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How to Clean Wool Upholstery Fabric in 10 Minutes

Cleaning wool fabric upholstery is extremely crucial for your health. Here are a few ways that are effective in thoroughly cleaning different types of wool upholstery fabrics. Read more

How to Clean Wool Upholstery Fabric in 10 Minutes

Choosing an expensive and eco-degradable fabric for upholstery is cool, but sometimes, keeping it can be a headache.

Even though in our hearts, we all wish to save our planet from global warming or climate change, only a few will be brave enough to get the best thing for it. Wool is undoubtedly the safest way forward, but cleaning it is a hard thing to do.

Are you also feeling stuck after buying wool fabric? Don’t worry, there is always a way out of this trouble. After all, for ages, our ancestors have been using it for all types of covers and upholstery, so there are some obvious ways to clean wool upholstery.

In this article, we will share some effective yet secret ways to clean wool upholstery fabric.

Things to Notice before Cleaning Wool Fabric

So the first thing is that wool fabric is of various types. Some are loosely woven, some are mixed, while some are tightly woven.

Now, for each type, there will be a different way to clean and take care. Therefore, we will advise you to first read about the types of wool upholstery fabric.

For Normal Wool Cleaning

Normal cleaning of all types of wool fabric is effortless and easy. However, things might get complex if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner.

As the wool fabric is closely knitted, cleaning it with a brush will open up the knots. Therefore, we would advise you to use a vacuum cleaner in all cases.

Even if it is loosely knitted wool, in that case, using a brush will make things even worse. So, whenever you plan to buy wool fabric for upholstery, don’t skip the cleaning tool that is a good quality vacuum cleaner.

Remember to use a vacuum cleaner every other day to clean wool upholstery fabric. You must vacuum in both directions, it is also because of the structure of the wool fabric.

Also unlike cleaning a thin wool carpet, when cleaning a wool sofa you must clear the vacuum bag often. Lastly, a great filter system is also required for perfect cleaning.

In offices, it needs to be a daily ritual to clean the sofa cover with a vacuum cleaner.

Tips for Spot Cleaning for Wool

Stains and spot-on wool look very bad. However, many people don’t pay heed to it and take it as impossible. You might have seen old wool cushions for sofas covered in stains, and the owner will brush this issue under the carpet.

Well, you being a responsible person does not need to think like that.

6 ways to clean spots from wool:

  1. The first thing to do whenever there is some accident spill on your wool sofa is to get a wet cloth and lightly rub it against the stain.
  2. Try pressing the dry cloth on the stain, it is necessary to press out all the liquid from the stained area.
  3. Do it immediately; otherwise, the wool particles will absorb it, they are super absorptive for oil. However, for water, some wool types are water resistant too.
  4. If it is a stubborn stain, then the ideal way would be to use a solvent for stain cleaning. You can easily find stain cleaning sprays for wool and other upholstery fabrics.
  5. In case, the stain has dried, and you didn’t notice it before. Then, you will need some strong wool-friendly solvents to clean.
  6. Finding one is really hard because high quantity solvents can damage the wool fabric. You need to think about it or ask the sellers.

Whenever using solvents it will be best to test them on a small patch; otherwise, it may damage the wool.

One more tip, if there is some tough stain, then instead of scrubbing it off with a concentrated solution, we will advise you to use a light solution. Add more water and repeat the scrubbing procedure again and again. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.

Using a highly concentrated solution will result in large rings or discolored areas.

Do you Need to Wash Wool Fabric?

We don’t believe in washing wool. The reason is its natural smell-resistant feature. So, when there is no or minimum smell in wool fabric, thus, you do not need to wash it often. A simple vacuum cleaning will be enough for wool.

When to Call Professional Upholstery Cleaners for a Wool Fabric Sofa?

The best time to call professionals is when there is larger damage. Like you accidentally spilled an entire bowl of curry on your wool-covered sofa.

Also, if you are not following a routine cleaning then it is also recommended to call the professionals twice a year. They will thoroughly clean the fabric. The best time to call them is after winters and vacations.

Don’t Forget to Read the Labels

We have already advised our readers to check the labels on the sofa or wool fabric. It has all the cleaning and maintenance information on it. However, if you did not buy the fabric from a brand, then you will have to ask the seller directly.

How to Prevent Stains on Wool Fabric?

  1. Always choose the right type of wool fabric. You should not use the one that is not suitable for your home or area. Like water repellent wool will be best for kids, while shiny delicate wool will be ideal for the drawing room.
  2. Don’t let the stains dry out. Clean them as soon as possible
  3. Always read the labels.
  4. Purchasing from brands is great to avoid any confusion while cleaning.
  5. Train your kids or pets.
  6. Clean regularly with a vacuum.
  7. Try to keep coffee tables and side tables a bit away from wool fabric sofas.


Cleaning wool is tough, but these ways are very simple. However, calling professionals will cost you around 50 dollars, and that is too much. Therefore, we will advise you to clean the wool-covered sofas regularly, and ensure stain prevention as much as possible.


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