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How to Permanently Remove Stains From Cotton Fabric

Cotton upholstery fabric is pretty easy to clean as compared to other fabrics. However, one needs to follow some recommended ways; otherwise, he might end up damaging the sofa or its cover. Read more

How to Permanently Remove Stains From Cotton Fabric

You might have heard about some people who say they love to decorate their homes. Well, decorating their homes is one thing, but keeping those items and the furniture clean is an entirely different thing.

No wonder why rich people have this nice place to sit in their homes.

They do it possible because they have maids to take care of the furniture regularly.

However, it does not mean that a middle-class person cannot afford to have good upholstery.

If you are afraid that purchasing expensive upholstery fabric and then maintaining it will be a toll on your pocket, then the best fabric would be cotton for upholstery.

In this article, we intend to share with you the methods to keep cotton upholstery covers clean.

However, you can also find out all the key factors before buying cotton fabric.

Even though cotton is one of the most affordable fabrics, at the same time, it is really prone to stains, marks, and microparticles.

Therefore, cleaning it on regular basis is advised.

Always Keep the Manuals Safe

Fortunately today customers are more aware of the product than they were before. Companies ensure that they have informed the buyer about all the necessary features of the product.

Now it is up to the buyer to keep an eye on the manuals. So the first thing that we would advise you, is to keep the manuals and labels in a safe place.

As there are various types of cotton fabric available for upholstery, therefore, one needs to keep a check on the recommendations by the seller.

It is extremely important for people who are obsessed with unique fabrics. You cannot follow the general rules to clean the cotton upholstery fabric for some specific type of cotton fabric.


For the liquid spills, the most important step will be soaking up the excess liquid in another cloth. So that it should not settle deep inside the cotton cover.

It is very simple, and the most immediate thing you should do in case someone has dropped any liquid on your sofa.

It is advised to keep extra clothes near the sofa, they can be in a drawer of your coffee table or side table. Most of the time, people spend a lot of time searching for that particular cloth.

Now, there can be two ways, you can either have a box of thick tissue paper as it will also help in absorbing the excess liquid. So it should be the first step to clean any kind of liquid spills on your sofa.

Regular Cleaning of Fabric

Of course, we would never allow you to keep the cotton-covered sofas as it is for a year or two. Many people think that cotton fabric can be treated like velvet or silk.

That is not the case.

In fact, cotton has many holes in it, thanks to the natural weaving of cotton threads.

This creates a huge area for the germs and microbes to reside in the cotton covers.

Thus, it can lead to allergies and other skin issues.

Regardless of who is using a cotton upholstered sofa, it is extremely important to have a regular cleaning session.

For that, you need a vacuum cleaner. It should be a reliable one, that can suck out all types of particles from the sofa.

Now, unlike regular carpet cleaning. The cleaner is supposed to move the vacuum cleaner in all four directions. Here again, the reason is the weaving. By moving the vacuum cleaner in a single direction you will be unable to clean the particles on the other side.

6 Steps on How to Remove Oily Stains from Cotton Fabric

Keeping your favorite sofa the same after you have had kids at your palace is hard. But it will get harder to clean it without knowing the right method.

So whenever your cotton upholstered sofa is spilled with an oily substance, then here are the steps that you should do immediately.

Steps to Clean Cotton Fabric:

  1. Get a spray bottle, and add some water and vinegar to it.
  2. You can add baking soda if the stain is too greasy and oily.
  3. Now shake it a bit to mix all the contents.
  4. Spray this mixture on the affected area.
  5. Lastly, take a clean cloth and gently rub it over that mix.
  6. You will need to repeat this several times.

Note: We don’t advise you to add any more vinegar or baking soda to it, as that might damage the cover. You need to repeat the process, also don’t scrub the cloth too hard on the cover.

Lint Roller for Pets

As most countries are emphasizing population control, therefore, many people are planning to have pets. If you happen to be among them, then it is essential to get a lint roller.

No one likes to see dog fur in their sofas, especially when there are some guests coming over. Therefore, having a lint roller will be a blessing for you in such circumstances.

Always Read the Labels

If you happened to buy from a brand, then you need to read the labels carefully. They will help you understand what type of cleaning treatment the fabric needs.

Dry Cleaning Solvent

If you don’t want to call professionals for the annual dry cleaning sessions. Then it will be great to have the dry cleaning solution. It will be the best and most ideal way to clean the sofas whenever needed.

A Steam Iron

To give a tidy look to your sofas, it is better to iron the cover sheets regularly. Some types of cotton upholstery fabric might not need any type of ironing, as they are wrinkle-free. But the most common ones do have wrinkles and to avoid them a steam iron is a necessity.

Final words

Cleaning the upholstery fabric is not a serious task for many, but when you see that the upholstered sofas don’t give that look to your room, then it might feel a bit embarrassing. Therefore it is better to learn and understand all the possible methods to wipe off the stains from your sofa covers.



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