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The Best Upholstered Wall Panels (Top 4 Compared)

In this article, I will tell you about the 4 best upholstered wall panels, the material used for their construction, their height and weight, how they are upholstered and their ease of use. Read more

The Best Upholstered Wall Panels (Top 4 Compared)

Are wall panels a new trend? Can wall panels act as a bed’s headrest?

I know you have many questions. Don’t worry I have all the answers.

Here, you will learn about all the properties of upholstered wall panels.

I will provide you with complete and in-depth information regarding these wall panels including all the factors that are given below:

  • Ease of Use
  • Comfortability
  • Height/Weight
  • Material
  • Design

You will find out which is the best overall, which is the best-upholstered wall panel headboard, the best design, the best affordable, and our choice.

This article will help you make a decision in terms of which is the best-upholstered wall panel for you.

Top Line: Which is the Best Overall?

Before we get into details, for those you are just here to see which wall panel is on the top? Here is your answer.

Here are the reasons why it’s considered to be the best overall:

  • Belleze upholstered wall panels can be customized according to the size of the bed.
  • This wall panel is sturdy and strong because of the durable plywood used as the construction material.
  • These panels provide a remarkable bearing capacity of about 50 lbs.
  • These panels can be assembled quickly and don’t require much time or effort.

Now, let’s dive into the complete list of these upholstered wall panels for your living room and understand all of the properties of these four top-upholstered wall panels.

belleze upholstered wall panels

Belleze Upholstered Wall Panels

  • Best Overall Wall panels.

First up in the list is the wall panel which is considered to be the best overall.

Moreover, it is considered to be the best upholstered headboard wall panel as well.

This wall panel is made with solid plywood and engineered wood which makes it strong and sturdy.

It can be mounted on the wall and you can customize it according to the size of your bed.

This wall panel won’t cause damage to your wall paint and protect it at all times. Moreover, this panel is lightweight and it can be assembled in no time.


The insulation of these wall panels is done with soft linen fabric. The material used for the upholstery is soft and odorless.

It doesn’t contain any formaldehyde and it is certified safe for usage.

The fabric used for the upholstery is soft and un-woven. The insulation provides a comfortable spot for you to just relax yourself.

Aesthetic Look and Design:

 The Belleze Upholstered Wall Panels have a classic and elegant design.

These panels, which are carefully made with strong plywood provide an aesthetic look for your room. The gray colored soft fabric adds that luxurious touch to your room.

These panels are tufted with quality material and its geometric design makes it stand out even more.

These panels are a pretty good addition to the interior design of your room because they improve the beauty of the room and also provide a lot of advantages.


When it comes to the comfort factor, these wall panels are upholstered with soft linen fabric.

The rebound foam is filled in the panels to make it softer and more comfortable for you when you just sit back and relax your back and head.

These panels don’t wobble or produce any sound because of the engineered wood used for its construction.

It is upholstered with soft fabric which makes it durable and it provides an enjoyable experience for you.

Installation and Assembly:

These panels are easy to install and assemble. These wall panels are shipped together in a single box which provides all the necessary things for assembling and installing.

The mounting tools are also included. The panels can be aligned together easily to make a certain pattern and it doesn’t take much time.

The fixed position template holds the entire assembly together. The panels can slide onto the rod and after alignment, they’ll look remarkable.

These panels don’t require much force or effort for their assembling and installation.

Wall Protection:

The wall protection provided by these wall panels is worth praising. Unlike other wall panels which cause damage to the paint of your wall and damage its materials, these panels don’t produce any such problems.

The paint of your wall will be protected at all times due to the soft upholstery material and you won’t have to drill holes in your wall for its installation.

These panels can be taken off and installed again without any restrictions.

Durability and Sturdy:

These panels stand out in terms of durability and sturdiness. The assembly of these panels is made with high-quality plywood and engineered wood.

This increases the weight and capacity of these panels. Due to the usage of these types of wood, it lasts longer as compared to other types of wall panels.

They won’t wobble or produce any kind of sound.

These panels have good durability due to the soft, breathable linen fabric used for the upholstery. Overall, these panels are sturdy and durable.

Vant upholstered wall panels

Vänt Upholstered Wall Panels

  • Best wall panel headboard!

Next up on the list isVänt Upholstered Wall Panels is considered to be the best upholstered wall panels headboard because of the following reasons:

  • These wall panels are easy to assemble and install which doesn’t produce problems for you.
  • Due to the usage of cotton weave, velvet, and suede for the panels, they become soundproof and don’t produce any type of noise.
  • The panels can be adjusted in various types of layouts which makes it versatile in nature.


For the insulation of these wall panels, it has layers of cotton weave, velvet, and suede. These multiple layers of insulations decrease the sound produced by these panels and these panels have a decent 0.95 NRC Rating.

These insulations make these wall panels soft and comfortable for you to rest your body and add that luxurious touch to them. The insulations can be of different colors according to your choice.

Aesthetic Look and Design:

The overall design of these panels is modern and classy.

These panels feature a sleek and minimalist design that is suitable for a variety of interior styles.

They are crafted with high detail and this combined with the soft materials used for the upholstery makes it the ideal headboard for your room.

These panels have a variety of colors from which you can select according to your choice. It can be customized to add that aesthetic look to your room.

They have a wall mount design which makes them efficient to install.


These wall panels provide a comfortable surface for just laying back and resting your back.

The assembly is made with microfiber which suppresses the sound produced and provides a soundless experience to you.

You won’t face any wobbliness at all when using these wall panels.

Installation and Assembly:

The installation of these wall panels is fast and painless because of the patented simple mount system.

This system helps you in quick installation and it won’t take more than 5 minutes per panel.

The anchorless screws have extra wide threads that firmly grip the drywall and the panels are held safely and securely with the wall.

You won’t require any type of studs or anchors during the mounting process.

The assembly makes it last longer and is durable in nature. Assembly is sound proof which reduces the noise to a low limit.

Wall Protection:

When you install these wall panels on your wall, it is protected at all times. These panels don’t need to be excessively screwed with the wall which reduces the damage caused during drilling actions.

It won’t cause damage to the paint because it is not glued to the surface or any nails used for the installation.

The mounting system firmly holds the panels together causing the least damage to your wall hence keeping it protected at all times.

Durability and Sturdy:

When it comes to the durability and sturdiness of Vänt Upholstered Wall Panels, it is quite remarkable.

The microfiber is used for making the assembly of these panels which increases the durability.

The velvet and suede fabrics used for the upholstery are soft, comfortable, and of high quality which lasts longer as compared to cheap fabrics.

The sturdiness is provided by the microfiber used for its construction and it can handle your weight with ease.

custom canvas prints wall panel

Custom Canvas Prints Wall Panel

  • It has the best design.

Next up on the list is the upholstered wall panels with the best design. Custom Canvas Prints with Your Family Photos is considered to be the best custom upholstered wall panels.

  • You can get any type of design imprinted on these wall panels according to your choice which makes them versatile and flexible.
  • You can use them as a frame or as a canvas which totally depends on your preference. These panels have a metal hook that can be used for hanging with ease.


When it comes down to the insulation of these wall panels, it is done with high quality linen fabric and cotton materials.

The material used for the upholstery and insulation complies with the standards of environmental protection at all times.

The insulation done is of high quality which lasts longer and it is according to the design that you want.

The upholstery is done with environmentally friendly ink which won’t fade away.

Aesthetic Look and Design:

These wall panels have a pretty unique design as compared to other types of panels. The design is made on these panels according to the image that you have provided.

You can customize the design according to your own requirements.

Your favorite picture hanging behind your bed in the form of high-quality upholstered wall panels will add that uniqueness to your room and it will add that aesthetics as well.

The design overall is kept simple and elegant and it won’t take much time to align and install.


The upholstery of these wall panels is done with soft and comfortable linen fabric and cotton.

These materials are selected according to the standards of environmental protection.

It’s advised not to use these panels as a resting spot, but the high-quality fabric is soft so it enhances the comfort.

These panels don’t produce any sound and are strong and sturdy.

You won’t face any issues in terms of wiping off stains as it provides high stain resistance.

Installation and Assembly:

When it comes to the installation process, it is not complex at all.

These wall panels have a metal hook with them which can be hung with a nail drilled into the wall.

These panels don’t require any complex or expensive material for their installation.

They can just be installed by using a drill, hammer, and nails.

The assembly of these panels features a wood frame with a metal hook on top.

The upholstery over the assembly is done with high-quality and soft fabric. The assembly is strong and sturdy.

Wall Protection:

These panels don’t cause much damage to your wall, unlike other wall panels. These wall panels just need a nail for their installation, so you need to drill a hole in the wall or hammer the nail into it.

Slight damage is caused by this action and no excessive damage is caused during its installation.

Durability and Sturdy:

The durability and sturdiness of these wall panels are pretty good. You can use them as headboards behind your bed or even for decoration purposes on any wall of your choice.

These panels will last longer due to the environmentally friendly materials used for the upholstery.

The assembly is made with fine wood which increases the sturdiness and strength of these panels.

These panels are waterproof so any type of liquid stain can be wiped off with ease which indirectly increases the durability.

The picture imprinted on these panels will last for a long period of time and won’t fade away.

sintuff upholstered wall mounted headboard

Sintuff Upholstered Wall Mounted

  • Best Affordable.

The last product in the list is the best affordable upholstered wall panels Sintuff Wall Mounted Headboard is known to be the best upholstered bed wall panels because for the following reasons:

  • The outside of these wall panels is made with flax and the inside is filled with soft foam which makes it durable and comfortable.
  • These panels come in large numbers i.e., 12 pcs of ideal size which can be used as the headboard of your bed.


The outer surface of these wall panels is insulated with flax and the inside is filled with foam. Both the flax and foam are of fine quality which ensures comfortability and softness whenever you just lay back and relax.

The foam used for the filling is wear-resistant which makes it durable and as a result, these panels will last longer as compared to other panels.

The two types of insulation protect the panels from stains and ensure comfort at the same time.

Aesthetic Look and Design:

These wall panels have a simple and modern design.

The excessive quantity of these panels can act as a replacement or you can make different styles according to your own choice.

The sleekness and durability of these panels is remarkable.

This king bed wall panel provides that aesthetic touch to your bedroom and it is suitable with other decorations and furniture.

The gray color enhances the overall design of the panels. Due to this design, these panels become versatile and flexible.


Comfortability holds a lot of importance when it comes to wall panels. These wall panels have a flax coating on the outside and the insides are filled with high resilience foam which provides softness and comfort.

You will enjoy your experience while using these wall panels.

The 12 pcs of these panels can be put together to make a soundproof environment and you won’t have to listen to any type of noise at all.

The sturdy assembly of these panels can handle your weight with ease and they don’t shake at all.

Installation and Assembly:

The installation of these panels is fast and pretty easy. You just need to tear off the adhesive surface from the back of these panels and just firmly stick it to the wall.

Remember to outline the position before sticking the headboard if you want accurate and precise results.

You won’t need any type of expensive equipment or tools for the installation process. Neither you would be required to puncture holes in walls or drill nails in them.

The assembly consists of the upholstery material, the filling the and wood board which provides that strength and sturdiness. All the components of the assembly are sturdy and durable.

Wall Protection:

These headboards are installed on the wall by the adhesive attached at the back. The glue firmly attaches the panel to the wall and it is difficult to take off.

Due to the usage of adhesives, the paint might come off when you feel the need to change these panels.

The strength of the wall will be maintained but the distemper and the paint of the wall will be damaged and you will need to repaint the surface and treat the problem accordingly.

Durability and Sturdy:

These wall panels are padded with soft upholstery material. The foam filled inside these panels provides nice resilience which enhances the durability.

The flax used for the outside is soft and wear resistant which will last a long time. Due to both of these factors, you don’t need to worry about these panels collapsing anytime soon.

The length of each panel is ideal and it will properly work as your headboard. The wood used for the base of these panels is of good quality which holds the panel in place.

This headboard can be firmly attached and it won’t come off any time soon because of the fine adhesives.

Bottom Line: Which Should You Buy?

If you want to buy the best-upholstered wall panels for yourself, there are some important properties that you need to look for. These properties are mentioned below:

  • Insulation
  • Aesthetic Look and Design
  • Comfort
  • Installation and Assembly
  • Wall Protection
  • Durability and Sturdy

There are a large number of reviews available for the best upholstered wall panels in the market.

You can get information from them if you want to buy the top upholstered wall panels for yourselves.

For more information on different products, stay tuned!

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