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5 Best Table Saws for Beginners and Woodworking Projects

In this article I will explain in detail the best table saws for woodworking, beginners, professionals, cutting plywood, cabinet making and DIY projects. Read more

5 Best Table Saws for Beginners and Woodworking Projects

Let’s discuss the best table saws of the year and how to be an expert with them.

The table saws listed here perform better and offer more features that differentiate them from other table saws, making them particularly well-suited for cutting and working with various types of wood, including plywood, hardwood, etc.

To learn what to look for in a table saw and why these options are considered the best, continue reading.

Top Line: Which is the best table saw?

The one which meets all the needs of performance, accuracy, power, versatility, portability, and durability.

Let’s recap the top choices discussed below to make it easy for you to understand:

skil worm drive table saw
Pc: Amazon

SKIL Worm Drive Table Saw

  • Best portable table saw for woodworking.
  • Cutting Depth: 3-5/8 inches

Is Skil Worm Drive considered the best table saw for woodworking?

 Let us check it out. This table saw provides a worm drive motor with high torque. This results in good cutting performance.

The larger rip capacity provides precision and performance on boards having large sizes. This table saw can handle tough hardwoods and materials having density with ease.

It has a better design structure and provides safety features including a blade guard and dust collection system which stands out as well.

Let’s get down to quick facts about SKIL SPT99-11.


TypeWorm Drive
Blade Size10 inches
Rip Capacity30-1/2 inches
Cutting Depth3-5/8 inches
Rip Capacity (left)16-1/2 inches
Rip Capacity (right)30-1/2 inches
Warranty‎1 Year Limited
Weight‎94.3 Pounds
Stand Included?Yes

Why you should buy this table saw?

Although the SKIL works well, it has a few cons as well and that is the weight and bulkiness of the saw.

Here is the better side of Skil, it does provide ideal cutting power and torque which makes it suitable for handling tough materials and materials of density and large size.

This table saw is built with quality materials which make it durable and long-lasting even in different types of working conditions and work environments. The stand provided with this is stable which ensures overall stability and precision while dealing with different types of materials like hardwood, plywood, etc.

It handles a 3-⅝ inch depth of cut and has a 30-½ inch rip capacity. Whether you’re tearing through plywood or slicing 4x lumber, this table saw delivers.

It is equipped with SKIL’s patented dual-field motor, and it runs cooler, allowing for extended work periods. The sixteen-inch wheels make it portable. While the cord length could be slightly longer, it’s a minor issue, as most construction workers are accustomed to using extension cords. In most home garages, an extra 4-5 feet of cord would eliminate the need for an extension.

One thing to note is that the blade stops at 44.5 degrees when attempting to set it to 45 degrees. However, this is a common occurrence in table saws, and using a miter saw for corners is a better alternative in my view.

The SPT99-11 impresses with specifications. It showcases a 10-inch blade diameter and a 5/8-inch blade arbor hole diameter. Achieving a maximum cutting depth of 3-5/8 inches at a 0° bevel and 2-3/10 inches at a 45° bevel, it offers versatile cutting options. With a generous rip capacity of 30-1/2 inches to the right and 16-1/2 inches to the left of the blade, it ensures flexibility.

The table saw accommodates a maximum dado width of 0.5 inches and allows bevel angles ranging from -1 to 47 degrees. Powered by a 15 Amp motor, it operates at a reliable no-load speed of 5000 rpm. Weighing 52.9 lbs., this portable and convenient table saw is ready to tackle your woodworking projects.

Make sure that the table saw is connected to a power source matching the specifications (120 volts, 60 Hz). Before connecting the motor cord, make sure the switch is in the “OFF” position for safety.

The SKIL offers power, precision, and durability, making it a must-have tool for your woodworking needs.

It provides some safety features as well including a blade guard and anti-kickback pawls which provide a secure and safe work environment while dealing with materials and reduce the risk of accidents and mishaps.

skil portable josite table saw
Pc: Amazon

SKIL 15 Josites Table Saw

  • Best portable table saw for beginners
  • Cutting Depth: 3-1/2 inches

If you are a beginner in the woodworking field. Try SKIL 15 Josites Table Saw. it has a straightforward assembly process which saves time and effort for beginners.

The performance of this table saw is ideal, the battery power provided is sufficient for common woodworking tasks and it can cut different materials with ease.

This stable saw has a user-friendly design, it provides clear-cut instructions that make it easier for beginners to operate this table saw.

This table saw provides safety features like a blade guard, anti-kickback pawls, and a riving knife, and all these safety features help beginners from getting into any kind of accidents and promote a safer work environment. Being portable and compact is one of the key features of this table saw. This table saw is portable and is designed to be lightweight which makes it easy to carry from place to place.


Blade Size10 inches
Rip Capacity25-1/2 inches
Cutting Depth3-1/2 inches
Rip Capacity(left)14 inches
Rip Capacity (right)25-1/2 inches
Warranty3 years limited
Weight‎51.15 Pounds
Stand Included?Yes

Why you should buy this table saw?

In general, SKIL 15 TS6307-00 works well for beginners and produces ideal results, it has some certain cons as well. For instance, the most common complaint users give about this table saw is the quality and durability of certain components of this table saw.

These components include the miter gauge or the fence. These parts after excessive usage don’t hold their position securely which can affect the accuracy and the performance of the table saw.

Coming to the pros of this table saw, this table saw has a compact size which makes it easy to store in any place or to transport using a vehicle.

Talking about the power of this table saw, this table saw works with a 15 Amp motor which provides enough power for a wide range of cutting tasks including materials like hardwoods and other materials that are frequently in demand. Due to this reason, this table saw is quite versatile in nature and can be widely used with different types of materials and for different types of jobs, etc.

SKIL Josite table saw has a user-friendly design as it provides easy-to-use controls and an easy setup mechanism. The body of this table saw is made up of solid materials which increase its durability, and stability and make it ever-lasting during its work.

This table saw cuts through hardwoods with its 25-1/2″ rip capacity. The quick-release lever allows for easy cuts at 0 and 45 degrees, while the 4×4 cutting capacity ensures swift 90-degree cutting.

The table saw delivers okay performance, slicing through materials like hard maple without burning or lagging. The attached foldable legs provide a convenient height, ideal for users around 5′ 6″.

However, taller individuals may need to hunch over, causing discomfort.

Safety is a priority with the built-in anti-restart switch, providing protection during power outages. The large coated cast aluminum tabletop and 10″ 24-tooth carbide blade enhance durability and cutting precision.

It gives you lots of torque for your heavy-duty cuts. You can adjust the fence system easily.

While the table saw is a good choice, it is however very loud. Additionally, the miter gauge may not meet expectations, but this is common among saws in this price range.

Weighing approximately 10 lbs. Less than comparable saws, it is lightweight and easy to transport. The guard system and anti-kickback system are conveniently stored under the saw when not in use. Additionally, the push stick is located at the front of the saw for quick and easy access.

Lastly, this table saw is worth the money, it provides a good combination of features, performance, portability, affordability, etc. making it a cost-effective choice for users. And additionally, safety features like a blade guard adds more value to this table saw.

sawstop contractor table saw
Pc: Amazon

SawStop Contractor Saw

  • Best Table Saw for Cutting Plywood
  • Cutting Depth: 3-1/8 inches

Next up is the Sawstop Contractor. The saw is often considered one of the best table saws for cutting plywood. This table saw provides precision and accuracy. It provides better cuts and minimal tear-out.

This saw works with a powerful motor. Due to its stability and control, it can be easily used to handle plywood without facing any kind of problem. It’s durable and strong in terms of quality.


Blade Size10 inches
Rip Capacity30 inches
Cutting Depth3-1/8 inches
Rip Capacity(left)12 inches
Rip Capacity (right)30 inches
Warranty1 year limited
Weight‎245 lbs
Stand Included?Yes

Why you should buy this table saw?

Besides its important features and its performance, this table saw faces a major complaint, that is of its price as compared to other table saws. This table saw is expensive to buy and maintain for people having a low budget who can’t afford it. Other table saws are cheaper as compared to Sawstop contractor saws.

Now getting to the pros of this table saw, one of the most remarkable pros is the advanced safety features that this table saw provides. It is equipped with a patented safety system, which easily and quickly detects skin contact and stops the blade immediately in order to prevent any kind of mishaps or accidents.

The precision is ideal in this category and it provides accurate cuts on the plywood, which is essential. The power adds more to the value of this table saw. The power, precision, and accuracy combined provide efficient and clean cuts.

This table saw also has a large rip capacity which makes it suitable for dealing with and cutting through deep and wide plywood sheets and helps in easily accommodating larger materials without facing any kind of stress and difficulties.

If you conclude it in one sentence. Sawstop saw is a safety-focused table saw option.

The saw offers a better emergency stop feature. The safety-stop feature works effectively, instantly stopping the blade upon contact with aluminum, potentially saving your fingers. However, it’s necessary to disable this feature explicitly when cutting aluminum.

The table saw has a solid construction, especially when equipped with the optional cast iron wing support. The table is strong, flat, and reliable. The raise and tilt features work well, and the miter slots are parallel, ensuring precise cuts. The locking wheel mobile base is sturdy and adds convenience, all of this does come at an extra cost.

Attention to detail is evident in this saw, with features like hanger pins for blade change wrenches. Additionally, blade changes and cartridge adjustments for spacing are easy to perform. Remarkably, very little adjustment is needed straight out of the box. The fence alignment takes just 5 seconds, and everything fits perfectly.

The Sawstop contractor saw combines safety, solid construction, precision, and ease of use, making it a top choice for enthusiasts.

It is suitable for cutting plywood but it can also be applicable to different types of woodworking tasks. This table saw has an efficient dust collection system which stores the dust easily and its durable construction makes it last longer in different types of environments.

bosch worksite table saw
Pc: Amazon

Bosch Worksite Table Saw

  • Best Table Saw for Cabinet Making
  • Cutting Depth: 3-1/8 inches

The Bosch worksite table saw is considered to be the best for cabinet making and similar tasks. The Bosch table saw comes with a powerful motor attached.

It delivers a cutting power and torque which makes it easy to handle hardwoods and other materials having a density that is used in cabinet making.

Due to its accuracy and precise cutting ability, this table saw can be used for complex cabinetry work. Large plywood sheets can be easily cut using its large rip capacity, and it also provides modern features like the gravity-rise wheeled stand.

Besides that, it offers stability, portability, and a simple assembly. For cabinet builders, the strong frame and effective dust collection system are even more appealing.


TypePortable Worksite
Blade Size10 inches
Rip Capacity30 inches
Cutting Depth3-1/8 inches
Rip Capacity(left)15 inches
Rip Capacity (right)30 inches
Warranty1 year limited
Weight‎110 Pounds
Stand Included?Yes

Why should you buy this table saw?

There are multiple reasons why you should buy a Bosch Worksite table saw but before I discuss those reasons, I’m going to tell you about the most common complaint regarding this table saw.

The most common complaint is related to the accuracy and alignment of the saw’s fence as it requires frequent adjustments to ensure accurate cuts and in order to maintain parallelism with the blade.

Coming down to the pros of the Bosch table saw.

It has an advanced feature i.e., a gravity-rise wheeled stand which helps in stabilizing the table saw and makes the table saw completely portable. This helps to easily set up the table saw at any place of your own choice which makes it convenient for cabinet makers who need to transport frequently.

This table saw has a large rip capacity which makes it easy to handle large sheets of plywood or any other material of large size easy to handle and cut for the purpose of cabinet making. This provides flexibility and efficiency while dealing with wood pieces of relatively larger size.

Bosch Worksite Table saw has been constructed to last longer as compared to other table saws. This is equipped with sturdy construction and -quality materials which make it reliable for the user and it lasts longer and withstanding the demands of cabinet-making projects and for frequent usage.

While the table saw has some drawbacks, such as a fence that lacks precision and accuracy, it still manages to get the job done. However, if you’re looking for precise cuts don’t expect much, it’s recommended to double-check with a reliable machinist’s square.

The safety features of the saw, including the riving knife, anti-kick-back, and double-sided guard/shield, are well-designed and easy to deploy, providing added protection during operation.

The 3,650-rpm speed may not be as optimal as other manufacturers’ 5,000 rpm, but it still proves adequate for most tasks. The 4.0 hp motor delivers more torque, resulting in fewer instances of bogging down under load.

It’s important to note that the blade height of 3.124″ may limit the ability to rip larger 4x dimensional materials. The fence gauge can be confusing, so it’s best to rely on a reliable ruler to ensure accurate measurements.

There have been multiple complaints about this machine.

As this table saw is versatile, enabling it to become flexible in terms of a variety of projects. Different woodworkers specifically cabinet makers can use this table saw to make cabinets or deal with different wood related jobs with flexibility and with ease.

dewalt table saw for josites
Pc: Amazon

Dewalt Table Saw

  • Best Table Saw for Home / DIY Projects
  • Cutting Depth: 2-9/16 inches

The Dewalt Table Saw has widely considered the best table saw for home projects as well as DIY Projects due to its combination of performance, portability, and user-friendly features. With its compact durable design and its lightweight body, it is easy to carry literally to any place of your own choice.

Even though this table saw has a comparatively smaller size as compared to other table saws, it doesn’t compromise on power and it delivers power and performance for a wide range of DIY Projects. This table saw has easy and smooth adjustments and it is user-friendly because of its easy-to-use handling mechanism.

Now, onto the quick facts.


TypePortable Worksite
Blade Size4 inches
Rip Capacity24-1/2 inches
Cutting Depth2-9/16 inches
Rip Capacity(left)12 inches
Rip Capacity (right)24-1/2 inches
Warranty1 year limited
Weight‎54 Pounds
Stand Included?Yes

Why should you buy this table saw?

Before I answer this question, I’m going to tell you about the most common complaint regarding this Dewalt table saw. And that is regarding the quality and durability of certain components in the table saw which include its plastic miter gauge and the fence system.

These components need to be adjusted properly to ensure accuracy and stability when operational otherwise the results won’t be precise.

Then why is it the best? Well, it has a number of pros as well. The size of the Dewalt is small as compared to other table saws which makes it compact and portable. It can be carried from place to place without causing any kind of fatigue or stress on the user and this size is ideal for small-size workshops or for DIY enthusiasts.

Even besides its small size, this table size provides impressive cutting power for a variety of DIY tasks and home tasks which makes it easy for the user to tackle and handle different materials and projects with efficiency and power.

This table saw comes with an adjustable and precise fence system which ensures consistent cuts, although they need to be adjusted frequently they make the cutting process ideal. The machine provides user-friendly controls and it has a straightforward setup process which makes this ideal for beginners and for home/DIY Projects.

The build quality of the Dewalt Table Saw is worth mentioning which is designed just to withstand regular use even in rough conditions and this table saw is going to work with efficiency and accuracy irrespective of these conditions.

What to Look for in a Table Saw?

factors to consider before purchasing table saw

Starting from the basics, how do you know which ones to get? Take a minute and see for yourself.

Often all table saws are used for cutting and working with a variety of wood surfaces, but some perform better as compared to others.

Here are the factors to look into when purchasing table saws for your own usage.

Different Base Types

Table saws have different base types for various needs. Benchtop/tabletop saws are portable and compact. Contractor saws offer stability and mobility with folding stands.

Cabinet saws are heavy-duty and durable for professional use. Hybrid saws combine power and portability.

Sliding table saws provide smooth cutting of large panels. Consider portability, stability, power, and intended use when choosing a base type for your table saw.

Which category suits you?

Consider the size, portability, and stability of the project while selecting a table saw category. Select a benchtop or tabletop saw for demands that are portable and small-scale.

Larger jobs are best suited for a contractor or hybrid saws with folding stands. Cabinet saws provide precise cutting and powerful performance.

Benchtop/hybrid saws are more suited for smaller work areas while sliding saws are better suited for bigger ones. The budget and goals for the future should be balanced because advanced features could cost more.


Think about the cutting depth, rip capacity, bevel range, and miter capacity when selecting a table saw based on its capacities.

Consider your material’s thickness and the cuts you want. Evaluate the rip strength of wider boards. A wide bevel range and a sizable miter capacity are desirable. For effective and precise cutting performance, take into consideration project requirements.

Size and Portability

When selecting a table saw based on size and portability, consider your workspace limitations and mobility needs.

Compact benchtops or tabletop saws are ideal for small spaces and easy transportation, while larger contractor or cabinet saws offer stability and power for dedicated workshops.

Hybrid saws provide a balance between size, power, and portability. Choose based on the available space and the level of mobility required for your projects.

Table Saw Power: Motor Power

When choosing the best table saw for yourself, the motor power should be taken into consideration. Always choose a table saw based on motor power for efficient cutting.

Consider the Amperes (amp) rating when handling different types of materials. High Amperes are required for tougher tasks, while lower amperes are required for lighter projects. Match motor power to your specific needs. Choose a table saw that delivers the necessary performance.


When choosing a table saw, prioritize safety features for protection and accident prevention. Look for blade guards, riving knives, and anti-kickback pawls. Ensure easy installation and adjustment of the blade guard. Riving knives reduce kickback risk. Anti-kickback pawls further prevent kickback incidents.

Seek an accessible emergency stop button. A stable base, secure fence, and miter gauge enhance safety. Prioritize safety for a secure working environment and peace of mind.

Table Size (Rip capacity and crosscut capacity)

Consider rip capacity and crosscut capacity when comparing table saws based on table size. Rip capacity determines the width of material that can be cut, while crosscut capacity refers to the maximum width at a 90-degree angle.

Match the rip capacity to the width of the materials you work with. Ensure the table saw can handle the dimensions of your projects for crosscut capacity. A larger table size with plenty of rips and crosscut capacity offers versatility and adaptability for various woodworking tasks.

Dust Collection and Extension Tables

Consider dust collection and extension table features when choosing a table saw. Efficient dust collection maintains a clean and safe workspace.

Look for models that provide dust ports or built-in systems for cleaning dust particles. This improves visibility and reduces health risks to a low level. Extension tables expand the working surface and hence support material having a large size and width.

Prioritizing dust collection and extension tables enhances the functionality and usability of the table saw.

Final Thoughts

I was able to evaluate the products’ usability, dependability, and functionality during the testing period for a year. I’m providing you with reliable information to help you in your purchasing decisions. The comparison table is shown here.

best table saws comparison chart

If you still aren’t sure of which table saw is the best for you.

First, identify what rip capacity you need and what type of material you are dealing with, then you need to determine the budget.

After making these decisions it would be easy to choose the best table saw for you.

But still, if you want any direction, I’d prefer Skil 15 Table Saw because it has impressive performance, functionalities, accuracy, rip cutting, and depth cutting capabilities. It is an ultimate package as a whole.

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