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Buying Wool Fabric: How to Choose the Right Wool?

Finding the best type of wool fabric requires a lot of knowledge. So here is a guide describing all the points needed to buy durable wool fabric for upholstery. Read more

Buying Wool Fabric: How to Choose the Right Wool?

What to choose and what to let go of? It is a difficult decision when you go for wool upholstery for the sofa.

Due to their very close properties and resemblance, some might not differentiate when seeing from an unaware eye. One needs to understand the peculiar properties of each wool fabric for the upholstery to choose the most reliable one.

One type of wool upholstery fabric is not considered an all-purpose material. Sofa of kid’s room with gray textured wool fabric, a pizza parlor with checked tweed upholstery, a living room with thin layered wool fabric, and a yard exposed to rain with vicuna wool (a rare and most expensive woven fabric) are some scenarios which seem entirely ill-assorted.

I have some tips for you to make a fine decision. These tips may also narrow your selection pan and give ease to your mind to make a rapid but wise decision.


Every buying must have a specific purpose so does the buying of upholstery wool fabric. Your objective is to soothe your living room, a chair for the dining table, a sofa for the waiting area of your office, a bean bag for your child, and a sofa for your bedroom.

Each space needs a different type of wool fabric. Melton wool for the living room felt fabric for the chair of the dining table, a solid gray fabric for sofas in the waiting area, and light-colored wool like red or blue for a bean bag for your child would probably be a good choice.

Shape & Size of the Furniture

When selecting a cloth, take into account the shape of the furniture. Stick to solid-colored materials when upholstering curved furniture. Patterns or textures with a clear direction may not work well for upholstery. Particularly if it’s a complex, intricate design, a pattern that looks fantastic on a bolt of fabric might not look great once it’s split up and put back together on your sofa.

Don’t forget to consider the furniture’s size too. To ensure that you won’t be tired over time, larger pieces such as a sofa should be upholstered in a deep solid color or timeless neutral. Consider the additional furniture in the space, especially the upholstered items. Make sure the patterns, textures, and colors complement one another.

Frequency of Use

Why purchase a delicate wool fabric for a high-traffic area? You know which sofa will be more in use, go for a harder or felted stuff for it. For a rarely used one, go for heavy but softer wool upholstery fabric.

Budget Quantum

Last but not least is the size of your pocket. There must be a balance between expenses and income. It can only be achieved if you go for purposeful buying. As per your need, you may purchase wool upholstery fabric by the yard or by cut pieces. Why buy the wool upholstery fabric by the yard when you want it only for a small chair? A difference in needs and wants is also considered wisely.


Now, no matter how much you would be using that wool upholstered sofa; still, there is a huge need that it should be durable.

The degree of durability might vary, but at the end of the day, no one must buy an upholstery fabric that will be destroyed within a year.

It would be amazing if you buy fabric with a warranty. It will be a bit difficult to hunt, but using the word of mouth can help.

Post your query on various social media sites, and learn about sellers giving you a warranty for at least two years.

Weaved or Not?

Some people would prefer felt wool fabric because it is not a woven wool fabric, while for some natural wool would be great. It is clearly a personal choice, if any of you feel that the woven fabric is a bit risky to have, and there are kids or some naughty teenagers at your place, then it is better to go for the felt fabric.

Is it Worth it to Buy Wool Fabric Online?

Purchasing wool is way tricker than any other upholstery fabric. Therefore, online shopping is the last option here.

You might not know, but seeing only the picture of a woolen fabric is not enough. You will also need to feel it, and watch it closely to see the closeness of the weave.

Also, it might not come with all the options. Many online shops selling upholstery fabrics do not have unique wool fabric. But if you will search for them at a shop, then chances are that you will find them very easily.

Shop from a Brand

Purchasing upholstery fabric in bulk from a brand might not be an ideal thing for someone who has a limited budget. But in the long run, it is better to buy good upholstery fabric from a brand instead of buying locally.

Search down the best brands, and shortlist them. Then buy from them, here again, using social media will be the best way.

If you are new to a palace, then it is really important to only trust the renowned shops and brands. Another reason to rely on the brands is their added value.

They would either give you a warranty, cleaning services, or delivery services. The price of the branded upholstery fabric might seem pretty high, but when you will consider these added values, it will all seem really fair.

Health Safety

Unfortunately many artificially created fabrics are sometimes not safe for the skin. They can cause rash or allergy. In some cases, they can increase the risk of asthma. Wool fabric can entangle pollens and any other dirt particles. Then whoever would sit or lie down on that sofa will ultimately get an allergy. 

Ease of Maintenance

Cleaning Wool sofas is not easy. Therefore, it will be sheer stupidity to buy any fabric which is hard to clean. Therefore, you must ask the seller or search for that type of wool fabric to learn if it will be easy to clean.

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