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Is Arrow PT50 The Best Pneumatic Stapler? Expert Review

In this in-depth review, I break down the pros and cons of Arrow PT50. You will learn how it looks, performs, and why it stands out among its competitors. Read more

Is Arrow PT50 The Best Pneumatic Stapler? Expert Review

Arrow is a global tool brand with years of experience. They design and sell cutting-edge, low-cost tools for home renovation, trade, gardening, and other applications.

Their products are reliable and impressive to the market. Let’s dive in and see if you really want this product or not!

Are you looking to upgrade from your old, heavy staple gun?

Does your DIY project require a lot of effort?

This tool has the strength and adaptability to handle any home job because it is loaded with features including an easy-load magazine, over-molded comfort grip, adjustable exhaust lid, and contact safety.

It has the ability to bump fire to expedite large jobs. The Arrow PT50 runs on home compressors up to 100 psi and includes all essential fittings.

This article is based on 1.5 months of intensive testing with experts. If you have a few minutes, you will discover how this product can benefit you.

arrow pt50 review
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Arrow PT50 Pneumatic Staple

  • It’s lightweight and adaptable.
  • Ideal for construction workers and professionals.
  • A bit pricey.

Comparison with Previous Models and Competitors

You will be able to discuss the worth of this stapler more once you have the test data.

Let’s compare this stapler to its market rivals to see how well it performs in the lineup. Staple Gun’s market range is flooded with competitors. Here are a few examples.

Arrow ET501F is an electric stapler with a high price range. When it comes to performance pneumatic stapler still beats the electric as it has better firing than an electric. According to expert reviews and tests, both are equal in their own niche.

The Pneumatic Brad Nailer may have a higher price tag compared to the Arrow PT50, but when it comes to performance and efficiency, these two staplers are equal. Both tools offer reliable and efficient stapling for a wide range of projects, making them suitable for both beginners and professionals. While the Arrow may have a more competitive price point, all of these staplers are reliable and efficient choices for your stapling needs.

In comparison with other models and competitors, the machine becomes distinctive due to the following features.

  • The previous models need oil. This gun is oil-free.
  • It has a uniquely different design compared to previous ones.
  • It comes with easy loading of magazines and contacts safety feature.
  • The machines come with a cheap price tag.


Pressure 60-120 PSI
Item Weight1.36 pounds
Staple Capacity120 pieces
Power Source TypeHand Powered
Operation ModeAir-Powered


The style and design of the stapler benefit both you and the manufacturer. A modern design allows the manufacturer to make it look tackier, while a compact style allows room for new functions.

On the consumer end, it allows you to finish your task quickly and effortlessly. Here’s how the design of this stapler can assist you.

arrow pt50 pneumatic stapler with attachments.

The colors of this pneumatic stapler are black and red. The lightweight compact design, over-molded rubber grip, and exhaust lid that allows you to direct leaving air flow all contribute to a pleasant stapling experience.

The Arrow PT50 provides serious pneumatic performance at an affordable price. This stapler provides the power and adaptability to handle any home job, thanks to features such as an easy-load magazine, an over-molded comfort grip, an adjustable exhaust lid, and contact safety.

It’s also capable of bump firing to expedite large operations. The PT50 comes with all essential fittings and works with household compressors up to 100psi.


The Arrow Staple Gun is a compact and lightweight tool that is easy to handle and maneuver.

It has a sleek, ergonomic design with a comfortable grip to minimize hand fatigue during extended use. The staple gun is made from durable materials to withstand the rigors of regular use, and it has a chrome finish that gives it a professional look.

The Arrow also has a built-in air filter to help keep the tool clean and functioning properly. It is equipped with a quick-release nose that allows for easy jam-clearing, and it has a rear exhaust to direct air away from the user. Overall, the exterior design of the PT50 is practical, functional, and visually appealing.

Features and Functions

The features and functionalities are the heart of the entire article. You cannot use the product without them. Check out the review below to see if these features and functionalities are worth your money and needs.

Arrow PT50 has the following features and functions.

arrow pt50 pneumatic stapler an unbiased review.

Relief and Effectiveness

When it comes to arrow T50 the comfortable stapling is made possible by the lightweight, compact design, over-molded rubber grip, and exhaust lid that allows you to direct outgoing airflow.

One of Arrow’s most well-liked staplers is the PT50 Pneumatic Staple Gun. This staple gun, as opposed to other pneumatic staple gun options, includes a number of useful features, such as an easy-load magazine, a contact safety mechanism, and an adjustable exhaust cap.

The stapler also incorporates a comfortable grip that has been over-molded to prevent the user from developing uncomfortable grip fatigue. The PT50 Pneumatic Staple Gun is perfect for a variety of tasks, including upholstery projects, installation of insulation, and professional or general repairs.

Accessibility and Safety

The PT50 doesn’t need oil as other pneumatic stapes guns do, and its safety trigger feature requires pulling two triggers to fire in order to prevent misfires.

Holding down the trigger while pressing on your work surface enables rapid staple fire. Any professional or do-it-yourself home project is a breeze with the PT50 Pneumatic Staple Gun’s bump fire feature and contact safety, which eliminates misfires while firing several staples in quick succession.


This staple gun comes with air inlet fittings and operates on home compressor units up to 100psi; this tool uses Arrow T50 staples (sold separately);

  • 1/4-Inch
  • 5/16-Inch
  • 3/8-Inch
  • 1/2-Inch
  • 9/16-Inch

The PT50 is excellent for home DIYs like stapling into harder materials and large projects like insulation, house wrap, roofing, flooring, or upholstery.


When it comes to performance, the Arrow PT50 is a reliable and efficient choice for a wide range of stapling tasks.

arrow pt50 pneumatic staple gun unboxing

Whether you’re working with light-duty materials like leather, cardboard, and plywood, or heavy-duty materials that require more power and force, this stapler is up to the challenge. It delivers top-quality performance and is able to handle both heavy-duty and light-duty stapling tasks with ease.

The Arrow PT50 is an essential tool that can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Overall, the performance of the Arrow PT50 Stapler is better than average, and it is a dependable and efficient choice for any project that requires stapling. Its versatility, power, and reliability make it a valuable tool for any toolkit.

Overall Ratings

CategoryCorded Pneumatic Staple
Power/ Fire Rate4.7 / 5
Wood/Metal4.4 / 5
Durability/Strength3.7 / 5
Misfire3.8 / 5


Let’s discuss the strengths of Arrow PT50.

T50 Staples: The most popular heavy-duty staple platform worldwide is T50. These staples are utilized for all heavy-duty stapling tasks, including installing insulation, house wraps, and roofing under laments as well as reupholstering expensive furniture and window treatments.

They are designed to provide great holding power. Arrow T50 staples, a true workhorse of a fastener, are produced to exacting standards using modern machinery.

Lightweight: The staple gun is small and light in weight moreover it has contact safety guards against unintentional firing. The trigger of the pneumatic staple gun comes with a bump for rapid fire.

Quick Reloading: With its quick reloading with simple drop-in loading it is ideal for heavy-duty undertakings or construction work like roofing, installing carpet and flooring, making furniture, installing baseboard, crown molding, and floor trim


The Arrow PT50 has a few potential drawbacks that users should be aware of.

One issue that some customers have reported is that the loading process for this stapler is different from other staple guns, and the instructions manual is not clear or comprehensive enough to explain the process. This has led to confusion and frustration for some users.

Another issue that has been reported by some customers is that the stapler can experience multiple firing or jamming issues. When this happens, the stapler may only fire a staple every 5 trigger pulls, and the firing mechanism may need to be manually pushed back into place to clear the jam. This can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you’re working on a large project that requires a lot of stapling.

Some users have reported that the stapler is not suitable for long-term use due to its low quality. If you’re planning on using a stapler regularly or for heavy-duty projects, you may want to consider a more expensive option.

What Other Experts Say

How can I convince you that this thing works or not?

There is, however, a simple remedy. I personally tested this staple with specialists and the most trustworthy consumer for these kinds of tools.

Based on real-world testing, I received the following test findings.

I tested with real-life professionals and learned about how well the nail gun works. Furthermore, are there any disadvantages to utilizing it? Let’s have a look below.

How did it work with Experts?

Upon testing with the experts here are a few things I noticed about this product.

If you’re building a chicken run or have a regular screening task on your list, you’ll appreciate the convenience and efficiency of the Arrow PT50 Pneumatic Stapler. Instead of hand-tiring yourself out with a spring-driven gun, this small, lightweight tool makes it easy to staple thousands of 1/2-inch stainless steel staples with minimal effort.

The only potential drawback is the location of the magazine release lever, which may take some getting used to. Overall, the PT50 is a must-have for any DIY project that requires a lot of stapling.

How did it work with Dads and Homeowners?

If you’re a household owner looking for a reliable and efficient staple gun, the Arrow PT50 may be a perfect choice. This tool was put to the test by families who needed to re-carpet riser stands and redo their laundry room floor. They found that the stapler worked well and saved them a significant amount of time and energy compared to their old spring-driven stapler.

It is especially useful for tackling complex fixes around the house, including thicker carpets and internal transition pieces that connect wood and laminate strips. Overall, it is a reliable and versatile tool for any household project.

How well did the stapler work with beginners?

Here are a few things I learned when this stapler was used with amateurs, The Arrow PT50 Staple Gun is a user-friendly tool that is suitable for beginners and professionals alike. It has a compact and lightweight design that is easy to handle and maneuver, making it suitable for people of all skill levels.

The stapler is designed with an ergonomic grip to minimize hand fatigue, and it has a built-in air filter to help keep the tool clean and functioning properly. The Arrow PT50 is a versatile and reliable staple gun that is suitable for a wide range of stapling tasks.

How to Use Arrow PT50 Pneumatic Staple Gun?

While loading staples it clearly states to turn the gun upside down, when you look at the gun with the slide open the rail neatly holds the staples that you placed on it. When closing the rail, you need to squeeze the release lever to allow it to skip over the staples then shut and lock. Hooked up the air, then fired blanks. This does not load like all the other staplers.

To load you open the slide with the release tab and turn the gun upside down. You will see the U-shaped trough/rail simply load the staples UPSIDE-DOWN with the sharp ends pointing up into the trough and close the slide.

Best suitable for?

Although the modern design and new safety features make it compatible with everyone yet being a heavy-duty machine gun. Arrow T50 pneumatic staple gun is suitable for construction workers and experts. Not really preferred for new teens as this machine is used for heavy projects. If you know about the gun, then it is recommended for you.

FAQs about Arrow PT50

Will this work with the Heavier T50 Montel staples?

Yes, Arrow Fastener 508M1 Genuine T50 Montel Rustproof 1/2- Inch Staples can be used with this gun and they work flawlessly.

Is there any warranty? After 12,000 staples it doesn’t want to cycle.

From the Manufacturer “All parts of Arrow Fastener pneumatic products are warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship for three years from the date of purchase. Arrow Fastener will repair or replace, FREE OF CHARGE, during the warranty period, any product that proves to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use. If repair is not practical, Arrow Fastener may elect to replace the product or refund the purchase price in exchange for the return of the defective product. For best performance, use genuine Arrow® staples and nails. Please contact Arrow Fastener.

Does it have adjustable air pressure?

The staple gun does not have adjustable air pressure. However, it is designed to work with clean, dry, regulated compressed air between 60 and 100 psi, so the pressure can be adjusted on the compressor. You can find the manual for this tool at arrowfastener.com. It is for the model that uses oil, which operates the same as the oil-free model (without the need for oil).

What size staple for the baseboard?

We wouldn’t use staples to fasten the baseboard. You should use a brad stapler for that. Normally 1-inch or 1-1/4 inch brads are adequate for baseboards; 3/4-inch brads should be adequate for quarter-round trim. This Arrow staple gun is great for its intended purposes, but that does not include a fastening baseboard.


Is the Arrow PT50 worth your money?

It works well with staples, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you need a nailer. The product is difficult to overlook at such a low price. Because its pricing is unbeatable. It is really affordable.

To be honest, I was taken aback by the promise of a lifetime warranty, but you know I’m not going down without a fight. So I contacted the company and received a response that said something like, “They are eager and able to offer you technical help whenever you need it, as well as a 12-month warranty on this nailer stapler.”

Bottom Line

The price convinced me to change my mind. I would rather take the risk and get the product if you are well-versed in the use of staple guns.

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