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26 Popular Types of Chairs For Living Rooms

Looking for the most popular types of chairs? The list will give an insight into different styles of chairs for your living room. Read more

26 Popular Types of Chairs For Living Rooms

A person always looks for comfort in the living room. They want to sit back and relax; sip a coffee cup or read a book. A good choice of chair can be their best companion.

Whether it’s just a showpiece in his lounge or a day and night partner in the sleepless nights, a comfortable chair is a must-have.

A living room chair can improve your sitting posture and calm your nerves. A great collection of chairs can come in handy when a large number of guests arrive at your house.

Pairing up chairs with other different furniture items is a great hobby and an art. The aesthetics that cast magic on one’s mind are breathtaking.

Different Types of Chairs For Your Home (With Pictures)

After detailed research, a list of types of chairs for the living room is given down below. A few are really stylish and modern, while the rest are traditional designs that evoke a sense of calmness in your mind. Keep an eye out for the chair which matches your style and taste.

Armless Chairs

armless chairs for living rooms

An armless chair is a go-to chair in most households. It can not only be found on dining tables but also on office desks. Its compact design facilitates the user to put it anywhere in his house with great ease and comfort.

These chairs can be carved out of different materials, such as Vinyl, Fabric, or Mesh. The chair can be a 360-degree swivel, just like any ergonomic chair, or can be a static one. These chairs are very comfortable. If made out of fabric, the chair can have exquisite designs embossed over it. The chairs can be value to money in a cozy house.

The chairs can range from being economical on wallets to being a bit expensive. But this vibrant type of chair can do well in the house. The support in these chairs is normal, so better not to recline over them much if they are not ergonomic chairs.

Reading Chair

reading chairs for your living rooms

A person always looks for a comfortable seat while reading. This chair is made purely for providing solace to the mind and support to the back. There is no compromise in the comfort level of these chairs. The curved back on these chairs provides extra support.

The chairs may or may not have a stool for legs. The reading chairs have purely a modular design and are carved for modern homes. The tapered legs in most of the chairs provide good control, great resistance, and balance. The chairs are mostly made out of fabric.

The perfect accent designs make these chairs the most demanding ones in the market. The price of the chair might be a bit high if we go for a more sleek and mod design chair.

Side Chair

side chairs for your living room

A side chair is a most commonly used chair. It may or may not have arm support. It mostly has upholstered seats for the user. But, that’s not always the case. Though, it’s not covered with padding or anything more comfortable normally, yet, it’s comfortable enough.

These chairs can mostly be seen in a dining room. As, we can infer from the name, sometimes these chairs are placed aside in a house or can be found at the place of the head of the table. The chair is made of a solid frame. As these chairs are versatile and can be moved around in the household, their style can be a bit mediocre.

These chairs can be carved out of wood, leather, or acrylic. The price tag of these chairs shouldn’t concern much, as these chairs are a bit cheaper as compared to the rest of the chairs.

Ottoman Chair

ottomon chairs for living rooms

We have seen a seating area with sectionals that are wrapped around three sections of a wall, which is the basic form of an ottoman chair. These chairs have historic designs that evolved. The modern designs follow the same set of rules, i.e cover less space and provide more functions.

Nowadays these chairs are bi-functional chairs. They can act as part-time padded seating benches or coffee tables. These chairs are the best solution to space problems in smaller houses or apartments. The chair can be a real savior when you have more guests and less seating space.

They can come with a stool for resting the feet while you relax back and sit without any discomfort. The seats with footstools are upholstered at a lower angle. A few ottoman chairs are built with hidden compartments inside them so, you can stash your stuff in them.

Modern Chair

modern chair for living room

A modern chair is a unique chair that is a result of advancement in the field of technology. The new era modernized the style and concept of furniture that we used. The simpler chairs evolved into dainty and ornate chairs. It is a must-buy for anyone who is looking to modernize his household.

The modern chair is best suited to the needs of a consumer. Modernity has propelled its design as well as comfort level. These chairs are iconic and reflect much about human history. The design flaunts the lush colors and the modernity of the chair. A modern chair can be any but, it just has style and an aura of modern touch added to it.

An egg chair is an example of a modern chair. These chairs are best for stylish cafes or if you just want to add some unique style to your patio or lounge. The price tag of chairs might want you to dig deeper into your wallets.


armchair for living room

An armchair has added comfort for the user. You can easily place your arms on the given support for the arms. It has a mechanism that helps one to lay back and recline it. Its height can be adjusted by the mechanism provided at its back most of the time. A rocking chair is an example of an armchair.

These chairs are more often found in offices. They have extra comfort added to them. Sofas in your lounge are also the form of an armchair. The padding in armchairs is comfortable enough for the person to relax. They can be made out of fabric, mesh, or some textile stuff.

The size of these chairs makes them perfect for lounge chairs or you can entertain your guests over these chairs. They are sturdy and have rugged designs. These chairs are also used on lawns and can be made up of plastic. These chairs give you many options to choose from, so the budget might not be an issue.

Slipper Chair

popular slipper chairs for living room

If you are a lover of the Victorian era and love some accent furniture in your room or lounge, this chair might be it for you. It comes in different sizes that range from medium to large. It is an upholstered chair that has no arms. It has a seat that is lowered to the ground.

This chair comes in unique designs that add some flair to its looks. The curved legs and patterned fabric just add spice to the look of a slipper chair. It can be a great addition to the corner of your dining room or even a bathroom. It can cover any unused area and make it look ravishing.

These chairs are extremely cozy and one can read his book for hours sitting on them. A slipper chair has bold patterns and designs so it’s a must-have in rooms that are decorated with neutral tones.

Traditional Chair

traditional chairs for your living room

A traditional chair is for people that love old-fashioned furniture. Made up of handcrafted dark wood, it’s a perfect choice. The chairs have a Gothic or Victorian look. They are durable and sturdy as they are made up of thick wood. These chairs have details and are often wrapped in silk cloths.

The patterns are sometimes made by engraving on wood. This regal chair creates a sense of sophistication in your lounge or dining area. The Chippendale chairs are true examples of unique traditional chairs. The chair has added styling to it. Curved legs, paint job at the back, or engraving are some of them.

Although these chairs can withstand any harshness but should not be moved without reason, unlike other chairs. These chairs have a hefty price tag. These chairs add a sense of royalty to your space.

Upholstered Bench

upholstered bench for living room

An upholstered bench has diversified uses. It can be placed anywhere in homes. It can come in different sizes. Some are as big as a couch, others are as small as a stool. If you are looking for an appealing stool that has a moderate comfort level, then this is a perfect match for you. It can help you sit in front of the mirror while you do your makeup.

The bench can be placed near your kitchen counter while you serve your kids food. It occupies very less space compared to other chairs or benches. It can easily slide under the tables. The color combination of these benches adds a unique blend to your house. The benches can be used either in school or at home. It also adds more seating capacity for the occupants.

These benches can also be known as day beds. It can also be used as a table for coffee. Hence, making it a multipurpose furniture item.

Accent Chairs

accent chairs for living room

Looking for a chair with a purpose? Look no further because the accent chair has got you covered. The basic purpose of an accent chair is to give add vibrant color to spaces with monotone themes. This chair is an eye grabber. It can complement styling and decor.

It can come in various sizes so; it can cover your living area quite easily. It can be placed in the corner and you can sit back and relax on it. These chairs have exotic themes, which may or may not match other furniture placed in the surroundings.

The general rule is to put it in a space, where you want to add colors. You can add throw pillows with it, giving it more comfort and style.

Dining Room Chair

A dining room chair is very comfortable. You can sit on it and enjoy food with your family. It provides elongated back support as it has a long back and a padded seat. The dining chair can be an upholstered chair, traditional, or modern and sleek-looking chair. So, you got a bundle of options in dining chairs. Their versatility adds a positive point to their use.

Casual dining chairs can be used as a sitting tool in the lounge as well. It has one style of design I.e., elongated back. The chair is made up of wood most of the time. It can be engraved or non-engraved. Lesser leg styling is done in dining chairs.

The chair may have a wooden back or, the back can be padded with cushioning. The entry-level dining room chair doesn’t cost a lot. So, there is plenty to choose from!

Chesterfield Chair

chesterfield chair for living room

Known for its rolled arms and grace, this chair is a symbol of royalty. This chair has a great size. The chair is mostly covered in leather. The arms on a chesterfield chair are at the same height as its back. It has button tufting all over its back, which gives it a unique and stylish look.

It can be placed on a wooden wall and provide a huge sitting space for guests. Due to its grandeur size, it needs to be placed in big seating spaces.

If you have a big lounge, then this is the go-to chair for you. It provides very comfortable sitting. The seat of the chair is plush and one can just sit in it comfortably. The legs of a chesterfield chair are small compared to its size but, that’s what makes its design unique.

Chair and a Half

chair and a half for living room

Are you thinking about some renovation in your lounge? Why not add a chair and a half? It’s a chair with extreme comfort levels. It’s wider than normal chairs but a bit narrow. It’s got deep seats in which you can sit in any style you want to.

This chair can come with a reclining mechanism as well, adding extra mobility to it for its users. It can be adjusted in any room. Either it’s a living room or your bedroom or guestroom. It performs an astonishing factor for its users, some of its models can be converted into sleeping sofas.

So, if you want to enjoy your snacks or your movie while taking a bit nap this chair might be for you! It has a stiff back with various cushion options. The chair may or may not have arms.

Wingback Chair

wingback chair for living room

Comfort is a priority while reading a book. The wingback chair has been a choice for libraries and sitting areas by consumers. This chair has curved wings at its back, near the head. The purpose of these wings is to accumulate all the heat near the person sitting on them.

The chair has huge in size with small toes underneath. The toes are mostly carved out of wood. The chair is made up of leather. It’s the first choice of people who want to enjoy the fireplace on cold nights. It can be placed instead of a head chair on a dining table.

The coziness of this chair is remarkable and, it can be a great addition to your bedroom as well. The chair can come with lowered armrests or a bit of raised armrest.

Club Chair

club chairs for living room

If you want to be rescued from your hectic daily routine when you enter your home, then this chair is for you. It has thick padding all around, making it a very cozy and comfortable companion. It is made up of leather and has enough seats for relaxing.

It has a low back. You can open up a drink and share it with your love on a Sunday evening on this chair. This chair will never let u feel a hint of tiredness. These chairs now come in swivel club chairs or even reclining club chairs. The armrests give you enough place for your arms. The elegance added to the room is yet another feature of this contemporary chair.

The chair can also become a part of your everyday lifestyle. It’s a classical decoration piece which is a must-have!

Eames Chair

eames chairs for living room

A living room chair is known for its modern look. Made out of leather and wood, with an ottoman with it. The Eames chair is considered an iconic furniture item from the beginning of its manufacturing. It’s a really special lounge chair. They have tufted back seats and huge armrests. It’s a very warm and cozy chair.

It is carved out of plywood and vinyl. The chair can brighten up the look of your lounge. Its unique design can be a source of compliment for your guests. One can sit back on the chair and relax his feet on the ottoman. The feet or stand of the chair and the ottoman is made up of Aluminum.

Though the chair has a staggering price tag, it’s still a choice for many households. It can be a replacement for sleepers.

Chaise Longue

chaise lounge for living room

If space is not an issue, one can surely opt for a chaise longue. The upholstered sofa is the shape of a chair that is elongated horizontally. The chaise lounge chair brings you the option of lying down without a bed. It doesn’t provide discomfort. It can have two rests or just one rest on one of its sides. The chaise chair is referred to as a day bed.

This piece of furniture has pretty historic significance. If you’re a fan of history and extreme comfort, then this chair might be for you. It has small legs. The armrest can become a headrest if you lie down. The structure is made out of wood and the padding is some stiff stuff.

It’s a must-have if you want to relax in your lounge while reading a book or sipping your coffee.

Occasional Chair

occasional chairs for living room

A handy chair that can be moved easily. It doesn’t require a special setup. You just can place it anywhere or in any room according to your need. It can be used to entertain your guests if you need an extra chair.

It can slide under a desk and become your study chair. You can also use it to sit back and watch a movie. It’s versatile and just like a small couch and accent chair, that can add beauty to your living area. The chair provides extreme comfort due to its soft cushioning. The back of the chair is moderate in size. The person can get squished into it as he sits. The warmth of this chair is mind-blowing. It may or may not have armrests. It can be a special addition to your furniture list.


loveseat chair for living room

How about a sip of tea with your partner in cloudy weather? A loveseat will take care of that. It’s a two-seated upholstered sofa. It’s a fine sofa for two people who can easily sit and enjoy good times.

It can come in a conventional sofa style or an S-shaped sofa where two people can talk to each other face-to-face. It’s a seat known for lovers. The Loveseat is quite comfortable and can be placed in a living room. It gives extra sensation to the space and mostly comes in two vibrant colors such as pink or red.

Although, the loveseat has small legs. But the armrests are a must-have in this seat. If you are looking for a couch that occupies lesser space, then a loveseat is the one!


recliner chair for living room

So are you soon going to retire or you stress a lot? Then a recliner is a good option for you. The seat has a huge size. It has good enough options. The headrest can recline back and the footrest can extend upwards, giving relaxation to the mind as well as the body.

The seat is operated through a lever. It is yet another option as a sleeper in a lounge. While reading a book a nap can be a good option on it. These chairs are found in most places such as trains, planes or buses, etc. Besides, a good recliner can be your assistant that can have automatic heating.

Message options and vibration are also added to soothe your nerves. If space is an issue, but you still want a sleeper in your house, go for the recliner. It’s got all the comfort that you need.

Barcelona Chair

barcelona chairs for living room

A Barcelona chair is an option for those who love unique things. It has a quite famous design. The seamless look it gives out is remarkable. Two flat steel bars support it. The seat is upholstered to give it a comfortable design.

The seats are made up of leather, giving it a pretty chic look. The cushions are stuffed with foam. The unique design will surely rock your taste buds if you are a collector. The chair has a famous French design.

If you want some chairs for your patio, then the Barcelona chair might be it. The chair would look gorgeous sitting on green grass too. But a chair is a high-class object so, it comes with a big price tag. Some Barcelona chair also has an ottoman for the legs. It’s also not a bad choice for your lounge.

Stressless Chair

stressless chairs for living room

This chair can be a great addition to your household. It guarantees to relieve the stress of the user. It can be a great companion in hard times as well. It is a great sleeper as well. There is no better option if you are watching TV or listening to some music.

The stressless chair can provide you with extreme comfort and support. It will surely make you forget the stress on your shoulders. It is a type of recliner that has an extremely good balance so, your sleeping posture won’t matter. The chair is so comfortable that it makes you feel like you’re floating in the clouds.

The chair can come with an ottoman as well as an adjustable headrest setting. Also, the stressless chair comes in various sizes and is sure to cast a spell of comfort and relief on your mind.

Bergère Chair

bergère chairs for living room

A Bergère Chair is known for its design. It is closed from the sides with upholstered seating. The back is also upholstered with armrests, residing on the upholstered frame of the chair. The chair is mostly made up of wood.

The design of the chair is flawless. It’s a formal chair that has a deep design for sitting, is very mobile, and can be moved around according to the needs. The back and seat are covered in fine fabric. There can be cravings on the wooden frame of the chair. Lovers of French style would surely love it.

If you want a bit of informal design, you can get that too. The high and low seat designs are its key features. The versatility of this chair lets you put it anywhere. The antique designs are a bit hard to find but you can opt for them.

Lawson Chair

lawson chairs for living room

Why not look for a much simpler chair, that provides all the comfort? Lawson’s chair has a deep seat and a high back. Its arms are much lower than the back. It’s a box-shaped chair. The pillows or cushioning are box-shaped.

The deep back allows you to sit comfortably. It doesn’t matter what your size is the chair can easily accommodate you and your needs. A Lawson is a sleek and modern sofa that can be placed anywhere. Some of these are wide and the legs are tapered.

Originally, it had three pillows surrounding the person sitting over it. The lawson chair gives a bit of sophistication to your sitting area. It can come in a bundle of styles, that can be coupled with your settings. It can either be as huge as a sofa or as small as a chair.

Barrel Chair

barrell chair for living rooms

When you are eyeing something with a contemporary style, a barrel chair should be your choice. It has a semi-circular back, that has an upholstered frame with armrests attached to it. They are all composed into a single frame.

It occupies a mediocre space, gives a sense of relief to the user, and has a transitional style. The chair has comfortable thick seat cushions, that allow a great deal of comfort. The design is firm and gives a good grip. It’s a great option for the living room. It can come in handy when a large number of guests arrive.

The chair is a good reading chair as well. An accent pillow with this chair might just pull off a great design to enhance the beauty of your room. The chair has deep seating. It gives a good space for taller people as well.

English Rolled Arm

english rolled arm chair

An English-rolled arm is a deep-seat sofa. It has a tight back, signature rolled arms, and the perfect sofa for daily use. It has a classic English style, that will suit your taste buds. The English-rolled comes with two upholstered sofa cushions for seating.

The armrests are not attached to the back in a single-frame design. The sofa provides an exquisite look on a budget. Not only the legs of the sofa can be curved or straight tapered, but the added pillows can also add great comfort to it.

It occupies a great space so, it’s handy in handling a large number of guests. It can also have three cushions for seating hence, differentiating it from the Loveseat. If you want a traditional English rolled arm, better go for one with turned legs. It is a daily choice so, it is budget-friendly.


A comfortable piece of furniture is a must-have. The list gave an insight into different styles of chairs that can be used. Every chair has different purposes and different styles of use. Getting a suitable chair that matches your taste is hard to find.

Choosing the right chair is a difficult decision. After going through these details, the choice would be easier for you. An ideal chair fits one’s style and taste along with the level of comfort their body requires. It can enhance the mental and physical health of a person.

Look for the most suitable option for yourself today, and purchase without any doubt or delay. The ever-changing furniture industry has a lot of options to choose from. Modernize yourself with this changing world but adopt this style without compromising on comfort and give yourself a better lifestyle; A lifestyle with leisure and full of relief.

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