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Upholstery Supplies - Trusted Providers
Upholstery Supplies  From Trusted Providers.

A Guide to Upholstery Supplies from Trusted Providers

The Upholstery Supplies industry is gearing up its production and distribution capability through trusted service providers online. Amazon.com is one of the top rated websites wherein you can find wide range of supplies and tools for making and maintenance needs of upholstery. The online portal has been providing its services to household furniture, commercial interiors as well as automobile, boat and other application areas for many years. You can choose from vast stock of brands and models to suit your needs. Seasonal discounts and offers make your purchase worthwhile with highly competitive prices.

Upholstery Supplies Tools

Upholstery Supplies tools are considered to be the critical elements for making and maintenance of Furniture Upholstery. They help you in DIY projects to a great extent. You can opt for individual tools or the complete kits.

    • The pneumatic upholstery service kit consists of staplers, screw drivers, scissors, electric drillers, pliers, hammers, regulator tools, guns and others. They are useful for cutting, shaping and screwing upholstery materials into the main furniture. They also help you to renovate the furniture upholstery by removing the old fabrics, screws and nails.


    • Track strips, duct tapes, foam, zips, sliders, springs, hooks, loops and other adhesive materials are useful for shaping the upholstery into the structured form.


    • Lubricants like oil, grease, adhesives and other forms of lubricants help in servicing the tools.


    • Fitting accessories for tools and machinery like the nozzles, barbs, hose clamps inserts and couplers can be used to repair and maintain the tools, as well as for the auto and commercial upholstery as parts and components.


    • Fabric stitching and embroidery tools like needles, threads, beading, lining materials, twines, regulators and skewers make it possible to provide high end finishing touches to the upholstery.


    • Frames, handles, leather and plastic accessories and other supporting materials can be used to provide additional functionality to the Upholstery Supplies.


As you browse through the website and keep searching, you will come across newly added tools and materials for all types of Upholstery Supplies.

Specific Tools- Upholstery Supplies Online

    • Upholstery stapler tools can be manual or electrical powered in nature. For the small and medium size operations you can opt for manual tool. On the other hand if you wish to use for large sized furniture and continuous operations you can opt for electric powered stapler. The gauge of the staples can vary from 10 to 22 and above.


    • Fasteners and screw drivers come with long lasting rustproof metals parts. Forged steel is the most commonly sued material with alloys of copper and bronze.


    • Hand tacker is useful for stapling, pinning and stripping the upholstery. This is extensively used for sofas, chairs and auto upholstery frames. It can be sued with size 4 to 14 staples made of steel.


    • Staple lifters and removers are highly useful for repairing and renovation purposes. Choose the ones with the right kind of angling (45-degrees is the standard and it can vary depending on the specific tool) and hard working ends. The strength of material is determined by the hardening process to which it is subject during the process of manufacturing.


    • Pneumatic and hydraulic furniture are supported with the help of customized filter layers of Upholstery Supplies. The components like nozzles and barbs (male and female), inserts and couplers can be useful for fastening into the hydraulic frames and structures within the inner parts of the furniture. They are also used extensively for replacing the functional parts of Upholstery Supplies tools.


  • Chairs, stools and single seater sofas require backing and beading accessories with lining. Cane is one of the most commonly used materials for backing for back stretching chairs, You can use it as supporting platform on which foam and cushion can be stapled. Once the foam is stapled in you need to fasten the beadings at the corners with nails. Make sure that the top ends of the nails are driven into the grooves to avoid direct exposure to the external surfaces. This can be done drilling grooves at equal distances on the beadings. Some forms of soft beadings can break when you sue drills. So you can opt for pasting them with the help of strong adhesives.

Frames and Tools – Upholstery Supplies

Shaping or repairing of furniture frame is an important activity of Upholstery maintenance. long term usage of sofas, chairs and beds can result in brittleness of frames. You can choose to replace the parts of wooden frames with new ones or repair them if they are made of metal.

Once the frames are restored to original condition, you need to fill up the foam, cushion and other filler materials. Before that you may need to fit in inner frames and install springs for furniture like sofas. You will be able to cover up the top with Upholstery Supplies fabrics made of leather, nylon or other forms of synthetic materials and stitch them to complete the process of furniture upholstery repair.


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