not. It has its ups and down. Based on our detailed testing and research I have shown you the points and facts which no one can. Instead of binge-watching long reviews on YouTube and reading the expert opinion from multiple websites I have wrapped all the unique information to you here in this article. This is because it takes me months to study, test, and get an expert-level opinion.

The price tag can hit you a lot but if you a comfortable with getting a compact-sized smaller cleaner I suggest you get this product. Since it can be easily stored.

Rug Doctor is not new in the market it is therefore a while. Over time it has outgrown many of its competitors. 

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