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Types of Staple Guns: Uses, Functions, Pros, and Cons

Learn everything there is to know about the effective staplers and their standard types of models. Also, this article would provide up-to-date professional advice on the factors to think about when purchasing these staple guns. Read more

Types of Staple Guns: Uses, Functions, Pros, and Cons

Before I tell you about the reasons for reading this article. You should ask yourself these questions.

Are you really tired of the fatigue and stress caused by manual nailing and stapling?

Looking for a report that provides in-depth knowledge about which stapler to buy for yourself?

Are you looking for a stapler suitable for your professional work or for DIY jobs?

You can finish your jobs and various tasks using staplers but the question is which type of stapler is suitable for you.

I’ll briefly explain all that in this article. Stay tuned!

You can choose from a variety of stapler models in the market depending on your budget and the projects you’re working on.

I’ll let you know which stapler is the best for you after telling you the results of my extensive research about various models of staplers.

This article includes a comparison chart of various stapler types that can help you in selecting the one that is suitable for you in doing various types of jobs without any problem.

After reading this article as a whole, you will have all the knowledge necessary to make the most suitable choice in terms of buying a stapler for use at home as well as at work.

So let’s start.

Best OverallMetabo HPT Pneumatic
Best for BucksArrow T50 Heavy Duty
Best for QualityArrow ET501C Cordless

Types of Staplers: Overall Comparison Chart

If you need to know the differences between the most common stapler types quickly, I’ve provided a brief side-by-side comparison. You can see it directly below:

Stapler TypeProsCons
ManualCheap and affordable, require no power source, portable and easy to carry, flexible, easy to useExpensive as compared to other staplers, noisy in quiet environments, require maintenance, require an electric power supply, batteries need to be changed from time to time
ElectricQuick and efficient, easy to use, flexible and versatile in nature, wide range of applications, lightweight, large storage capacityEasy to maneuver, lightweight design, powerful and efficient functionalities, versatility, a wide range of purposes
PneumaticHigh strength and power, efficient working, widely applicable to different substances, less fatigue and anxietyRequires an air compressor, less portable, can’t reach tight areas, expensive, high maintenance, dangerous, expensive, noisy
Hammer TackersEasy to use mechanism, quick loading magazine, lightweight, affordable, easy to carry, flexible, versatile, cheapLimited range of applications, produce inconsistent and inaccurate results during working, require high force for its working as they are manual, have a small storage capacity for staples
Plier, Hog Ring, Gimp GunEasy to maneuver, lightweight design, powerful and efficient functionalities, versatility, wide range of purposesExpensive, not easy to use, difficult working, less affordable, designed for specific types of jobs, limited field of applications

Manual Staplers

manual tackers

Manual Staplers are typical handheld tools that are used to fasten different types of surfaces together by driving metal staples of varying sizes through them. Manual Staplers can be used for construction, household tasks, upholstery, or if you’re fond of making DIY projects.

Comparing Manual Staplers

Here is a small interim table to scale the best product in this particular niche, if you are no expert and want to scroll down, let me help you. See the table. Note that the grade sequence is from Poor, Average, Good, Better, and Excellent.

Manual Stapler TypeBest Category ProductGrade
Heavy Duty ManualArrow T50 Heavy DutyBetter
Light Duty ManualDEWALT Staple GunExcellent
All steel chrome platedStaple Gun Neu MasterGood

Types of manual staplers:

Here are different types of manual staplers explained below:

Heavy Duty Manual Stapler

First comes the heavy-duty manual stapler. A heavy-duty manual stapler is a type of manual stapler that is used to fasten surfaces like wood, plastic, metals, or fabric together through staples of varying sizes. These staplers are really strong enough than typical manual staplers and they provide high power and performance. Correct staple type of length and width should be used with this stapler when you’re dealing with specific projects.

These staplers can be used with surfaces like wooden frames, picture frames, upholstery materials, wood, fabrics, carpets, plywood, etc. These staplers can be used by professionals or by DIYers.

Light-duty manual staplers and all steel chrome plated staplers don’t have power and don’t perform like heavy-duty manual staplers.

Light Duty Staple Gun

Now, let’s discuss light-duty staplers. These staplers have work similar to that of heavy-duty staplers but the only difference between them is their power and performance and the types of material this stapler can deal with.

In this category of light-duty staple guns, worth mentioning is the Dewalt.

Light Duty Staple Guns are quite easy to use because of their lightweight. These staplers can easily be carried from place to place without any kind of problem. These staplers are used for light-duty jobs, unlike heavy-duty staplers like woodwork, fastening lightwood together, dealing with carpets, fabrics, etc.

These staplers are quite flexible and easy to maneuver because of their lightweight. These staplers have a wide range of applications and they can be used for household work, professional work, or for DIY projects.

All steel chrome plated stapler

Next up, in this category is the all-steel chrome plated stapler. All steel chrome plated staplers have their working and functionalities similar to that of heavy-duty and light-duty staples, the only difference is the material quality and the power and performance difference.

These manual staplers are made up of steel material and a coating of chrome is added to protect them from rust or from corroding while it’s working in open areas or ventilated areas. These staplers are often used for daily tasks like fastening papers, reports, plastic surfaces, and wood of light thickness together by staples of different sizes.

These staplers are used for daily tasks like fastening papers, reports, plastic surfaces, and wood of light thickness together by staples of different sizes. It has to be ensured that the correct staple of size and length is used specifically for the task being dealt with.

These staplers are flexible in nature and are quite strong because of their steel and chrome plated body which makes them durable and their easy working mechanism makes them adaptable to different types of tasks.

The Pros

  • Manual Staplers are less expensive as compared to electric staplers or other types of staplers.
  • These staplers are portable and flexible which makes them easy to carry from place to place.
  • These staplers don’t require any power source for their work and are totally manual.
  • Manual Staplers are easy to use as compared to other types of staplers.

The Cons

  • Manual Staplers face a lot of jamming problems which cause anxiety and stress.
  • Results produced by manual staplers are quite inconsistent and they don’t produce good results consistently.
  • As these staplers don’t use any power source, much force is required to fire the staples into the surface.
  • These staplers have less capacity as compared to other types of staplers.

Electric Staplers

electric stapler

Now, comes the electric staplers. Their work is similar to other staplers. These types of staplers use electricity as a power source for their work. These staplers are quite powerful and efficient in terms of driving staples through different surfaces like leather, cardboard, plastic, wood, etc. Different types of electric staplers can be used for heavy-duty applications or light-duty applications depending upon the material being dealt with.

Comparing Electric Staplers

Electric Stapler TypeBest Category ProductGrade
CordedArrow Cordless Staple Gun KitGood
CordlessArrow ET501C CordlessBetter

Here are some types of electric staplers:

Corded Electric Stapler

This electric stapler is quite easy to use and is suitable for professional usage. This stapler has a wide variety of applications. This can be used by professionals and DIYers.

Cordless Electric Stapler

The cordless electric staplers can easily be carried to different places without any kind of restrictions. As a battery powered electric stapler can be only used for some time unless it’s charged, unlike corded electric staplers that don’t require any battery for its working.

These cordless electric staplers are widely applicable for tasks like installing carpets, upholstery, general repairs, DIY projects, construction works, etc.

The Pros

  • Electric staplers are versatile in nature and are applicable to a wide variety of jobs.
  • They have a large storage capacity and they can handle more stacks of materials as compared to manual staplers.
  • They are quite easy to use and they provide consistent results in terms of stapling action.
  • These staplers are quicker and more efficient than manual staplers.

The Cons

  • These staplers are quite expensive compared to manual staplers.
  • The power source needs to be changed after some time and they require an electric power source for its working.
  • They produce noise in quiet environments and they need to be maintained after some time.

Pneumatic Staplers

pneumatic staplers

Pneumatic staplers are those staplers that use an air compressor source as their power source for working. These staplers are widely used for manufacturing, construction, and woodworking applications. They support materials like fabrics, carpets, different types of wood, plastic, and similar materials. The PSI of these staplers needs to be according to the material being dealt with.

Worth mentioning in this category is the Metabo HPT Pneumatic.

Comparing Pneumatic Staplers

Pneumatic Stapler TypeBest Category ProductGrade
Long NoseMeite MT7116LNBetter
Short NoseMetabo HPT PneumaticExcellent
Heavy DutyMetabo HPT Brad NailerGood
Light DutyArrow PT50 StapleExcellent
Wide crown stapleCrewtower Construction StaplerAverage

Pneumatic Staplers have the following categories:

Long Nose Pneumatic

These staplers have a long nose or a long tip that helps the user to reach tight spaces for fastening staples. These staplers have different features like depth adjustment, trigger mechanism, compatibility with a variety of surfaces like upholstery, etc., and provide a comfortable grip to the users. These staplers are an appropriate choice for hard to reach places.

These staplers are widely used for construction purposes, repairing, fastening wood and plastic together, upholstery tasks, etc.

Short Nose Pneumatic Staplers

Short Nose Pneumatic Staplers have a short nose which helps the user in reaching inaccessible areas and firing staples with ease. These staplers are quite versatile and flexible and help the user in dealing with different types of surfaces which are really tight. They have features like a short nose design. Depth adjustment, applicable to a variety of surfaces as well as comfortable design.

These staplers can easily reach inaccessible areas which are difficult to reach with other types of pneumatic staplers. This particular functionality increases the versatility and flexibility of this pneumatic stapler.

This stapler can be used with surfaces like upholstery surfaces, furniture, wood surfaces, plastic, etc.

Heavy Duty Pneumatic Staplers

Heavy Duty Pneumatic Staplers have working similar to that of other pneumatic staplers the only difference is the power and performance. These staplers are used to drive staples into materials like hardwood, plastic, metals, etc., and use various types of staples depending on the surface being dealt with.

These staplers provide high power and performance. They also have a jam clearance feature that helps in clearing jams. They often have a large magazine capacity because of their commercial usage and to save time during work. These staplers provide high efficiency and a quick firing mechanism to the user.

Light Duty Pneumatic Staplers

Light Duty Pneumatic Staplers have some working and almost similar features. The only difference is its power and efficiency which is less as compared to heavy duty staplers because these staplers are designed for light duty jobs only. These staplers are suitable for light duty applications only.

These staplers also use compressed air like other pneumatic staplers but it provides less power and efficiency. These staplers are versatile in nature as they can be used with a variety of applications like upholstery, insulation, crafting, construction, etc. It has important features like ergonomic design, high magazine capacity than other staplers, trigger adjustment mechanism, and durability.

These are suitable for professional usage, home usage, or various types of DIY projects.

Wide Crown Staple Pneumatic Staplers

Last in the category is the wide crown staple pneumatic stapler. This stapler is used to drive wide crown staples into different types of materials. Wide Crown staples are wide and bigger as compared to narrow or medium crown staples. These staples provide additional holding power between the surfaces. It uses an air compressor to drive these wide crown staples into surfaces like roofing materials, sheathing materials, insulation materials, etc.

Crewtower is worth mentioning in the category of wide crown staple pneumatic staplers because of its applications and efficiency.

These staplers are used as heavy duty staplers. These staples use compressed air for applications like framing, floor decking, sheathing, roofing, pallet building, etc.

These wide crown staplers can be used by any type of user because of their easy working and their features like depth adjustment, trigger control makes them remarkable.

The Pros

  • Pneumatic Staplers have high efficiency as compared to other staplers.
  • These staplers are quite versatile and have high precision.
  • These staples provide high power for driving fasteners.
  • They cause less fatigue and stress to the users and increase productivity on a high scale.

The Cons

  • These staplers require an air supply for its working and they wouldn’t work without any air power supply.
  • These staplers can be dangerous if not treated with safely and precautions.
  • These staplers produce a lot of sound during their work and they need to be maintained from time to time.
  • These staplers are expensive compared to other staplers.

Hammer Tackers

hammer tackers

Hammer Tackers are handheld tools that are equipped with a spring-loaded mechanism to drive staples of different sizes into various types of materials. They are also known as hammer staplers. It is typically loaded with a strip of staples. Their applications include roofing, insulation, upholstery, or general stapling applications. They can be used for professional work or for DIY Projects as well as household jobs.

Worth mentioning is the Bostitch Hammer Stapler which is considered the right choice overall for a hammer tacker in the current times.

Comparing Hammer Tackers

Framing Stapler TypeBest Category ProductGrade
Heavy DutyArrow HTX50 Hammer TackerBetter
Light DutyBostitch Hammer StaplerBetter

Hammer Tackers also have sub-categories:

Heavy Duty Hammer Tacker

Heavy Duty Hammer Tackers are those hammer tackers that are used to carry off jobs involving high force stapling action. These staplers are used for heavy duty jobs such as fastening different roofing materials, insulation materials, or construction materials to surfaces of different types like wood, metals, or concrete.

These hammer tackers help the user in penetrating staples into high depth.

These staplers require high strength in driving the staples into the material. They are really much portable as they don’t require any power source or air source. They are quite easy to use as they require minimal training. These staplers are suitable for complex and large stapling jobs.

Light Duty Hammer Tacker

Light Duty hammer tackers have the same working as compared to heavy duty hammer tackers. The only difference is that this tacker is used for light duty tasks. These are used for light or medium duty fastening tasks such as attaching fabrics to wood or other surfaces, upholstery, insulation, etc.

This stapler has a wide range of applications like home upholstery repair, attaching carpets and fabrics, fastening insulation or plastic sheeting, etc. These staplers can be used by small DIYers or for small home tasks.

These staplers are portable and are easy to use.

The Pros

  • These staplers are quite portable and are easy to carry.
  • Designed to be lightweight and they don’t require any power source it’s working.
  • They are easily affordable for different types of people easily.
  • These staplers are versatile and flexible in different areas of their work.

The Cons

  • These staplers are manual so they require a lot of force and effort.
  • These staplers produce inaccurate and inconsistent results.
  • These staplers only support nails with shorter legs and thinner wires which limits its range of applications.
  • They have a short capacity of staples that they can load per circulation.

Other Staplers

hog ring staplers

There are some other types of staplers as well besides typical staplers and they have different functionalities as compared to other staplers as well.

The other type of staplers includes:

  • Plier Stapler
  • Upholstery Gimp Gun
  • Hog Ring Stapler

Comparing Other Staplers

Other Stapler TypeBest Category ProductGrade
Plier StaplerRapid Classic 1 Plier StaplerGood
Upholstery Gimp GunFasco F1B N30-19 #9 Gimp GunGood
Hog Ring StaplerKamsin K-SC7C 15Good

Here is what you need to know about the sub-categories of other types of staplers:

Plier Staplers

Plier Staplers are also manual hand-held staplers that are operated by squeezing their handles together. They are designed with a shape similar to that of pliers. These staplers have a variety of applications like packaging, tagging, or any other light-duty stapling tasks.

The staples used by these types of staplers have the same size and shape as standard office staplers, but they are heavy duty and have longer legs than them. They have an easy and quick loading magazine

Upholstery Gimp Gun

These staplers are also known as gimp staplers. These tools are specialized hand-held tools that are used for various purposes like securing decorative gimp trim to upholstery surfaces or furniture surfaces. These staples are longer than standard office staples. They are used in upholstery and heavy-duty applications.

These staplers are used for attaching decorative gimp, securing fabric to frames, fastening foam padding, general repairs, etc.

These staplers use staples of different types including c-shaped, d-shaped, and fine wire staples.

Hog Ring Staplers

The hog ring staplers are hand-held tools used to fasten hog rings. Hog rings which are circular metal rings can be attached to various types of other surfaces. These staplers are heavy duty and are often used for fencing, automotive repair, and different types of upholstery.

These staplers use hog ring staples which are made up of wire and are shaped like small c or small d rings. These staples after being loaded are bent after being loaded and are fastened into different types of materials.

These staplers are quite efficient and are time saving as well. Plus, these staplers should be used with caution and safety precautions in order to avoid any kind of harm.

The Pros

  • These staplers can easily be used for various upholstery jobs and are quite versatile in nature.
  • Designed to be lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • They are powerful and efficient in terms of working.
  • These staplers have a wide range of applications.

The Cons

  • These staplers are expensive compared to other types of staplers.
  • These staplers need specific training to be used and have a slightly difficult working.
  • These staplers might not be as strong as other types of staplers.

Types of Staples and their Sizes

Types of StaplesApplicationsStandard Size
Cable StaplesTelephone Cable installation, electrical wiring installation, home theater installation¼ inches
Chisel Point StapleFastening wood, cardboard, insulation, roof decking, flooring, sheathing, framing½ inches to ¾ inches in length and ½ inch in crown width
Fine wire and medium wireFor upholstery, roofing automotive, electrical wiring, packaging¼ inches to 5/8 inches for fine wire and ¼ inches to 7/8 inches for medium wire
Stainless steel narrow crown stapleFlooring, trim work, cabinetry1/4 inch to 7/8 inch in length and 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch in width.
Monel Narrow crown staplesBoat building, outdoor furniture, decking, fencing1/4 inch to 9/16 inch leg length, and 7/32 inch crown width
Light Duty StaplesConstruction, fencing, installing insulation materials, attaching corrugated board, fixing cables, etc.1/4 inch to 3/8 inch in length
Heavy Duty StaplesSuitable for trim work, baseboards, crown molding, framing, window, and door casings1/4 inch to 1/2 inch in length
18-Gauge BradsLathing, flooring, house wrap installation, roofing, general constructions, and framing projects5/8 inches to 2 inches in length
Wide Crown StaplesLathing, flooring, house wrap installation, roofing, general constructions and framing projects1-1/2 to 2 inches in length and 7/16 inch in width


A lot of questions arise for different types of staplers. I’ve mentioned some FAQs right below and their appropriate answers as well for your help so that if you have any queries:

What type of stapler is the most versatile?

Electric staplers are the most versatile if you’re looking for a versatile stapler.

What type of staplers are the most commonly used?

Manual Staplers are the most commonly used and are really in high demand in the market.

What PSI is preferred in a pneumatic stapler?

According to my research, an ideal PSI ranges from 70-90 PSI for the best performance and accurate results.

Can Brads be used in a pin stapler?

No, only pin staples can be used in pin staplers and brads can be used in the brad staplers respectively.

What type of stapler should I use with my lightwood work?

If you’re dealing with lightwood work, I’d prefer a stapler that can use 18-gauge staples. Electric or pneumatic staplers can make the job easy.

What is the difference in coil and stick staples?

Stick staples are preferable for light duty jobs whereas coil staples are preferred and are more suitable for heavy duty applications.


In this part of the article, I’ll give you a recap of the entire article and everything we have learned about the 9 different types of staplers.

Hammer Tackers: These staplers use a spring-driven mechanism for driving nails into different materials. They are also manual and they don’t require any power source for its working. These staplers require a lot of force for their operation and these staplers can easily be used for heavy duty as well as light duty jobs.

Other staplers: These staplers include upholstery gimp guns, hog rings staplers, and plier staplers. These staplers are specifically used for a variety of jobs related to upholstery, installing gimp with surfaces, and attaching hog rings for fastening different surfaces.

Bottom Line: What type of Stapler is Best for you?

Now, as you have learned about 5 different types of staplers, the question arises what type of stapler is the best for you?

Before you go, here are a few things you need to consider:

  • Comfort: Comfort matters a lot in selecting what type of stapler is the most suitable choice for your tasks. Which stapler provides the most comfortable design and grip? Which stapler causes less stress and anxiety to the user?
  • Power Source: Different power sources are used in different types of staplers. So, what power source are you looking for in a stapler? Are you looking for a manual, electric or pneumatic stapler?
  • Depth Adjustment: Depth adjustment matters if you’re looking for a stapler while dealing with a variety of materials having different depths. Does this stapler provide depth adjustment? Can the depth be adjusted in this stapler according to different types of materials?
  • Safety Features: Safety features also matter a lot. Does this stapler provide a safety trigger or quick lock mechanism? Does this stapler provide safety to the user during its mechanism?
  • Jam Clearing: Jamming of staples is a really big problem. Which stapler provides jam clearing mechanism? Which stapler has the least jamming issues? Which ways can help in clearing jams?
  • Air Compressors: Pneumatic Stapler requires air compressors it’s working. Which air compressor is best for the material you are dealing with? What PSI do you want for the material that you are dealing with? Which pressure is ideal for the jobs?
  • Price: Price matters a lot as well when buying a suitable stapler for your job. Which stapler is the most affordable stapler? Which stapler provides amazing features at a cheap and affordable price?
  • Depth Adjustment of Staples: Depth adjustment matters when a person is dealing with a variety of materials. Does this stapler help in adjusting the staples according to the depth of material being dealt with? Does this stapler provide a depth adjustment feature to the user?

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