DIY How to Upholster a Chair in 4 Simple Steps!

Fundamental Aspects to know How to Upholster a Chair

Your old wooden chair can be refurbished when you know how to upholster a chair in an effective manner. The process is simple but not easy. You need the proper materials, tools and equipment, adhesives and other accessories to complete the task successfully. More than all these things you need the patience and persistence to complete the task in one sitting. You will learn:

How to Upholster a Chair Seat with Foam.
How to Upholster a Chair Seat with Leather.

How to Upholster a Chair
Learn How to Upholster a Chair Seat.

Step-1 – How to Upholster a Chair with Right Materials

Gather the materials required. Selection of materials depends on the type of chair, the things to be upholstered and the size of chair. In this article, you can read about a wooden arm chair with cushion on seat and exposed frame. Most of the methods used for the wooden chair will be common for other types of upholstery chairs also.

Upholstery fabric, cleaning liquids, plastic cover, cutter, wooden panels (similar to the ones being replaced), hole driller, screws cushion (of right dimension for the chair seat and backrest), fabric glue, leather fabric of appropriate size and dimension as that of the chair backrest and seat, scissors and trimmers are some of the materials and tools you might need.

How to Upholster a Chair 2
Upholstery Fabric: How to Upholster a Chair in 4 Simple Steps.

Before you start with, the process of upholstering, you need to compare the usage of different materials for upholstery fabric to decide the right one. The existing fabric on the old chair might be leather, nylon, polyester or Polyurethane. Consider the lifespan of that fabric before choosing the new one. If you feel that the old fabric gave a long life to the seat you can consider using the same type of fabric this time also. Otherwise, you can change it. You should also consider the comfort level of seating needed. This depends not only on the upholstery fabric, but also on the filler material. You can think of using cotton as it provides extra softness. But cotton can wither away internally and the result can be a hard surface.

Foam doesn’t droop easily. It can withstand a considerable amount of weight for longer duration of time. Choose the foam types from Evlon, high resilience, latex rubber and re-bond. The thickness of foam you use on the chair also plays a great role in enhancing the comfort levels. The material you use for the seat foam need to be preferably the same as the one used for the backrest. This will help in creating a balance in weight carrying capacity of the chair.

Step-2 – How to Upholster a Chair with Preparation

How to Upholster a Chair 4
How to Upholster a Chair.

If the chair is already upholstered and it has become old, you need to remove them before starting with the new upholstery process. Cut open the upper upholstery cover and remove the filler materials. This has to be done for the seat as well as the backrest. If the chair has any other fabric stitching on the side of arms and behind the backrest, you need to cut open them also and remove the fillers. Remove the nails, pins, tapes and other forms of adhesives. Clean the chair completely and vacuum. If there are stains you need to remove them with the proper liquids. If you find any holes or gaps fill them up. Use the wood cleaning liquids to make the furniture surface spot free. Cut away any other remnants of the old upholstery if any.

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Step-3 – How to Upholster a Chair with Right Procedure

Place the new cushion on the chair backrest and cover it with the upholstery fabric on all the ends. Then you can drill holes on the edges till it penetrates into the wooden chair up to 2 or 3 mm. Fix the screws of appropriate length and fasten them tightly. This will ensure that the upholstery doesn’t move. Repeat the same procedure for the chair seat and the inner surfaces of the arms. For the outer surfaces of the arms and backrest, you can use the cushions with leather upholstery cover to give an elegant look to your chair. If there are any extra projections of the fabric you need to cut them with scissors and then trim them.

Using leather upholstery cover for the seat can enhance the long life of the furniture. Aniline leather is suggested for ensuring this, besides making your chair look attractive and elegant. Maintenance of this type of leather is said to be easier compared to the unprocessed forms of leather as it is easily washable and dries faster.

Step-4 – How to Upholster a Chair with Right Treatment

How to Upholster a Chair 5
How to Upholster a Chair. Chair is Ready!

Apply wood preservatives and paint the chair if required. This will ensure a termite free life of the chair over a long time. Apply wood finishers to give a shining look to the chair. Let the paint and finishing dry in the open air for about 24 hours. Then you can start using the chair.

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