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The 5 Best Upholstered Sectionals for Small Spaces

In this article, I will discuss the top five best upholstered sectionals, how much comfort they offer, what’s their design, what’s the material used for their construction and what’s their seating capacity. Read more

The 5 Best Upholstered Sectionals for Small Spaces

If you’re trying to find the best upholstered sectional sofa for yourself, you’ve come to the right place.

You will get to know all the important details related to these upholstered sectional sofas.

I will discuss the following key factors of these sectionals in complete detail:

  • Comfort
  • Design
  • Material and Finish
  • Ease of Use
  • Seating Capacity

This article will help you identify which is the best overall, which is the best design, the best for small spaces, the best for kids and families, and the best value among the list of five best-upholstered sectionals.

The information provided in this article will make sure that you don’t make any choice while buying a sectional sofa for yourself.

Key Takeaways

So, let’s just quickly jump in! The best overall is the Emkk Sectional Sofa (Read the review or check the price on Amazon).

Here are the reasons why it’s considered to be the best overall sectional sofa:

  • The upholstery is done using faux leather of high quality to ensure softness and comfort.
  • The frame of this reclining sectional is made up of solid and sturdy wood which can handle a large weight load with ease.
  • Overall weight of the sectional sofa is really less and is easy to carry from place to place.
  • This sofa provides ample seating space for 5 persons to sit at the same time.
  • You can easily convert this sectional into a recliner and vice versa.

Now, let’s dive into the list of the top five upholstered sectionals and understand their features and properties.

emkk home power L shape

Emkk Home Power L Shape

  • Best Overall Sectionals!

First, I’ll discuss the best overall upholstered sectional sofa. EMKK Home Power L-Shape Sectional Sofa is also considered the best upholstered reclining sectional.

Why is it the best?

  • The frame of this sofa is made up of solid sturdy wood and high-quality sponge.
  • The upholstery is done using PU leather to ensure comfortability and softness while sitting.
  • This sectional can easily be converted to a recliner if you want to watch a movie etc.
  • It provides 4 cup holders to hold your drinks.
  • The upholstery material can be taken care of by using a damp cloth with a light-based cleaner.


Now, let me tell you about the comfort provided by this sectional sofa.

The PU leather used for the upholstery ensures that you enjoy a soft and comfortable experience while sitting.

The frame of the sofa is made using sturdy solid wood that provides stability and durability. The comfortable armrests help you in resting your arms.

The high-quality sponge used is skin-friendly and you won’t feel any hardness or toughness when sitting on the seat.

The soft padded back provides comfortable support for your back. You can get cozy on this sofa by turning it into a recliner and resting your legs on it.  


Coming to the design of this reclining sofa, it has a modern and elegant design. It has a L-shaped wooden frame that provides plenty of seating space.

The wooden frame is upholstered properly with PU Leather and padded with a sponge.

The PU leather adds that luxurious touch to the sofa and it will enhance the beauty of your room. This sectional can be made into a recliner sofa as well to lay down.

This sofa has a drop-in spring system to provide comfort. It features 4 cup holders to place your drinks and a small compartment to put your snacks in. This sofa will look pretty good in a living room placed on your carpets or wooden floor.

Besides that, its sleek design makes it suitable for your bedroom and dining room.

Material and Finish:

The materials that form the base of the sofa involve solid and sturdy hardwood. The frame of this reclining sectional is made using iron and MDF.

The upholstery over the frame is done using black-colored PU Leather of fine quality. The seat is made using high-quality foam and pocket springs to make it durable and last longer.

The legs of the frame are made using plastic to handle your weight. The back of the sofa is padded with soft fabric to support your body.

The frame is polished so that it doesn’t break down quickly and adds that extra luxurious touch to the sofa. The cup holders of this sofa are made of durable plastic.

Ease of Use:

This reclining sofa is upholstered with soft and high-quality PU leather that provides a comfortable seating space for you.

The overall weight of the sofa is really light which enables you to carry it from place to place. This sofa provides cup holders and small storage compartments to hold your drinks and snacks. You can manually turn this sectional into a recliner sofa through an angle of 90-160 degrees.

The solid and sturdy frame of this sofa is durable and strong enough to handle a weight load of about 300 pounds.

The assembling of this sofa only takes 60 minutes, and you won’t need to spend a lot of your time and energy.

Sitting Capacity:

The space provided by this sofa is remarkable. You can easily seat 5 people on this sofa at the same time and the sturdy frame of this recliner would be able to handle the combined weight without even sweating.

You can turn the sofa into a recliner to provide a comfortable seating space for your guests.

This sofa can be used for watching TV or movies, you can enjoy snacks and drinks alongside as it provides storage options.

You can sit with your family and enjoy a comfortable time in your dining room or even in your bedroom.

kevinplus 89" sectional sofa

Kevinplus 89” Sectional Sofa Couch

  • Best Design!

Second up on the list is the upholstered sectional sofa which has the best design. Kevinplus 89’’ Sectional is considered the best upholstered tufted sectional.

Why is it the best?

  • The frame of this sectional is made using high-quality engineered wood.
  • The upholstery is done using fine polyester fabric to ensure you enjoy a soft and comfortable experience.
  • The seat can be pulled up to unveil a storage portion where you can store your accessories.
  • The assembling of this sofa doesn’t take much time and the instructions are quite easy to follow.


When it comes to the comfort factor, the upholstery is done using soft polyester fabric. The fabric is chosen carefully so that you don’t feel any kind of discomfort while sitting on this sofa.

The frame is made using solid plywood and engineered wood that ensures sturdiness and stability.

The solid wood legs beneath the frame can handle your weight with ease and the comfortable back supports ensure you maintain a good posture while sitting.

The armrests assist you in resting your arms while sitting.  


The design of this sofa is modern and it features a vintage style because it is designed keeping in view the current times.

This sectional features emerald-colored upholstery over the wooden frame of the sectional. The button-tufted design is made carefully on the back of the sofa so that the fabric is held firmly with the frame.

The wooden frame has an L-shape which can fit in small areas and provides ample seating space. The ergonomic design of the back makes sure you sit properly and it is furthermore enhanced with the track-style armrests.

Beneath the seat, it also features a storage portion to store your stuff with ease. This sectional will look remarkable in your carpeted room or even if you have a solid hard floor.

Material and Finish:

For the frame construction, engineered wood of fine quality is used. The back as well as the frame of the sofa is made using solid plywood.

The upholstery over the entire frame is done using emerald-colored polyester fabric. The arms rest, the back as well and the lower part of the sofa are upholstered properly with the fabric. The seats are padded with thick foam to ensure softness and comfortability.

The cup holder portion is made of plastic and the small storage space for putting snacks can be opened with the help of two metal hinges. The storage portion is completely made out of wood.

Ease of Use:

This sectional sofa is soft and comfortable. The material used for the padding and the upholstery makes sure that you enjoy an experience with no discomfort and stress.

The ergonomic back support makes sure that you don’t face any back strain while sitting. The wooden frame of this sofa is made with sturdy and solid wood that provides stability and durability.

The storage option enables you to store your accessories with ease i.e., towels, fabrics, books, toys, etc.

This sofa also provides a specific storage portion for storing snacks and drinks. You can pull open the storage option by pulling the fabric hook attached to the sofa.

Sitting Capacity:

The size of this upholstered sectional is comparatively large. It provides enough seating space for multiple people to sit simultaneously. Around 4-5 persons can sit on this sectional at the same time without any problem.

You can sit with your family, friends, or even with your guests to have a memorable time.

You can place this sectional in your dining room to enjoy food with your family or in your living room to enjoy your snacks while watching movies or T.V. You can even play with your pets while sitting on this sectional sofa.

honbay reversible sectional couch with chaise

Honbay Reversible Sectional with Chaise

  • Best for Small Spaces!

In this part of the article, I will explain the best for small space sectional in detail. HONBAY Reversible Sectional Couch is called the best-upholstered sectional with a chaise.

Why is it the best?

  • This couch has a solid wood frame which features a comfortable seat filled with high-density foam.
  • The upholstery is done with linen fabric. The size of this sectional is compact and it can easily fit small areas or if the space available is less.
  • The storage compartment of this sofa helps you store your blankets, and magazines and you can keep your stuff organized.
  • The assembling process of this couch is not difficult and doesn’t take much time.


The high-density foam used for the padding makes the seat soft and comfortable for you to sit on.

The linen fabric used for the upholstery is skin-friendly and it doesn’t cause any itchiness. The wooden frame is solid and sturdy which makes it stabilized and reduces the wobbliness in the sofa.

The solid armrests and the comfortable back design provide support for your arms and back while you’re sitting on it.

The comfy cushions with the sofa provide additional support and comfort.


The modern style design of this sectional couch becomes suitable for your room and adds elegance no matter where it’s placed.

It has a rectangle-shaped wooden frame which is upholstered with linen fabric. The sofa’s back has a decent height which combined with the soft armrests supports your body at all times.

The frame is supported with solid wood feet that don’t cause damage to the floor. It has a reversible chaise that can be adjusted alongside the sofa to fit the space properly.

Besides the chic design, it is designed with a storage compartment to store your accessories.

This sofa doesn’t occupy much space due to its small size and it looks decent with your carpets, wooden floors, hard floors, etc.

Material and Finish:

The frame of this sectional sofa is made of solid wood. The sturdy support legs that act as the base are carved out of wood as well.

For the upholstery of the frame, bluish-gray-colored linen fabric is used. The seats are filled with high-density foam which provides additional support for your body.

The chaise that comes with the sectional is upholstered with the same fabric. The storage compartment is made out of wood so it doesn’t get rusted.

The sofa has a wooden finish applied to it so it becomes suitable with other wooden furniture.

Ease of Use:

This sectional has a compact-shaped design which makes it suitable for small places. You can place this sofa in different corners of your room and it won’t occupy much space.

The upholstery is done using soft linen fabric to make sure that the comfort and softness factor is maintained.

The wooden frame is sturdy and durable in nature which supports a weight limit of about 660 pounds.

The storage compartment of this sofa will help you store your stuff i.e., your blankets, magazines, books, toys, etc.

It comes with a square ottoman which can be placed at any place of your choice. The covers of this sofa can be taken off and cleaned using a suitable detergent.

The entire sectional set comes in 3 boxes, which includes the assembling instructions and the equipment required.

Sitting Capacity:

This sectional couch features an utmost seating capacity for 3 persons.

No more than 3 persons can sit on this couch simultaneously. You can adjust the reversible chase along with the sectional sofa to provide additional seating space.

You can place this sectional couch in your bedroom to fill the corners beside your studying table. You can enjoy quality time with your family or guests by using this sectional.

You can use this sofa as an additional seating space while eating in your dining room.

honbay reversible sectional L shaped

Honbay Reversible Sectional L-Shaped

  • Best for kids and families.

The second last product in this list is the sectional sofa which is considered the best for kids and family. Honbay Reversible Sectional is known to be the best-upholstered chaise sectional.

Why is it the best?

  • This L-shaped sofa is soft and relaxing because of the high-density sponge used for the seat.
  • The reversible chaise is quite versatile as it can be used as a single portable seat or even as a footstool.
  • This sofa set features a hidden storage space that helps you manage your stuff and keep your room clean and tidy.
  • The size of the L-shaped frame is ideal for your room and it is easy to put together due to clear instructions.


The seat of this sofa is filled with a high-density sponge which is quite soft and comfortable when you sit on it or lie down to relax.

The polyester fabric used for the upholstery is durable and firm. The frame of this sectional sofa is made using solid wood which can handle multiple people at the same time.

The cushion is filled with a high-resilience sponge which provides support and comfort for you.

The reversible chaise of this sectional sofa can be used to support your feet so you can just sit and relax. The comfortable back supports your body at all times.


This sectional sofa features a professional and modern design. This sofa is designed by the top professionals to make it look sleek, and elegant and add that luxurious touch to your room.

This sofa has an L-shaped design and it provides plenty of space for plenty of people to sit down and relax. It has fabric hatches attached to the seat which you can pull up to access the storage portion of the sofa.

The wooden frame also features armrests at the corners. The durable feet under the base are designed to handle your weight and don’t collapse.

This sofa due to its upholstery and design looks remarkably good on carpet floors as well as wooden floors.

Material and Finish:

Honbay reversible sofa features a frame carved out of solid wood. The upholstery of the frame is done using soft polyester fabric.

The seats are filled with high-density foam to support your body. The back is filled with the same breathable foam.

The cushions that come alongside are filled with high-resilience sponges. The reversible chaise is also upholstered using the same comfortable fabric.

The hatch used to open the storage portion is made out of sturdy polyester fabric.

Ease of Use:

This sofa is quite easy to use and set up. The solid wooden frame is sturdy and strong enough to handle about 600 pounds of static weight load with ease.

The upholstery material is suitable for your skin and ensures softness and comfortability at all times. The feet of the frame don’t cause damage to the floor or your carpet.

The reversible chaise can be adjusted according to your own choice. The cushioned back provides solid and comfortable support to your body.

The fabric of the cushions can be taken off for cleaning purposes.

The overall size of the sofa is not that big and it saves space. You can store your accessories like blankets, magazines, books, etc. in the spacious storage compartment.

Sitting Capacity:

Lastly, let me discuss the sitting capacity of this sectional sofa. This sofa can easily accommodate 4-5 persons at the same time.

Due to its comparatively large size as compared to couches, you and your friends can easily sit on this sofa and enjoy a comfortable time.

This sectional can be placed in your room corner to enjoy your garden view early in the morning.

The most suitable place for this sectional would be the living room or dining room where you can sit to eat or enjoy your television show.

yitahome rattan patio furniture set

Yitahome Rattan Patio

  • Best Value!

At the end of this article, I will discuss the sectional sofa having the best value. Yitahome Rattan 4 PCS Patio Furniture Set is known to be the best upholstered outdoor sectional 

Why is it the best?

  • The cushions of this sectional are filled with 2.8 inches thick memory foam that makes you feel that you’re sitting on a soft cloud.
  • The all-weather polyester fabric and PE rattan provide high stain resistance.
  • You won’t need to worry about this sectional sofa getting dirty.
  • The solid and sturdy metal frame can handle a weight load of about 794 pounds and provides ample sitting space for multiple people.


The comfort provided by this outdoor sectional sofa is remarkable. The thick memory foam filling provides you utmost softness and comfort whenever you sit on this sectional.

The polyester fabric and PE rattan upholstery suit your skin and you won’t feel any discomfort while sitting on this sofa.

Its sturdy metal frame provides stability and durability so you can sit down without any fear of collapsing.

This sofa provides a comfortable back just for you to sit back and relax. The cushions provide soft support for you while you’re sitting on this sofa.


This sectional sofa has a rather sleek and elegant design. It is designed to look modern so it can look pretty good when placed outdoors.

Its L-shaped metal frame which is powder coated along with the polyester upholstery looks luxurious. The entire set comes in 3-parts which can be set together to make it an L-shaped sofa.

This sofa has a lightweight and versatile design so it can be used for a variety of applications. The design also features a solid metal arm support. This sofa has a large size and it is designed to fit about 4-5 people.

The height of this sofa is suitable for people of different heights people. This sofa because of its elegance will look decent in your garden, porch, or even alongside your pools.

Material and Finish:

The frame construction is done using solid and sturdy metal. For the upholstery, all-weather polyester fabric and PE rattan are used so they provide stain resistance.

The cushions are filled with thick density foam to provide you with additional comfortable support. The feet that serve as the base of the sofa are also made using strong and durable metal.

The metal of this sofa is polished to add that extra finishing to the design so it doesn’t get rusted and lasts longer.

Ease of Use:

Yogahome convertible sectional can be easily converted to other shapes because of its versatility and flexibility.

This sofa is lightweight enough for you to enjoy your spare time with comfort. The metal sturdy frame is strong, sturdy, and durable which can handle a large weight load of about 794 pounds with ease.

The anti-slip feet add extra stability to the frame. The soft and cozy cushions can be cleaned thoroughly using suitable materials.

The frame is easy to set up within 30 minutes because of the step-by-step instructions that come alongside it.

Sitting Capacity:

Finally, let me tell you about the sitting capacity of this sofa. This sectional provides plenty of space for about 4-5 people to sit on it without facing any problems.

This sofa will make sure to accommodate all the people and to handle their weight as well. You and your family or friends can sit on this sofa outdoors and have a memorable time.

This sofa can be converted into a 5-seat l-shaped lounge sofa, a love seat, or a daybed. You can enjoy time in your garden, on your porch, or by placing it near your pool.

Bottom Line: Which Should You Buy?

When it comes to buying the best-upholstered sectional for yourself, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind before making a decision. Some of those things are given below:

  • Comfort
  • Design
  • Material and Finish
  • Ease of Use
  • Sitting Capacity

I came to the following conclusions as I finished my research. The best overall is Emkk Sectional, the best design is Kevinplus 89”, the best for small spaces is Honbay Reversible Sectional, the best for kids and families is Honbay Reversible L Shaped and the best value is Yitahome Rattan Patio Set.

A large variety of reviews can be found over the internet related to these upholstered sectional sofas. So, I’d suggest you hover there and read them as well if you want to make a well-informed decision. For more reviews, Stay Tuned!!

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