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8 Steps on How to Clean Velvet Sofa at Home

Cleaning velvet upholstery is tricky. Any random DIY to clean velvet fabric will be a waste of time. So here are a few tried and tested ways to clean a velvet sofa. Read more

8 Steps on How to Clean Velvet Sofa at Home

I feel very sorry to say that many people who love velvet or leather upholstery don’t ever pay heed to the methods to clean them.

Whatever the reasons are, I believe all my readers must know the specific methods to clean a velvet sofa.

Believe it or not, dirty velvet can be more embarrassing than a torn or old velvet sofa. Therefore, it is extremely important to know all the possible ways. Especially if you are in love with luxury upholstery fabrics.

Cleaning velvet would include steaming, dry cleaning, or spot cleaning. So being an investor in luxury, we would suggest you know them all.

Before we start; let us make it very clear that cleaning the velvet fabric of sofas and chairs is hugely difficult. If you have felt the velvet fabric it is not only soft but very heavy. Also, you need to read about the types of velvet fabric to get a clear idea about how it is made, which will also give you a hint of how hard it would be to clean the velvet sofa.

So in this article, we come up with all the possible ways that can help you get rid of the stains, and dirt residing inside the velvet sofa.

We don’t want you to feel burdened or regret buying the velvet fabric for the sofa, so here are the simple ways to get the best-cleaned velvet sofa.

How to Clean Velvet Sofa Stains Permanently

cleaning velvet upholstery

If you accidentally dropped some sauce or curry on the velvet sofa, then worry not. It can be easily cleaned, but to do so you need the right solutions.

The first thing, we will advise you in this regard, is to clean the sofa spot as soon as possible. Don’t let it dry, dried spots on the velvet sofa are nearly impossible to clean. Therefore, the moment you drop something on the sofa, you must rush to clean it.

Now the question arises, how would you do that properly?

  • The first thing to do in such circumstances is to find a super absorbent cloth. It will absorb all the liquid.
  • However, you are not supposed to rub the area as it will make it worse.
  • If it is too much, then leave the cloth there on the spot.
  • Keep on pressing it from time to time, unless you are sure that all the liquid is being taken out.

Using a dish wash for spot cleaning of velvet sofa

In case, absorbing all the liquid did not help, then you can try the dishwashing soap. Yeah, you read it right.

I believe it is the easiest way to clean upholstery. You do not need to do much, just some dishwashing soap and water will be enough to clean the spot.

  1. Get a paper towel or a cleaning cloth.
  2. Ensure that it is highly absorbent because you are not supposed to leave the liquid inside the layers of velvet fabric.
  3. Now, make the solution of dishwashing soap, and water. Once you are sure that it is ready, of course, you will get an idea by seeing the bubbles.
  4. Now, soak the cloth in that solution.
  5. Rub it gently on the spot.
  6. Once the spot is gone. You need a dry cloth.
  7. Press the dry cloth on the area where you placed the soaked-up cloth.
  8. Now keep on pressing until all the residue liquid is out.

Steaming Velvet Upholstery

The next effective method on the list is steaming. You do not need to do much for that, a little steamer will be enough.

If somehow you are unable to get one, then you must call the professionals. Remember you do not need to steam the velvet sofas every now and then.

In fact, steaming them four times a year will be enough. The reason to steam the velvet sofas is to ensure that all the germs are dead and your upholstery is clean.

Also, it is also believed that this way you can keep the velvet cover stay new for ages. Steaming will reduce the chances of compression in velvet.

If you have a steamer that was bought as an alternative to iron, then it would be pretty cool to remove the wrinkles. Even though the naturally made velvet does not have many wrinkles, the synthetic ones can cause a little issue.

Vacuuming twice a week

The next thing and the best dry alternative to clean any upholstery, including velvet, is vacuuming. Over time, the velvet fabric tends to store dirt and other germs. Therefore if you sleep on a very dirty and old velvet sofa, you can surely get skin infections.

Therefore, to keep yourself safe, it is highly recommended to clean the sofa with a vacuum twice a week. Even if you live in a closed apartment.

Do not put in direct sunlight

If you have a cotton velvet sofa, then it is better to place it in a shady palace even indoors. The reason for that is the color fading property. Cotton velvet can easily fade if placed under direct sunlight.

5 Tips to Keep Velvet Sofa New

So far we were discussing the methods to clean a velvet sofa, but without following these simple tips, you will be lost. To protect the velvet sofa, and make it stay longer you must follow these tips too.

  1. Do not let your kids jump on the velvet sofa.
  2. Do not let anyone use prickly material near the sofa.
  3. Try not to eat on the sofa.
  4. Keep it in shady places.
  5. Do follow the instructions by the seller.

Final Words

Keeping the velvet sofa clean requires a lot of effort. You need to check the sofa every now and then. The hidden spots can become really embarrassing over time. Also following the right method is the most necessary part, don’t try random DIYs to clean a velvet sofa ever.

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