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A Complete Buying Guide For Perfect Cotton Upholstery

As cotton is a popular choice for upholstery fabric. Therefore, buying guide for a cotton upholstery is essential, or else you might end up buying the wrong type of cotton fabric. Read more

A Complete Buying Guide For Perfect Cotton Upholstery

Cotton is the world’s most used fabric to date. This would make it even easier for every buyer to get the best cotton. But guess what? We are not as old as cotton, and just like we don’t know the history of the world, we might also not know the features of good cotton fabric for upholstery.

So here we are to make this easier for you. Worry not, there are a few simple features that you might have already heard of while buying cotton sheets.

Before we start, I have some advice for you. To get the best cotton fabric for upholstery, it is best to explore the types of cotton fabrics for upholstery. With a proper understanding of each type, one will choose better.


Why are we all talking about upholstery? Obviously to make our homes look good. So when talking about it, how can we forget about the designs?

So the first thing to check when buying cotton is the design. Now, there are two types of designs in cotton fabric, it can either be the print on the fabric or the design on the thread.

It can be a plain weave or a satin weave. However, when it comes to upholstery, no one would bother that much.

But the only difference that you might be able to feel is the feeling. The plain weave doesn’t have many top threads, while the satin weave comes with several top threads. This gives a silky feeling. It depends on your personal choice, but there is always room for change.

Now coming towards the second type of design, that are the ones you see. Cotton is available in either jacquard or prints.

Here again, the personal choice formula will work. You need to think about what you want. If there are kids, then a jacquard fabric is not the best option.

Frequency of Use

To find out which cotton fabric type will suit a certain room; you need to read about the types of cotton fabrics available. If you are searching for a cloth that would be used to cover the drawing room’s sofa, then the light fabric would be fine.

On the other hand, if it is for the kid’s room, then you must go for the more durable options. There is no debate about it, as no one wants to change or search for new upholstery fabric every other year. This has to be sustained for over years.

Safety of Use

If you are buying cotton upholstery fabric for adults, who can read and understand the precautions, then there are no restrictions. Choose any fabric you like; however, if it is for only those who know how to prevent any damage.

When you need to purchase fabric for your kids, it is very important to consider the mental capacity of the user. You cannot force them to follow precautions, therefore, it is better to avoid the delicate cotton fabric for upholstery.

Then another thing to note is inflammability. If any type of cotton fabric is inflammable. Then chances are that you need to avoid giving it to your kids or place it somewhere where there is fire.

Cotton is Easier to Maintain

Why would you purchase any cotton fabric that would be difficult to clean? Of course, it will be stupidity. Therefore, you need to understand the ease of cleaning.

Here again, you will need to consider the type of use. For an office, any cotton fabric that is difficult to clean will be unsuitable.


The most important thing is your budget. Thankfully, cotton is available in abundance, and people can easily purchase any type of cotton fabric for upholstery. Now, it clearly means that as compared to all other fabrics, cotton fabric for upholstery is cheaper and affordable. So you can buy it easily. However, it is recommended to keep a tight budget, because most of the time people tend to splurge in this case.

You can have a meeting with an interior designer to give you an approximate quote for the fabric. Also, it is very subjective, because it depends on the number of sofas or articles you need to cover and the regional prices for cotton sheets.

Buying From the Brands

Another important thing that many people do not consider is buying from a brand. You need to choose a well-known brand, firstly because it will help you to choose better.

Cotton upholstery brands will guide you while you search for your favorite material. Also, they have good e-commerce systems, for customer care and satisfaction.

Secondly, the branded fabric will come with care labels, unlike the local ones. It will also help you to understand the nature and use of the fabric.

Lastly, many brands offer good after-purchase services. These are necessary for upholstery fabrics like they might give you a coupon for annual upholstery cleaning.


When purchasing online, it is better to choose fabrics with a warranty. You never know if the cloth was damaged when on its way to your home.

Therefore, you should think of the warranty too.

If you are unable to find any warranty, then directly call the sellers. They might guide you in that case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to buy upholstery cloth online?

Yes, it is pretty easy to buy it online, but you need to ascertain that the seller is trustworthy.

Should I buy upholstery fabric from a brand?

It is preferable to purchase upholstery fabric from a brand instead of going to local sellers.

How many types of cotton upholstery fabric are available?

There are nearly eight types of cotton upholstery fabric available in the market.


Purchasing cotton fabric for upholstery demands the active involvement of the buyer. Therefore, the buyer must be aware of his situation and needs. Otherwise, he might spend his money on the wrong type of cotton fabric. We have enumerated a few necessary things to check before buying any type of cotton fabric for upholstery.



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