10 Stunning Features of Leather Upholstery | Leather Upholstery Repair

Stunning Features of Leather Upholstery

What is Leather Upholstery?

Leather Upholstery is the process of providing additional cushioning and decorative padding to the furniture mainly with leather-based fabric and covering materials.  Many types of leather are used for this purpose. Some of them are Aniline leather, pigmented leather, semi-aniline leather and genuine leather etc.

Aniline leather is treated with natural oils to give a rich appearance. Pigmented leather is sprayed with a protective coating layer against spills, scratches and other stains. Semi-aniline leather is given a thin coating of pigment and top protective coating. Genuine leather is the unprocessed type which looks rough and uneven in the initial stages. But it gets seasoned with time and becomes glossy by absorbing oils.

Leather Upholstery
Leather Upholstery.

Typical Characteristics of Leather Upholstery Fabric

    • Tensile strength is one of the basic characteristics of Leather Upholstery fabric. It can withstand weight and stay without breaking. This is due to the flexibility of the material when it is subject to stress. The stress gets evenly distributed all over the surface area. You might have observed many old leather furniture upholstery still working without wear and tear. Most of the times you replace the old upholstery not because of its wear or tear, but due to its faded appearance.


    • Leather Upholstery fabric can absorb heat and preserve it. This feature gets enhanced when you use it on top of cushion. Leather upholstery furniture is highly recommended in rooms with fireplaces because they absorb the heat and retain it. You tend to feel warmer when sitting on chair or sofa with Leather Upholstery fabric than anywhere else.


    • Another aspect of leather upholstery is the capacity to resist heat. Now you might be wondering about the opposing nature of the material for reflecting as well as absorbing heat. Well, it depends on the type of external coating used in the fabric. Aniline leather is a fabric which is dyed using soluble types of dyeing liquids. The top surface of the leather is covered with the kind of grains which are normally seen on the natural skin of the animal with pores. This type of leather upholstery is capable of absorbing and retaining heat as it is the case with the animal. This property helps the inner cushion to retain heat.

      On the other hand,

      Processed leather like the semi-aniline is coated with a protective layer of heat and UV reflecting liquids. This is capable of protecting the inner surface from heat. They are exclusively used for covering the top portion of the windshield to safeguard the driver from exposure to direct sunlight while driving. It is also used near to the radiator for preventing heat from entering the interiors.


    • Leather Upholstery can be molded into any shape without hassles. You might have observed many of the antique furniture with curves and irregular shapes being firmly fitted with Leather Upholstery. Stitching, cutting, shaping and stretching tasks are very easy with Leather Upholstery.


    • Leather Upholstery fabric is resistant to moisture, mildew and fungus growth. You can use them for many years in all types of weather conditions without any problems from these elements.


    • Leather Upholstery can be dyed, polished and groomed to perfection. Color dying on leather fabric is long lasting and qualitative in nature. Since it can absorb and retain the dyes, you can wash them without the fear of the Leather Upholstery fabric losing the dyed color. Polishing is an effective process though it takes more time and effort for giving long lasting effects.


  • Tanning and dressing are easy on Leather Upholstery fabric compared to others. This process too takes time like dying. However, the material gets seasoned and becomes tough by nature. Now you can use it without the fear of getting the Leather Upholstery fabric affected by pollution.

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Leather Upholstery Repair

The process of Leather Upholstery repair is concerned with removal scratches, restoration of texture, color and the sheen back to its original self. You can find many tools for doing it like the polishes, colors, steamer, adhesives, conditioners and other materials and equipment. A skilled craftsman will know how to use them for breathing life back into the Leather Upholstery.

Repairing leather upholstery could be a long and time-consuming process due to the complex nature of the leather. In case, of scratches and cuts, you may need to add extra pieces of same leather type on top of the scratches or cuts. But you can’t afford to get it stitched as the finishing looks awkward. In such cases, you need to heat treat the pieces together so that they can merge with each other. Then you need to avoid air bubbles formation between the top and bottom layers of the leather upholstery. This kind of precision can be achieved only by a professional leather upholstery expert since he is aware of the complete structure of the fabric and its behavior.
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