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The Best Upholstered Bar Stools: The Definitive Guide

In this article, I will tell you about the 6 best upholstered bar stools, how comfortable they are, their weight capacity, and the material used for their construction. Read more

The Best Upholstered Bar Stools: The Definitive Guide

If you’re looking to buy an upholstered bar stool for yourself and you want to know about some important characteristics of it, this article will help you a lot.

Bar stools are an important piece of furniture to buy.

Therefore, I have tested out a few and did my in-depth research. Having conversations with wood experts and designers.

Let me tell you a few things you should know.

Here, you will learn everything about bar upholstered stools.

What are the factors I have based my research on? Here are a few:

  • Height of stool
  • Comfort
  • Maintenance and Stain Resistance
  • Weight Capacity
  • Fabric and Tufting
  • Cons
  • Cleaning and Care Tips

By reading this article, you will be able to figure out that among the 6 best upholstered stools which is the best overall, which is the best upholstery bar, best luxury bar stool, best swivel bar stool, best outdoor bar stool, and the best leather bar stool.

You will be able to make a well-known decision regarding which stool is the best for you.

Top Line: Which is the Best Overall?

It is known as the best overall from the list of benches for a number of reasons which I’ll let you know below:

  • This dining chair set of 2 has a simple color and a plain appearance alongside its leather upholstered back which makes it modern and comfortable.
  • It is pretty easy to assemble because all the parts of this chair set are shipped in one box which can be put together in no time.
  • The stains from the dining chair can be cleaned easily without any hard effort.
  • These chairs are designed to have a low weight and they can handle a static load of about 300 pounds with ease.

Let’s move ahead in understanding all the characteristics of the best-upholstered dining chairs in the market right now.

wupoto upholstery bar stools

Wupoto Bar Stools Set of 1

  • Best Overall upholstered bar stool.
  • Very comfortable.

Let’s start with the upholstered stool which is considered to be the best overall.

Wupoto Bar Stool is considered to be the best upholstered bar stool with arms due to certain facts.

They are mentioned below:

  • This stool has adjustable plastic pads equipped on feet which will make it stable and sturdy on uneven surfaces.
  • It can be assembled in a short time because of the clear and distinct instructions.
  • It has a 360-degree swivel function which enables you to rotate the stool to any angle of your choice.

Cushioning and Comfort

The backrest and the seat of this stool are filled with soft high-density sponge which provides a comfortable sitting experience.

The material used for the seat is wood, faux leather, and sponge.

The seat is soft and comfy and doesn’t provide any kind of discomfort to you.

Moreover, the ergonomic design of the chair enables you to maintain a proper posture while sitting and the backrest assists you in the process.

You can place your legs on the metal footrest to relax them and the adjustable plastic pads make the stool stable on uneven floors and you won’t feel any type of wobbliness.

Maintenance and Stain Resistance

These bar stools are easy to maintain and you can take care of them without any difficulties.

But you should know the points mentioned below to ensure proper maintenance of the stool:

  • Keep on checking the screws fitted in the assembly of the stool and tighten them if they’re loose.
  • When the stool is not being used, place a plastic sheet on it to protect the leather and the wood from scratches and from catching dust.
  • Vacuum the back as well as the seat of the stool after some time to get rid of the dirt and in order to keep it neat and clean.

Faux leather is used for the seat construction which provides high stain resistance.

If your stool gets different stains like food stains, mud, wine stains, etc. you can wipe them off by using a mild upholstered detergent with a soft cloth.

This stool is difficult to stain.

Fabric and Tufting

Talking about the fabric and tufting of this stool, it has a beige-colored seat made up of faux leather and a highly resilient sponge.

The sponge is soft which makes the backrest and the seat of the stool comfortable to sit on.

A diamond design is tufted on the back of the stool which looks rather modern with the wood assembly and it adds to the softness and strength of the stool i.e., the tufting is done nicely with high-quality thread and it makes the back of the chair really soft.


High-quality wood is used for making the assembly of the stool. Wood has screws fitted in them which hold the entire frame of the stool together.

The metal footrest provides a resting place for your feet and adds to the durability of the stool.

The adjustable plastic pads on the feet will make the stool stable on uneven floors and as a result, your stool will last longer even in rough conditions.

Due to the wood used, it can easily handle a large weight load of about 250 pounds.


Besides it being the best overall stool it has flaws in it. The cons of this stool are given below:

  • This stool is expensive as compared to other bar stools which would be unaffordable to many buyers.
  • The seat width is kind of less and it might cause a problem if you occupy a large sitting space.

Cleaning and Care Tips

When it comes to cleaning this stool, the process is really simple.

You can wipe clean off the stains from the surface without using much force.

You should vacuum clean the stool often to get rid of the dust and dirt particles to keep the stool clean and maintain its quality.

brage living room bar stool

Brage Living Swivel Bar Stool

  • Best bar stool with back.
  • Comes with premium fabric.

Next up on the list is the best upholstery bar stool.

Brage Living stool is known to be the best upholstered bar stools with backs for the following reasons:

  • The thick padded cushion with a button tufted back gives it a modern mid-century style, due to which it can be used in places like the kitchen counter, home bar, dining room, etc.
  • Its 360-degree swivel feature helps you rotate the chair freely and the height of the stool can be adjusted easily.

Cushioning and Comfort

The seat is made up of high-quality linen fabric which makes it comfortable and durable.

The resilient sponge used in the cushion allows you to enjoy a soft and comfy experience throughout.

You can adjust the height of the seat to the point where you find it comfortable to sit on and the overall metal frame of this stool provides a strong and sturdy base which reduces the shaking effects.

Maintenance and Stain Resistance

You should keep certain points in mind for the maintenance of this bar stool:

  • Avoid the stool from getting in contact with moisture as it may cause the base to get rusted.
  • The screws should be tightened after some time to prevent the stool from falling apart.
  • Wipe off the dust from the surface of the seat and shift the place occasionally to keep the stool neat and clean.

The button tufted design along with the high-quality linen fabric used for the upholstery of the stool is prone to getting stained, it might get stains but they can be treated easily using a soft cloth and cleaning solutions.

Fabric and Tufting

The thick padded cushion is filled with a soft sponge to make it comfortable for you.

The fabric used provides resistance to aggressive touches, it is worn-proof and is durable.

The back of the stool has a button-tufted design with a high backrest. This tufting is done with soft material and it makes the backrest soft and comfortable for you to just sit back and relax.


As the frame of this vintage bar stool is made up of high-quality metal, this makes the stool strong and sturdy. It can handle a large static load easily.

The linen fabric and the thick padded cushion make the seat comfortable and soft and it lasts longer in terms of lifespan.

The base is really strong and its height can be adjusted easily which makes it durable for different surfaces.

The tufted back with two arms supports and swivel function adds to the durability of the stool.


Now let’s talk about some major cons of this stool:

  • The width of the seat is not sufficient and it would cause an issue if you’re tall and strong.
  • The stool doesn’t have a lock to stop it from rotating and when you sit on the seat it keeps on moving on its own.
  • The base of the stool is pretty small and it might tip over if you try to lean down while sitting on it.

Cleaning and Care Tips

The linen fabric of this chair can be cleaned by using an upholstery cleaning tool, you just need to brush off all the dirt and dust with the cleaning tool.

Remember not to put a lot of loads on this stool as it might cause damage to the base of the stool and would result in it becoming unstable.

vogue furniture bar stools

Vogue Furniture Bar Stool

  • Best luxury upholstered bar stool.

In this portion, I will be telling you some facts and information regarding the best luxury bar stool.

Vogue Furniture Fabric Bar Stool is considered to be the best upholstered swivel bar stool because of the following reasons:

  • The height of this stool can be adjusted from 23.5’’ to 32’’ and vice versa using a safe gas lift lever.
  • The 360-degree swivel makes it easy for you to use it for multiple purposes and provides you convenience.
  • This stool has a sturdy metal frame and a chrome base which makes it stable and durable.

Cushioning and Comfort

The cushion is made up of a resilient sponge which provides you with a comfortable sitting experience. It uses faux leather to make the seat resistant to stains and makes the seat soft and comfy.

This stool has a radian surface which enables proper body support and you won’t feel any strain or discomfort while sitting on it.

The stool can be adjusted to a comfortable height by a gas lift lever.

The 360-degree swivel provides convenience and ease of use.

Maintenance and Stain Resistance

This grey bar stool can be maintained over a period of time easily. You should keep on checking all the parts of the stool often to prevent it from falling apart.

You can clean the seat and the back with a wipe cloth to get rid of any potential dirt and dust.

In order to protect it from scratches, you can wrap it up with a plastic sheet that will work as a protective shield.

You can use a cleaner to keep the stool clean at all times.

The faux leather used for the upholstery provides resistance to even tough stains and stains like chocolate stains, wine stains, and food stains can be cleaned off easily using a suitable cleaner.

Fabric and Tufting

The seat of the stool is upholstered with soft and comfortable black colored fabric.

The seat is filled with highly resilient foam of good thickness to make it soft so you can enjoy a stress-free experience.

The fabric is backed up with high-quality faux leather to add that extra protective layer for the stool.

The radian seat along with the shell back uses the soft fabric to support your back and provide you a resting environment.

When it comes to the tufting, the seat is kept simple and the proper stitching holds the entire seat together.


A high-quality metal is used to make the stool frame. The stool frame is strong and sturdy and it holds out in rough conditions.

The chrome base along with the non-slip rubber ring makes the stool sturdier and adds to its durability of the stool.

The faux leather prevents the stool from getting stained and increases its longevity.

The adjustable height makes it durable for multiple purposes.

The thick padded cushion makes the surface soft and durable for a prolonged time period.


When it comes to its luxurious looks it stands out the most, but keeping this aside it has some major flaws which are given below:

  • This stool is unstable and it would be dangerous to sit on it for a long period of time.
  • The backrest doesn’t provide sufficient height to support your back and it will cause discomfort for you.
  • The build quality of the stool is rather cheap and its quality starts decreasing in just a short matter of time.

Cleaning and Care Tips

This stool can be cleaned by using a dry cloth.

You can just rub off the dust and dirt from the seat, or you can also use a small portable cleaner to thoroughly clean the stool.

When it comes to choosing a material to clean your stool, remember not to use a wet cloth as it will cause damage to the seat and might ruin the quality also don’t apply much force while cleaning.

oiiokuku bar stools

Oiiokuku Bar Stools Set of 2

  • Best swivel bar stool.
  • Fine design.

Now comes the best swivel bar stool on the market. Oiiokuku Bar Stool is the best upholstered bar stool set of 2 because of the following characteristics:

  • This stool features a spacious backrest and provides a soft upholstered seat to enjoy a comfortable experience.
  • The strong and sturdy metal frame of this stool increases the durability of this stool and it lasts longer.
  • It is pretty lightweight which allows you to easily carry and handle it.

Cushioning and Comfort

You can enjoy a comfortable experience with polyurethane upholstery done on the seat.

The padding of the seat is done with soft foam to make your experience more comfortable.

The 360-degree swivel helps you move in any direction you want easily.

Oiiokuku Bar Stools Set has a comfortable height and a 105-degree back support that assists you in resting your back.

The ergonomic design ensures that you keep a good posture at all times while sitting on it. You can rest your feet on the metal frame and sit freely with no strain or stress.

Maintenance and Stain Resistance

If you want to maintain the quality and strength of this velvet bar stool, you should opt to remember certain points of crucial importance:

  • You should avoid getting this stool in contact with water as it will produce rust on the metal frame and ruin the quality.
  • You should often check the screws and bolts and keep them tightened up at all times to save the stool from falling down.
  • Applying polish to the metal frame will sustain the quality and it will act as a protective layer to prevent its contact with moisture.

Along with the soft foam padding, the usage of faux leather for the upholstery makes this stool resistant to a number of stains including juice stains, food stains, wine stains, etc.

Due to the usage of high-quality fabric and leather, your stool will resist these stains.

Fabric and Tufting 

The seat of the stool is tufted with a simple design. The stool is upholstered with light brown colored faux leather and the seat is filled with soft foam padding to make it soft and comfortable.

The tufting done is of high quality which holds the fabric together with the stool and increases longevity. Besides faux leather, polyurethane is also used to make it comfortable and stain-resistant.


The metal frame with its four legs spreading out adds to the durability factor of the stool and increases its sturdiness and strength as well.

The comfortable height of this stool makes it stable and it can handle a large static load of about 180 pounds.

The legs are equipped with foot caps to reduce the wobbliness and the material lasts longer.

The faux leather lasts longer and the quality of the stool is maintained throughout.


This bar stool irrespective of its impressive features has certain drawbacks which are given below:

  • This stool doesn’t provide an armrest for you to rest your arms on which might come in handy in terms of comfortability.
  • The height of this stool is fixed and it cannot be adjusted according to your own choice.
  • The stool’s back is not comfortable and it might cause discomfort and strain in your back.

Cleaning and Care Tips

The tufted seat of this stool can be cleaned by using a dry cloth to wipe off the dust, dirt, or any dry stains with no effort at all.

You can take care of the surface of the stool by covering it with a protective sheet and you can take care of the metal frame by applying polish.

nathan james upholstered bar stool

Nathan James Upholstered Bar Stool

  • Best upholstered bar stool with back.
  • Suitable for kitchen.

Next up on the list is the best outdoor stool.

Nathan James stool is considered to be the best upholstered bar stool for the kitchen. Some properties of this stool are mentioned below:

  • This stool uses reinforced flax fabric to keep the back in good shape.
  • James Linus upholstered bar stool provides a thick and durable cushion that is comfortable and soft.
  • It can be easily assembled and due to its lightweight, it can be handled with ease.

Cushioning and Comfort

For the cushioning of this seat, cream-colored fabric is used which is soft and comfortable.

The seat is filled with foam of high density and it has a moderate thickness.

The wooden frame provides sturdiness and strength and it lasts longer.

The two legs at the back are spread out to make the stool stable.

Maintenance and Stain Resistance

This stool is relatively easy to maintain. The wood of the stool can be taken care of by using a polish.

The polish will protect the surface from getting stained and it will make it durable.

Position this stool in a place to avoid its contact with water.

The fabric used is not highly stain resistant because no leather is used but it blocks out a variety of stains.

Fabric and Tufting

The linen fabric of cream color is used for the upholstery of this stool. The seat is filled with foam of high density to make it soft and comfortable.

The tuffing on the surface is done properly and fine-quality of thread is used for the tuffing which holds the fabric firmly with the wooden frame of the stool.

The backrest of the stool is upholstered with the same linen fabric to make it comfy and soft.


The frame of this stool is made up of wood of fine quality. The back two legs of the stool are spread out to make it stable and sturdy.

The wooden support for your feet provided by this stool makes the frame strong and durable.

The material for the fabric used is of pretty good quality and it lasts longer and contributes to the durability of the stool.


Now, let me tell you about some major cons of this stool:

  • It doesn’t feature a 360-degree swivel function and it will restrict you to move around freely.
  • No metal is used for the construction of the assembly which makes it less sturdy and strong.
  • The price is relatively high in comparison to the features provided by this stool.

Cleaning and Care Tips

You can clean the fabric of this stool using a dry cloth or using a vacuum to get rid of the dust and stains from its surface.

You shouldn’t put a lot of loads on this stool as the wooden assembly won’t be able to support it.

watson whitely counter bar stool

Watson & Whitely Counter Height Bar Stools

  • Best leather bar stool.
  • Comes with premium fabric.

The last stool on our list is the best leather bar stool.

Watson & Whitely Bar Stool is known as the best upholstered bar stool set of 3 because of its impressive features.

These features are mentioned below:

  • They have a 360-degree swivel plate which allows them to move freely.
  • The set provides a sturdy iron base which makes the stools stable and durable.
  • The faux leather used for the upholstery of this stool makes it comfortable and soft.

Cushioning and Comfort

The cushion of this seat is filled with high-density foam and it is upholstered with faux leather to make it stain-resistant.

The premium fabric and PU Leather are skin-friendly and they provide comfort to you.

The stool back has an ergonomic design that provides support for you and it keeps your posture straight.

The square footrest in the frame increases the comfort when you’re sitting on it.

Maintenance and Stain Resistance

The modern bar stool has been upholstered with fine quality faux leather that proves to be resistant to a variety of stains i.e., chocolate stains, cake stains, wine and juice stains, etc.

You can use a protective layer on the leather seat to prevent it from getting stained in the first place.

The screws need to be checked on occasionally in order to tighten them if they’re loose to prevent the assembly from crumbling.

Lubricate the moving parts so they don’t get jammed up.

Fabric and Tufting

The seat of the stool is upholstered with faux leather.

Premium fabric & PU Leather which are skin-friendly are used to make the seat soft and comfy.

The high-density foam is filled in the cushion so that you can enjoy a comfortable experience.

The overall design of the stool is kept simple and the tufting on the back is dined with fine thread to firmly attach the leather and fabric to the surface of the stool.


The metal used for the frame construction is strong and sturdy which makes the stool durable.

The stool’s base is made with iron to increase its stability.

It is upholstered in soft and easy-to-clean faux leather due to which the stool stands out for a long period of time.

The metal legs are fitted in a cross assembly to make the stool more durable so that it can handle a large weight load of about 300 pounds with ease.


The cons of this bar stool are given below:

  • This bar stool is really expensive and not all people can afford to buy it.
  • It has a fixed height and it cannot be adjusted which limits its versatility.
  • The stools back have a low height which might cause discomfort.

Cleaning and Care Tips

You can clean the dust off with a clean dust cloth and if you want to remove spots, you can moisten the cloth with water and wipe it off thoroughly.

You should avoid placing this stool in an area of high moisture as the metal frame might get rusted due to prolonged exposure.

Bottom Line: Which Should You Buy?

If you’re finding the best upholstered bar stool for yourself, you will have to look for some important factors regarding the stools.

Some of these factors are given below:

  • Comfortability and Cushioning
  • Maintenance and Stain Resistance
  • Fabric and Tufting
  • Flaws
  • Durability
  • Easy to clean

You can find plenty of reviews regarding these bar stools, and I’d advise you to read them in order to make a good decision.

For more information on different products, stay tuned!

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