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How to Clean Nylon Chairs in 10 Minutes!

Cleaning nylon upholstery fabric requires awareness as you cannot try the old methods of washing here. Moreover, you might need to buy extra stuff to clean it. Read more

How to Clean Nylon Chairs in 10 Minutes!

I feel despondent while saying that, even though now we have various fabrics for upholstery but we still don’t know the ways to use those fabrics.

However, still, there are so many aspects of nylon upholstery to explore.

To be honest, not many people are educated about cleaning nylon upholstery. Partially because they don’t know what type of fabric they are using, and for the lack of knowledge about types of nylon.

Before we start, let us give you a few reliefs, and that are easier to clean. Comparing nylon with other synthetic fabrics would clearly show that nylon is easier to clean. This is the reason why many big hotels will have nylon upholstery fabric for their chairs, sofas, and bed covers.

Hand Washing Nylon Fabric

how to clean nylon chairs

If you don’t want to make the chair look dull in a few years, then the best way to clean the nylon upholstery fabric would be by trying the hand washing method. As nylon fabrics are not as durable as linen, friction might make them fragile with time; therefore, it would be great to use a gentle surf and water for hand washing.

You only need to take off the cover of the chair or sofa and put it in a tub filled with water and detergent. It can be any detergent, both liquid and dry detergents would work.

One thing that every nylon upholstery fabric user must bear in mind is cleaning it regularly. If you have opted for simple cleaning with a detergent, then we would advise you to clean it once a month. It still depends on the way you use it, but for the safe side, it would be better

Always Wash with Cold Water

Regardless of what method you try to clean nylon upholstery fabric, it is always important to wash it with cold water. Using hot water will damage the tiny fabrics of nylon and those threads will shrink. You might have seen that after washing a nylon coat it does not look as shiny as it was before.

The sole reason for this shine loss is hot water. You can try lukewarm water in winter, but when washing in a washing machine keep the settings on cold water.

However, if there are stains then you might try some other methods, but hot water is never an option to clean nylon fabric.

Always Wash Nylon Upholstery Separately

As we have already told you that nylon requires a different cleaning treatment, thus, it will be sheer stupidity to put the nylon upholstery fabric with all the other clothing items.

Therefore, it is necessary to always wash the nylon fabric separately. You can fix a day for that, and even when you need to clean all the upholstery fabrics together, wash the nylon fabrics in the end.

Chlorine is not Good for Nylon

Sadly, it might get hard for you to buy chlorine free bleach. But removing stains from nylon would require bleach, or sometimes, when you have bought the white nylon fabric, then bleaching is necessary. But, you cannot use chlorine bleach to clean nylon upholstery fabric.

Studies show that nylon will lose its strength if constantly exposed to any solution containing chlorine. Thus, for chairs and sofas, it is a big no.

However, there is still a way, if you feel that there is no other method to clean the stains on nylon, then try using a solution that has a neutral PH level. As chlorine will lower the PH level, and that can harm the nylon yarns, therefore, any neutral bleach would be ideal in that case.

No Iron

Gladly, the nylon upholstery fabric does not make a lot of wrinkles, but if it does, then you may go for the lightest iron. It is not required generally, but if you have OCD, then you should iron the nylon covers but on the minimum possible heat. Steam irons as compared to regular irons are better, as they don’t give out that much heat.

Secondly, when using a steam iron you should again check the thermometer, it should also stay at the minimum possible level. Otherwise, the fabric will start shrinking.

Spot Cleaning Method for Nylon

It is more like cleaning a wool cover. The moment you have a liquid spill on the nylon cover, you must start squeezing it out. We call it the blot method. Any dry fabric would work in that case. Simply pump out all the liquid. Now you need a cleaning agent, it can be any diluted or mild soap. Once you are sure that the spot is wet enough, you must take a cloth and scrub off the spot. You are not required to scrub the entire chair for that. Whenever you think of cleaning the whole furniture cover, just hand wash it.

Pre-treating the Spot on Nylon Fabric

Another method to clean nylon upholstery fabric is using pre-treat solutions. It can be any compound, currently vanishing is a good option. It is a stronger detergent like a solution so you must only pour it where it is needed. Then scrub it gently on that area, and put the nylon cover in a washing machine or in a tub to wash by hand.

Final Words

Cleaning nylon fabric upholstery is easier as compared to other synthetic fabrics. So, by learning a few necessary cleaning methods, your life can turn out to be simpler.

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