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5 Best Band Saws For Resawing, Cutting, and Woodworking

I will clearly explain in detail the best band saw products for resawing, cutting metals, woodworking, small workshop tasks and beginners. Moreover, you will have a thorough understanding of what makes these products stand out. Read more

5 Best Band Saws For Resawing, Cutting, and Woodworking

Here is my comprehensive guide to the best band saws in the market!

If you’re passionate about woodworking or looking to enhance your craftsmanship, I’ve you covered. With my research and compilation list of band saws that offer both reliability and precision.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this selection will help you make informed decisions and find the band saw to bring your projects to life.

Let’s dive in and explore the top choices available today.

Read on to find out!

Comparison Chart

FeaturesResawingCutting MetalsWoodworkingSmall WorkshopsBeginners
Overall Rating4.
Value for money4.
Overall best forMetal conduit and threaded rod cutting, plumbing, Cutting in confined places, etc.Metal conduit and threaded rod cutting, plumbing, Cutting in confined places, etc.Automotive metal repairs, metal sculpture projects, DIY metal projects, etc. Furniture making, cabinetry ripping, resawing, etc.Curve cutting, DIY projects, veneer cutting, woodworking, etc.
Milwaukee Cordless Bandsaw Kit Review
Pc: Amazon

Milwaukee Cordless Bandsaw Kit

  • Best band saw for resawing.
  • Blade speed: 2 Speed 280 feet/min.
  • Throat capacity: 1-5/8 inches.

Milwaukee is considered to be the best portable band saws for Resawing in the market and this is due to a number of important factors. This band saw works with a cordless M12 motor which provides a high blade speed that helps in cutting through materials with efficiency and power.

It has an impressive throat capacity which makes it applicable to cut materials like PVC, lightwood, plywood, metal pipes, and even some metals of high thickness with no issue at all.

This band saw is lightweight which helps the user in carrying it from one place to another specifically if you’re moving more frequently. It also provides extra unique features like a rafter hook and a LED light which helps in cutting the material precisely with zero space for mistakes and inaccuracy.

It is versatile and you can use it in tight spaces because of its portability. Remember to use blades that are compatible in order to avoid any type of inconvenience.


TypeCompact Portable
Blade Length27 inches
MotorM12 Cordless Motor
Blade Speed2 Speed 280 feet/min
Throat Capacity1-5/8 inches
Warranty‎5 years
Weight‎12.4 Pounds
Stand Included?Yes

Why should you buy this band saw?

Even though this Milwaukee 2429 is ideal in terms of its features it has a major con and that is its battery power. It needs to be charged after use. The battery might have to be replaced after some time which may be expensive for some users.

Due to being limited to battery as a power source, this band saw doesn’t provide high power and performance, unlike other band saws which are powered by other better power sources.

Now, let’s talk about the pros of Milwaukee 2429 band saw. It is portable and cordless which makes it easy for the user to use it in different types of environments without the requirement of an electricity outlet port. This feature makes this band saw useful for on-site projects or in those areas where electricity is provided in limited quantity.  Due to its compact design, this band saw is among the best small band saws.

Alongside its portability, this band saw is compact and lightweight which makes it quite easy for the user to handle it for a long period of time without facing any kind of anxiety or stress. This feature increases the handling and maneuvering capabilities of this band saw and increases the overall convenience for the user.

Milwaukee 2429 also provides user-friendly features like an ergonomic handle and simple controls just for the ease of the user. The LED light provided helps the user in cutting the surface more accurately. This increases the comfortability factor for the user. Due to its affordable price, it is counted in the category of the best band saws under 500.

Lastly, Milwaukee is versatile and it can handle a wide variety of objects like wood, plastic, metals, PVC, etc. easily. The precision and accuracy factor is observed in all circumstances.

The build quality of the band saw is impressive and it lasts longer even when used in a rough environment and harsh weather conditions. It also provides safety features like blade guards and blade tensioning systems which provide a safe workspace for the user.

WEN Metal Band Saw Review
Pc: Amazon

WEN Metal Band Saw

  • Best band saw for cutting metal.
  • Blade speed: 3 speeds 80,120,200 feet/minute.
  • Throat capacity: 4 inches.

Wen Metal Band Saw BA4664 is an ideal band saw for cutting metal out there because it can be widely used with different types of metals i.e., brass, aluminum, copper, steel, etc. You can easily operate with these metals at three different operating speeds using this band saw and the speed can be variably changed according to your own requirements.

This band saw is durable and it comes with a handle that can be easily collapsed you can move the band saw with the help of the tires attached to the stand.

It has a high amp motor alongside its sharp blade helps the user in making uniform cuts at the available speed options you want. You can also make cuts at different angles ranging from 0 degrees to 45 degrees. This band saw provides the feature of both horizontal cutting and vertical cutting according to the project you’re working with. Its strong and durable design makes it compact and sturdier.


Blade Length64-1/2 inch x 1/2 inch blade
Motor4.6 amp motor
FrameMetal, Steel
Blade Speed3 speeds 80,120,200 feet/minute
Throat Capacity4 inches
Warranty‎2 years
Weight‎123 pounds
Stand Included?Yes

Why should you buy this band saw?

WEN Metal Band Saw has a major con and that is its heavy weight. This band saw weighs a lot as compared to other band saws which makes it less portable and difficult to carry from one place to another.

If you’re a person that is fond of moving to different places just for your work purposes, you’ll face difficulties in terms of moving this band saw from place to place. The heavy weight makes it less suitable for some particular environments and makes it less flexible in terms of maneuverability.

Now let me explain the pros of this band saw for you. The most effective pro of this band saw is its 3-factor variable speed.

You can easily shift from one speed to another easily according to the project you’re working with. Variable speed comes in handy when you’re dealing with different types of projects so this feature helps a lot.

This band saw provides precision and accuracy which provides accurate results and you can finish the project according to your own needs. The motor of this band saw provides speed and performance to the user which helps the user in cutting materials of different depths with power and efficiency. As this band saw is totally made up of metal, it is durable and lasts longer in different types of weather conditions without producing any types of issues.

The cutting capabilities of this band saw are also remarkable in terms of metal cutting. The user can easily cut different types of metals such as aluminum, steel, brass, etc.

It can handle materials of varying depths easily and won’t cause any loss in the quality of the final results. If you want to change the position of this band saw in a room, you can easily move it with the help of the supporting tires attached to the stand.

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Pc: Amazon


  • Best band saw for woodworking.
  • Blade speed: 3000 sfpm.
  • Throat capacity: 13.5 inches.

Next up is the JET JWBS-14SFX Woodworking Band saw. This band saw provides a large work surface for its working which helps the user when he’s working with large work pieces in his project. It enables the user to make deep cuts according to his own environment. This band provides an aluminum fence system that provides visible measurements that ensure accurate cutting in terms of different materials.

The 14SFX is of the floor-standing type. This machine is fitted on the floor and it weighs a lot as compared to other band saws. It is specifically used for heavy-duty jobs. High power and performance are provided during its entire working mechanism. It also provides adjustable upper and lower ball bearing guides. Dust collection is made the most efficient because of the dual 4 dust ports which are provided to the user.

Its strong and durable frame makes it useful for heavy-duty jobs.


Blade Length116 inches
Motor1-3/4HP, 1Ph, 115/230V
FrameAlloy Steel, Aluminum, Cast Iron
Blade Speed3000 sfpm
Throat Capacity13.5 inches
Warranty‎5 years
Weight‎272 pounds
Stand Included?Yes

Why should you buy this band saw?

This band saw is expensive as compared to other band saws and its weight is a lot as well. It can’t be suitable for you if you’re looking for a cheap and lightweight band saw. Due to its price, it can’t be bought by people who have a small budget and they can buy something that is affordable for them. And due to its large weight, it can’t be carried from place to place and this makes it less portable and flexible. This band saw is difficult to maneuver as well.

Besides some of its cons, this band saw has some pros as well, so let’s talk about them. This band saw is quite well known for its solid build quality and for its durability. This specific property of this band saw enables it to withstand heavy use and provide long last performance which makes it suitable for professional woodworking jobs and projects.

The cutting capacity of this band saw is remarkable which assists you in working with larger workpieces of high density. Due to its tall height and large throat capacity, it is versatile and suitable for a wide range of woodworking projects. While making these deep cuts, the accuracy and smoothness of the material are also observed.

It works with a powerful motor when it comes to cutting materials specifically metals and other types of woods.

This makes it applicable for making different types of cuts like straight cuts, curves, Resawing, or other types of angled cuts. This band saw is reliable and comes in handy a lot when you’re in demand of high-powered professional finishes for your projects.

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RIKON Power Tools Deluxe Review
Pc: Amazon

Rikon Power Tools Deluxe

  • Best band saw for small workshops.
  • Blade speed: 1720 rpm.
  • Throat capacity: 9-5/8 inches.

Rikon 10″ Deluxe Band saw is considered to be the best benchtop band saw for small workshops due to certain factors. This band saw is suitable for making smooth cuts on surfaces like wood, metal, etc. Two different speeds are provided to the user which the user can easily change according to his own requirements. You can adjust the speed accordingly to meet your requirements.

This band saw also has an increased cutting capacity and alongside its efficient motor, it can be used for small and medium-sized projects and achieve accurate results. You can tilt the table of this band saw at an angle of 0 to 45 degrees to make angled cuts. It also provides amazing features like blade guides, a quick-release blade tension lever, a viewing window, and a dust port to store dust particles in. You can use this tool with ease due to its easy-to-understand working mechanism.


Blade Length70.5 inches
Motor½ HP motor
FrameAlloy Steel, Aluminum, Cast Iron
Blade Speed1720 rpm
Throat Capacity9-5/8 inches
Warranty‎5 years
Weight‎77.5 pounds
Stand Included?Yes

Why should you buy this band saw?

This band saw is impressive and worth using for a number of reasons but before I explain those reasons I’d like to inform you guys regarding a major con of this band saw and that is its limited cutting capacity. This band saw is a 10’’ which makes its cutting capacity relatively small as compared to other band saws. It won’t be suitable for cutting materials having large thicknesses. This would cause a problem for you if you’re frequently working on projects involving thick materials.

Now let’s come down to the pros of the RIKON 10″ Deluxe Band saw. It has a compact design which makes it suitable for smaller workshop places. This makes this band saw portable and becomes the most suitable tool for DIY enthusiasts who have limited workspace areas but still require an appropriate band saw for their projects or jobs.

The price of this band saw is also affordable as compared to large and complex band saws. It maintains the ratio of performance to affordability and people who have a low budget can easily buy this band saw. Alongside its cheapness, this tool is versatile and flexible even though it has a small cutting capacity. You can make different types of cuts using this band saw i.e., straight cuts, curved cuts, Resawing, etc.

This band saw is easy to use and is designed to observe a user-friendly environment at all points during its working. You can easily make adjustments to this tool according to the work you’re doing to get the most accurate results possible. You can shift from one blade speed to another variably for your own ease and in order to achieve different results.

This tool is reliable whenever you need it and if it is maintained properly and kept smooth working, you will always achieve quality results in the end no matter what the project is.

RIKON 10-3061 10″ Deluxe Band Saw is considered among the best band saws under 1000.

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Grizzly Industrial G0555 Review
Pc: Amazon

Grizzly Industrial G0555

  • Best band saw for beginners.
  • Blade speed: 3200 rpm.
  • Throat capacity: 13.5 inches.

Grizzly G0555 14″ Band saw is considered to be the best 14-inch band saws for beginners. It works with a decent 1 HP motor and provides a capacity of 14’’ which makes it easy for the user to cut hardwoods or plywood etc. It also enables the user to make cutting curves and different types of cuts according to his requirement accurately.

The table of this band saw can also tilt up to 45 degrees to the right and up to 15 degrees to the left which helps you in making angled cuts whenever the need arises. It also features an aluminum fence for easy attachment of rails as well as removing them facing no issues. It provides a magnified cursor scale which assists the user in making accurate adjustments. The Grizzly band saw is equipped with blade guides which make the adjustment tasks easy.

Now, onto the quick facts.


Blade Length93-1/2 inches
Motor1 HP
Blade Speed‎3200 RPM
Throat Capacity13.5 inches
Warranty‎1 year
Weight‎195 pounds
Stand Included?Yes

Why should you buy this band saw?

Grizzly G0555 Band saw provides good features as a band saw for beginners but it has a major drawback and that is its stock blade quality. The stock blade in this band saw is not of good quality which can change the outcomes of the projects that you desire. Because of low blade quality, the cutting performance is affected due to which you would need to shift to a blade of better quality if you want to get accuracy and precision in your work.

Now, let’s talk about the pros of this band saw. This saw is powered by a powerful motor that provides sufficient power to the user to make cuts of various sizes and types onto the material you’re working with. You can easily cut through woods like plywood, lightwood, hardwood, etc. using this band saw cause of its versatile nature and flexibility in terms of its working.

It provides an impressive cutting capacity which enables the user to work with materials of large areas with precision and accuracy. It provides enough throat capacity and cutting height which increases the range of materials on which this band saw can be used.

This band saw provides adjustable features to the user which makes the usability of it better as compared to other saws. These features include blade guides, table tilt, and several fence adjustment features that help the user in making precise cuts on the material and customizing the features according to their specific needs. It also provides a dust collection system that collects all the dust particles alongside its work to keep the workspace area clean, so you don’t have to face any kind of irritations.

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What to Look for in a Band Saw?

Mostly, band saws are majorly used for jobs like woodworking, metalworking, and lumbering. But some band saws just work better in terms of performance, accuracy, and precision. These three requirements are crucial and should be met in any work condition.

In order to find the best band, saw for your job, there are a number of things that you should look out for.

In this article, I have discussed the key factors to help you choose your ideal band saw:

Different Base Types

Band saws offer a range of base types, each designed to cater to specific job requirements. Let’s explore these base types in detail:

  • Benchtop band saws are compact and lightweight which are ideal for small workshops. These are designed for portable jobs.
  • Floor-standing band saws are often heavy as compared to other types and are typically placed directly on the floor. Despite its heavy weight, it provides stability and larger cutting capacities. These are mostly used in heavy workshops.
  • Hybrid band saws combine the aspects of both benchtop and floor-standing band saws. They take up less space and provide a larger saw for cutting.
  • Vertical Band Saw moves up and down in motion and is used to make irregular shapes in metals, wood, or similar materials.
  • Portable Band Saws are most particularly used for work involving tight spaces. These are used for on-site work for jobs like construction, plumbing, or other metalwork.
  • A horizontal Band Saw operates with a blade that is horizontally placed and used for making straight cuts. These are used for dealing with large and heavy work pieces.

Which category suits you?

When choosing, you should first understand which type of band saw suits you the most. Always remember to consider the weight, size, power, portability, accuracy, and stability while choosing the band saw for your project.

  • Select a benchtop or a portable band saw for projects that are mobile and are of small-scale.
  • Most larger jobs are best suited for floor-standing and hybrid band saws.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Band Saws are helpful depending on the angles you want to cut your material.

The ratio of budget and goals should be balanced because unique features are expensive.

1. Capacities

When you’re choosing a band saw, understanding its capacities is an important step. Keep in mind the throat capacity, cutting depth, resaw capacity, blade width, band saw table size and tilt, motor power, etc. Matter the most.

You should also take the thickness of the material you’re dealing with into consideration alongside the types of cuts you want to put on that material. After you completely understand these capacities, it will be easy for you to select the best band saw for yourself. Remember to take the requirements of your project into consideration as well.

2. Size and Portability

When I talk about the size and portability of a band saw remember to consider the limitations of the area that your work in and how often you need to move your band saw from place to place. Always choose a band saw that will fit your workspace nicely and also provide the features necessary for you while you’re working on your project.

For example, benchtop band saws are suitable for small spaces and are easy to carry from one place to another. Floor-standing band saws are heavy and of large size which makes them less portable. On the other hand, hybrid band saws provide a balance between size, portability, and power, they provide power and are easy to carry as well. Remember to take the category seriously.

3. Band Saw Power: Motor Power

When choosing a band saw, the motor power should be of utmost importance. Because when you choose a band saw in terms of motor power, you will get efficient and effective performance in cutting while working on your project.

The higher the amps of the motor the more it will perform better, so choose accordingly. If you’re working with light-duty projects, use a motor with fewer amps and if you’re working with heavy projects then use a motor with high amps. Always select the motor according to the material you’re working with.

4. Band Saw Safety

Take the safety features into consideration above everything because safety during working is important. You should look for a band saw that provides safety features like a blade guard, blade brake, blade tensioning system, blade guides, emergency stop button, etc.

 The band saw should be made of solid material in order to ensure its sturdiness and so that it can provide stability when dealing with projects of large scale. The user should be able to adjust the blade easily and have a mechanism that could hold the workpiece firmly during its working.

5. Table Size (Throat Capacity)

There are two important factors regarding a band size and that is the table size and the throat capacity. These two properties determine the maximum dimensions of the material that the band saw can cut.

If you often work with large-size materials and you want to make different types of cuts at different angles and of different shapes, you should find a band saw which provides a high throat capacity and a large table size. Ensuring these two properties can help you in choosing a band saw that will help you in dealing with materials of relatively large size easily.

6. Dust Collection and Extension Tables

There are two features that are a requirement when dealing with different DIY projects i.e., dust collection and extension tables.

  • As you know, when you’re working with materials like lightwood or plywood, a lot of dust is created which can cause health problems, affect visibility and make the environment dirty as well. So, when you’re making a choice remember to look for the dust collection feature.
  • Extension tables provide additional help when you’re working with projects large scale or when you want to make wide cuts. These tables can be attached as an extension to your band saw table which extends its size and makes it applicable to larger materials. Remember to get a band saw which supports the feature of extension tables.

Bottom Line: Which is the best band saw?

The best band saw for you will be that one which meets all the needs of performance, accuracy, power, versatility, portability, and durability as well as affordability. After getting all these requirements completed, your search for the best band saw will be complete.

Let’s recap the top choices discussed above to make it easy for you to understand:

  • Milwaukee 2429 Saw: This band saw is well known because of its compact design and its portable nature, you can easily carry this band saw, maneuver it, and handle it accordingly. Its remarkable motor performance helps the user in cutting metals precisely and you can get the job done in just a few charges with precision, accuracy, and efficiency.
  • Wen Metal Band Saw: This band saw provides 3 steps variable speed option to the user. You can easily shift from one speed to another according to the project you’re working on. It can be easily moved within your house or workspace area with the help of its tires. It is designed to be sturdy and durable.
  • JET JWBS-14SFX Saw: It is a standing band saw that provides ideal cutting. You can handle materials like hardwood, plywood, metals, etc. Making adjustments to ensure precise cutting is easy and all the dust that is collected during the working is collected separately to ensure a clean working environment.
  • Rikon Deluxe Band Saw: This band saw is easy to assemble as compared to other complex band saws. And due to its working and performance, this band saw provides value for the money and the user doesn’t need to have any type of regrets. You can also make tilted cuts using this tool and its high-powered motor ensures an accurate cutting mechanism.
  • Grizzly Band Saw:  This band saw is most suitable for beginners because it provides easy to use mechanism to the user and alongside its motor and advanced features you can complete your project. It is made up of quality materials that enhance the working of this saw to many folds.

If you still don’t know which band saw is the best one for you. You should first identify the throat capacity you’re looking for in a band saw according to the project and what is your current budget so you won’t have to face any financial problems. After sorting out these difficulties, it would be easy for you to make a decision.

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